hey I'm Nikki Brocco and I'm the creator of Magical Soul Bitches!

i'm a sensitive witchy woman obsessed with self-expression, the full spectrum of duality,

healing, self-knowledge and delving into the darkness.

 I've got a love affair going on with the magic of intuition

and this community was created to arouse that. in you. in me.

I speak the language of astrology and utilize the cycles of the moon to conjure real life magic.



I embrace the depths of darkness to harness the light. I don't believe there is any other way than embracing our dark side and our mystical magic in order be fully expressed and creating a life full of our desires. I believe in magic. I believe that the most powerful knowledge is self-knowledge. And I believe that feelings and what moves us is how we decide anything.

I believe  mastering our Intuition will create change on a global scale.

I believe in the marriage of both feminine and masculine energy to organize the world, but also that it's time for the feminine to RULE for a while. 

Let me be clear ....It's not about the "starving artist" mentality...it's about the masterful artist that knows how to live within the entire human spectrum in order to create works of art (art can be ANYTHING) that bring them more to life each time.

My Modus Operandi

Write something sexy everyday. Eat fucking healthy. Dance. Ride. Rise. Move. Reach out + Speak out. Be with my voice; intimately and transparently. Learn; take classes. Beginner mind. Stop apologizing when you don't need to. Open up. Don't make shitty romantic choices. Tell people to fuck off more. Be a better friend. Save $. Make $. Read. Watch. Be a geek + fangirl. Get off line. Get off. Feel. Take risks. Take names. Ritualize. Magic.

Listen to your Intuition, act on it and fuck the rest.


If you would like to get in direct contact with me about the topics below please do so here! (or you can always keep it simple with an email to MagicalSoulWitch@Gmail.com.

Please be as detailed as possible!

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