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Natal Astrology Reports…

conjured by Nikki Brocco


The Core 3 Reading

This reading explores the map of your Natal (Birth) Sun, Moon and Risings Signs including their house location ( I use the Whole Sign House System) and important aspects they make to other natal planets & points in your chart (such as the Nodes of fate or Chiron the Wounded Healer) and how this influences your expression. I also speak upon the planetary “rulers” of these signs, deepening the understanding of the unique nature they each hold for you. So as you can see, this is no “basic” reading. How I operate; Concise yet Lush.

Perfect for those new to Astrology - perhaps overwhelmed but insatiably curious and looking for a tool that facilitates your own self - validation. But also great for those with familiarity of their Natal Chart and looking to see things from a different angle to deepen their understanding of themselves. I am pretty Psychic after all.

*BONUS: This Reading includes a complimentary 28 page Basic Astrology PDF.

Delivered in:

  • Aprox 60 min Audio Recording (every chart is different!)


  • A PDF including: Summaries of the Core 3, Your Full Natal Wheel & the Locations of ALL your Other Planets & Points for your reference & curiosity (aprox 20 pages). Everything personalized to you, in one place!

*Purchasing as a gift? Scroll down to “Please Read & Note” for instructions and more info.

The Core 3 Natal Reading
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Awaken the Witch Reading: The Natal Goddess Asteroids & more…

This Reading will focus on the “Goddess” areas of your Natal Chart to give a full spectrum picture of your feminine expression & essence. Using the Whole Sign House System, I cover the well known planets of the Moon & Venus but also the lesser explored but equally as important Goddess Asteroids: Ceres (The Earth Mother), Pallas Athene (The Warrior Queen), Vesta (The Priestess Virgin) & Juno (The Divine Consort). I also cover the calculated point of Black Moon Lilith which represents our untamed wild feminine nature. I will share ways you can Honor each of these Archetypes within you, and how they interact with each other.

This Reading can be done for anyone but will be easier to follow if you’ve had a Natal Reading like The Core 3 done before, something which covers the traditional planets. If you have had a natal reading done before you will see your Moon & Venus in a new light through these Goddess points.

If you’ve never had a reading before, in the PDF there is a full explanation of these meanings and mythos of these Goddess points and…

*BONUS: This reading also includes the complimentary 28 page Basic Astrology PDF.

Delivered in:

  • An approximately 27- 30 page hand crafted PDF only.

*Purchasing as a gift? Scroll down to “Please Read & Note” for instructions and more info.

Awaken the Witch Goddess Asteroid Readings
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LEAD TIME - Since these are handcrafted for you they take time to complete. Please give me at least 3 weeks from the time of purchase to deliver your service. IF it has been longer than 3 weeks feel free to email me at MagicalSoulWitch@gmail.com. Don’t forget to check your spam folders, as sometimes these things get lost in weird folders!

These are handcrafted reports and uniquely made for you: They are non-refundable. I need your accurate birth information including Date, Time (am/pm) and Location. If you think you’ve made a mistake on your form with the birth info please email me preferably within 24 hours of purchase at MagicalSoulWitch@gmail.com to let me know. Once these services are begun, I can not get back the time spent using your wrong information.

GIFTING is not yet available on the site (I prefer knowing upfront that my clients have their birth information and that can be unclear when gifting.) BUT you can email me (magicalsoulwitch@gmail.com) to discuss options & arrangements. *If you already know the person’s exact birth information etc and are just purchasing for them as a gift - feel free to input that information into the form with the appropriate preferred email to send the reading to in the space provided and in the Notes section say it’s a Gift!

Disclosure: Readings are not intended to diagnose, treat or replace professional consultation in the areas of mental, physical or emotional health. Legally, I gotta tell y’all that.