Knock! Knock! It's your Body



Knock ! Knock ! ....It's your Body!

" It's your Body who? "

My point exactly.

If you didn't catch the meaning behind the sarcasm there, let me elaborate for you.

How many times have you worked yourself to the bone and when vacation FINALLY comes around, you get sick ? You get sick and you spend your tropical island vacation battling a majorly runny nose and general exhaust whilst trying to do all the activities you had planned when really all you want to do is crawl up in the sweet air conditioned hotel room and sleep and eat and read, in no particular order. But you muster up the energy (from God knows where) and do it all anyway. That sounds like FUN (sarcasm again).

Let me be frank, that sounds like someone who doesn't give a shit about what his or her body is trying to tell her. So when the "Knock, Knock" happens we don't recognize whose at the door, therefore we're afraid to open it.

It sounds like someone who is caught up in the "shoulds" of life. I "should" work around the clock before vacation so that I get everything single thing done (and then more) before I go. I "should" do all these activities I had planned because I'm only here for a week and if I don't get them done then this entire vacation will surely be a waste, plus I don't want to be "lazy".

Does that brain chatter sound familiar to you? I had a similar experience this weekend.

I had a few things planned this weekend. Nothing crazy, but I'm a homebody so going into NYC and going on a fun Halloween adventure was enough for me for one weekend.

Thursday night, I hit my head. Slowly a migraine started to develop and by the end of my NYC show on Friday night I had a full blown migraine. I woke up feeling like I had a hangover minus the drinking part.

To be honest, I freaked a little bit. I HAD PLANS. I needed to get up and DO things. Go work out. Go to Whole Foods. DO work.

So I mustered up some energy and did a little errand running (if I couldn't work out, I most certainly wouldn't lay around). That didn't help.

In the middle of the day, I had a full blown breakdown. I started crying. My emotions came flooding out like they hadn't in a long time. Despite the agony, I knew that was what I NEEDED. And better yet, I didn't make the breakdown mean anything. I wasn't a lost broken soul. I was simply a woman, crying.

All this time I was battling feeling guilty for not pushing through, but I stuck it out. I stayed with that uncomfortable feeling of not being enough.

I told my brain chatter that just because I wasn't busting my ass for a few days, didn't mean I was lazy. Didn't mean I was unworthy of success. Didn't mean all hell would break lose and I would end up a sloth sitting on the couch for the rest of my life.

Now, I know I'm not the only one out there who has that terrible succession of thoughts after getting a Knock! Knock! from your Body.

All this means is that you need REST just as much as you need ACTION.

My migraine forced me to slow down and let my body and mind rest from feeling like I needed to be in action all the time. It forced me to miss my intense bootcamp classes for several days. I could have gotten pissed, taken a bunch of meds to muddle the pain. But I chose not to. I chose not to because I KNEW that this was happening for a reason. I knew my body NEEDED something else. So I rolled with it.

This wasn't the universe shitting on my fun and my life. This was the Universe getting me to be gentle.

So what did I do this week? I rested and made negotiations with my body. A plan that worked for the both of us. I stuck to my plans of the NYC outing, BUT I went home exactly when I wanted to and not a second longer.  I surrendered when the crowd was getting antsy and pushy and I still ended up in front row. I skipped my bootcamp class the next morning. After my errands, I stayed in bed mostly with an icepack, watching TV or simply closing my eyes, getting food with my boyfriend to take home. I wore comfortable clothes and my Minion slippers. On Sunday, the pain was STILL there. Not wanting to swallow another pill, I decided to get myself a massage. A whole hour and a half long one that consisted of a scalp massage and facial massage because my head needed all the help it could get and I needed a little more luxury. After that I finally felt a significant reduction in the pain. Then I spent the rest of that day in bed as well, catching up on TV shows. I didn't get out of bed until I had to go on my Halloween adventure which luckily only consisted of a short walk around a beautiful mansion at night. There were a lot of people there, which was a little over sensitizing to my head, so when I couldn't see everything in the exhibit, instead of getting agitated, I just continued on my path and let it go. Just being thankful to be with my boyfriend and in such a beautiful place.

See our bodies have an amazing way of getting us to realize what's important again. It has an amazing way to bring us to our knees and surrender.

How often do we ignore something that seems as insignificant as a migraine? If I had swallowed a bunch of pills and pushed through all my plans with full intensity I would have missed this beautiful lesson of slowing the fuck down and LISTENING to what my body wanted. I would have missed the opportunity to surrender. I would have missed the cathartic release of crying.

So here are some of my tips on what to do when your Brain is telling you "yes", but your Body is telling you "NO" (see what I did there?):

  • Realize that a few days or one week of rest and doing nothing does not make you worthless. Your worthiness is not dependent on what you "do". You are worthy exactly as you are.

  • Realize that you are exhausted or in pain. Take several moments to absorb the idea that maybe this is happening for a reason.

  • I know that it can be hard to cancel all your plans, so make negotiations. If you can't cancel plans, cut back on them. Negotiate. Don't do anything else besides those plans. Rest in between. Those plans may be fun so resting in between them allows you to free up your energy to be fully engaged in them.

  • Indulge. Maybe that's a massage, or a mani/pedi, or shamelessly watching your favorite TV shows while wrapped in a fleece blanket with a cup of tea.

  • Surrender to your body. Trust it. You'll be OKAY at the end of this. I promise.

Even now, I still can feel my migraine ready to pop back up. While this is a little frustrating because I have a busy few weeks ahead of me and very important things I need to prepare for, I am going to CONTINUE to listen to my body. This didn't just happen out of no where. The Universe timed it for me. It times it for you too. Some people get this mixed up with an upper limiting problem, meaning you're on a roll and then something happens to sabotage yourself. This may be true in some situations. BUT I do believe that our bodies, our souls, have an intuitive way of providing exactly what we need to perform to our highest potential for those things we hold so dear to us. Instead of looking at this as a hindrance, shift your perspective to look at this as a beautiful opportunity to grow, expand, turn inward, surrender our outcomes, and release our attachments.

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