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NATAL chart ASTROLOGY (intuitive) READING - the SUN, MOON & RISING Sign Reading


  • Aprox. 50 min Audio Recording detailing your Natal Sun, Moon, & Rising Signs including their house locations, planetary rulers and aspects. I often am drawn to various feminine points in the chart so it’s quite possible a Goddess Asteroid or two will be spoken upon.

  • Summarized PDF including your Natal Wheel & Planetary Placements plus educational descriptions of planets & asteroid meanings. Aprox 15 pages.

  • Delivered to you via email with Dropbox links once completed.


  • Date of Birth

  • Time of Birth (AM OR PM)

  • -Location of Birth

PLEASE READ: IF YOU DO NOT KNOW EXACT TIME OF BIRTH OR LOCATION (closest town is sufficient) DO NOT PURCHASE A READING.  I do not rectify charts. And if you guess your Time of Birth you are wasting my time and your time - it’s what determines your Rising Sign. Simply put: It matters. A lot. Accurate Chart reading depends upon this information. And I do not offer refunds due to the personalized nature of them. Take the time to find out your time of birth; find your birth certificate/hospital bracelet, ask your parents etc.


The Sun, Moon and Rising Signs are considered the 3 of the most important signs to know about yourself and is forever a good place to be reminded of who you are, what you need and where your soul is leading you.

  • The Sun Sign is the one pretty much everyone knows about themselves. It represents your Core Personality Traits and details your Soul’s Evolution, it’s the Content of Purpose.

  • Your Rising Sign is the one that represents your Self Image, your sense of Identity, What get’s you into Action, What Motivates you and it determines the order of the Houses of Life in your Natal Wheel.

  • Your Moon Signs is the one that represents your Inner Landscape. It’s one of my favorites to read. It shows you how you are most likely to react internally to the world around you. How you process. What your Emotional Need and Wants Are. How you can take care of yourself and nurture others. It’s your Feelings. It’s also connected to your body communications.

The Planetary Rulers of these Natal Signs provide further information into how they will behave for you and show up most strongly in your life.

This Astrology reading is a beautiful way to become more familiar with your psyche, your inner workings - it can provide a framework in understanding your Soul.

My clients often share how validating these readings are, how they feel seen - how I’ve “read their life” and how much of a healing it was for them.

I am a certified reader through Erin The Psychic Witch via her 8 month training program “The Psychic Training”, so often this work also naturally comes through as I read your energy through your chart and weave what needs to be shared with you into your reading.


My  intention when I do Natal Astrology Readings:

  • Encouraging Soul Expression

  • Accessing Validation & Empowerment

  • A Healing of some kind which is up to you to let work through you as you listen and read on.

This Reading can also help you make the most of reading the plethora of horoscopes out there as you’ll also walk away knowing where your natal planets are by having this PDF to refer back to when you read something out there like “If you have any planets in Virgo this upcoming New Moon will be potent for you!” Or “Look to the House where Leo is in your chart to know how this Mercury Retrograde in Leo will effect you!”. Just come back to your PDF and find out where your houses and planets are.

Focusing upon these 3 Core Natal signs allows the reading to be less overwhelming by allowing the most important and potent energy to come through. Your other natal planets may be talked about in some way via aspecting and you’ll know where they reside in your chart via the PDF!

Astrology is a craft and I don’t like to rush myself. I comb through my resources and percolate with what needs to be expressed. Readings like this often take a full work day or more to complete believe it or not, depending. Some charts are more complicated than others.

P.S: I will not predict your future ever, tell you what to do with your life or the “purpose” of your life.

What I do is transmute your distinct energetic impression - what arouses you and what directions I can “see” you being drawn towards and thriving in, what lessons you are learning, what you are releasing. Your potential for higher and lower expressions of certain qualities you possess.

For me Astrology is more psychological and mythological and a map for understanding your and provide markers of resonance. To help you flesh out the writing of your own story.

This is how I read.

These readings are not to be substitute for seeking professional physical and mental health consultations.

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