What to do when you want to curl up into a little ball, cry and eat brownies.




We've all been there.

Sitting in bed. With our laptops lit up, TV on in the background.

Refreshing Facebook or Instagram.

Looking at all the smiling faces. The highlight reel of other peoples lives.  

Suddenly remembering the fresh baked brownies sitting in the kitchen.

Nibbling on the edges. Coming back upstairs. Rinse and Repeat.

So chances are, you want to cry. For whatever reason. But you can't. Maybe you want to talk to someone, but the words don't come.

Maybe you just had a shitty day at work. Or maybe its Sunday night and the looming week ahead is killing your weekend buzz.

Or maybe it's just because you're spent from trying to "find your passion, purpose, bliss." And all that other woo-woo stuff.

I can relate.

I've been there too, maybe not with a brownie anymore, but put some grain-free "healthy" banana muffins in my kitchen and you've got yourself a deal.

We can make anything and everything our drug. Something to numb the sting.

It's all the same. Just something to chase down our demons. Demons that really, seem to torture just about EVERYONE at some point. It's all the same agony, desperation. At the core we all feel the same things, we all desire the same things. Cause what we truly desire aren't really tangible. They are feelings and experiences.  Connection. Creation.

And those things are more difficult to attain than all the money in the world.

So what does this have to do with wanting to curl up in a little ball, cry and eat brownies?

I'm not gunna ask you to dig deep in this one. Ain't no body got time for that (right now).

But what I'm going to tell you is to give yourself unbridled permission to curl up in a little ball and cry and eat a brownie.

BUT FIRST do yourself a favor and while you are on Facebook, Youtube etc. search for videos that you know will either make you do one of two things. Even both will do, especially if you are a woman:

1. Cry like a little baby over all the beautiful, inspiring, heart felt stories out there (thank you "Sun Gazing" ) I dare you to watch "Christian the Lion" and not cry. I DARE you.

2. Laugh hysterically (thank you "Best Vines").

Here is what these two things do. You know you need to bawl your eyes out but you can't muster up the courage to do so (this may look like you telling yourself you don't deserve to). Watching a movie or a video of someone rescuing abused animals is sure to bring up SOMETHING in you, and that can be all you need to let the flood flow. 

And then finding ridiculous videos of babies laughing is also a release because it reminds you of the inherit joy that still exists in the world.

Now, many coaches may go out and say "Call a friend, go out, take action." All that kinda stuff. And those things have their place.

But when those things aren't possible because its 10 pm on a Sunday night, you need something else to find release.  And also sometimes you just need to curl into bed, be alone, and feel sorry for yourself.

I'm all about reaching out for help (obviously, I'm a coach), but I'm also all for being self-reliant. And these are a few of the small things I use in my personal life that I do BEFORE, DURING and AFTER I reach for my food drug of choice.

I also wake up feeling much more ready to take on my day.

See there is nothing "wrong" about emotional eating, it's an amazing indicator something is off in your life. So don't fight it. Allow it, tolerate it. Investigate it. Observe it.

And try implementing positive and pleasurable strategies to ADD ON to your emotional eating episodes before you try and eradicate emotional eating. These strategies are best preferably before and episode... but during or after, like I said, helps ease the sting overall.

So Noshers, now I want to hear from YOU on what you do to release those emotions, and how/if you used my tools.

Nosh on,