Why I hate "Cheating". It's not what you think




Why I hate "cheating".

Hi, my name is Nikki and I'm a "cheater". If cheating means allowing myself the food I want, not what I "should" be having. In fact, I'm a cheater just about every day. Deal with it.  But let me explain.

Now, I know you all must be ranting about how if you ate like that on a daily basis you would be "fat". Hell, just thinking about certain foods makes your arteries clog and your blood pressure rise.

You must be thinking about all the diets out there that tell you to stick to a diet (strictly) for 6 days of the week and then you get a "cheat day".

ONE glorious day a week (that I'm sure you plan your life around) to eat what ever the hell you want.


Here's why I hate "cheat days". Here's why I hate "80/20 rules". And the "Eat every few hours". Let me be so bold as to say I even have a difficult time sometimes with the saying "Everything in moderation."

Let me be clear, I do not believe these guidelines to be unhealthy per se. They have their place. 

But I do hate them because even though they have the best intentions of allowing wiggle room in your diet, they FEEL restrictive. They FEEL like someone else's morals. They FEEL like distrust.

I don't know about you, but what I hear is:

Eat food that is said to be "healthy" 80 percent of the time, even though I may not enjoy it, and then only allow myself what deeply causes me pleasure 20 percent of the time. Because that's being virtuous right? Eat super perfect  for 6 days, then "splurge" and "indulge" all you want, all in one day. Because being stuffed beyond comprehension is comforting right? Eat every few hours because you don't know when you are actually hungry. Eat everything in moderation because you aren't allowed too much of a good thing. Because too much of a good thing is dangerous right? 

The correct definition of the word "virtuous" is: having or showing high moral standards.

As if we didn't have a hard enough time detaching the words "good" or "bad" to foods, we must now attach even deeper moralities to the issue.

Major bummer.

These guidelines can have the opposite effect of helping you along with your intentions to eat better by instilling fear.

They instill this fear that your body and you are not to be trusted. You and your body couldn't possibly know what is best for it because it has failed you all this time, right?


The diet system has failed us. Nutrition has failed us.

We are bombarded with constant information over the next new diet and the latest weight loss concoction or pill or superfood.

This information overload can cause a severe distrust in our own abilities to know what is right for us.

We must trust "them" and "they" over our own bodies and minds because "them" and "they" are scientists, doctors, or experts. Clearly "they" are more intelligent that us.

I call bullshit.

There perfectly healthy people that could be deemed  "overweight". There are unhealthy people that are deemed "thin". (If I'm using society's modern idea of what is "thin" or "overweight")

But so often we won't take the advice from the one whom is "overweight" because it doesn't fit into this image of what everyone else ( "them" & "they") has been says is  an acceptable appearance or weight for someone in the wellness industry. This is such a disservice to society because it denies them from understanding what health can and may actually look like or mean for them. Set the standard far too high and no one will even try.

I'm a health coach, but I'm not an eat all veggies and fruits and green juices ALL THE TIME kinda gal. Yet dare I say, I'm pretty healthy. And the more and more I grow, the more self-awareness I develop, the closer relationship I cultivate with my body, the healthier and happier I become. And the more pleasure I can reap from putting greens in my smoothies and having tons of butter on my bread.

You can eat all the salad greens in the world and be unhealthy if you digest it with pure disgust.

Enjoyment of food is just as important (may I even say more) as the quality of it.

More of us are coming into awakening of the fact that not every diet or lifestyle works the same way (or even work at all) for different people.

And that AWAKENING is a force to reckoned with.

Hell hath no fury like a woman (or man) awakened.

So here's some homework for you:

Take an inventory of these rules and guidelines.

Ask yourself if they are truly serving you in developing a deeper, better, more trustful relationship with yourself?


Do they feel restrictive and suffocating?

It may be that these guidelines are a useful tool for you when starting on a weight loss or better health path especially if you had absolutely no sense of structure beforehand. You may benefit from these guidelines for a while

But if they now or always have felt restrictive, they may be ruling your life too. If you eat cake at your daughters birthday party on a non "cheat" day and then berate yourself mentally and physically afterwards, these rules are likely doing more harm than good.

I eat foods everyday that bring me pleasure, mentally and physically. Rest assured as you begin to eat improve the quality of the foods you eat you will see that your taste buds change. I used to love Dunkin Donuts donuts. I recently took a bite of one out of curiosity out of the draw I had to it. Well, I spit it back out because it was pretty damn gross tasting to me now. But I still love me some quality frozen yogurt with brownie bits on top.

ALLOW room for it all.

You've only got one life. Discover what you value. Discover what you stand for. Take steps to get there.

If you want to take bigger steps to self-awareness I'm here to SUPPORT you.

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