Stop "weighting"

I’m sure you’ve heard this before by now. But I’ll say it again.


Stop waiting on the weight.

What I mean is stop with the “When I’s” Or “When I have’s”

It’s so easy to convince ourselves we don’t deserve something until….Until we lose X number of pounds, until we get promoted after 25 billion effing years of hard ass work. Then you’ll go on the vacation to Italy. Then you’ll wear those killer spiked black heels. Then you’ll flirt back with the barista at the coffee shop you frequent every-single-day hoping he’ll make the first move.

And here’s the real ringer:

THEN I’ll love my body.


I’ve been there. So many times.

I know you’re thinking “But I WILL love my body when it’s not jiggling and fits back into that dress” or “ I can’t love my body now, that would mean giving up.”

You’re right. It would mean giving up.

It would mean surrendering this awful, agonizing life long battle you’ve waged on your body.  

That kind of sounds like the one battle I would love to throw in a white flag for.

BUT I know that “loving” your body is big-freaking-deal. Thats a huge pill to try and swallow when moments before you were squishing your tummy rolls and cursing the button on your jeans.

So fuck loving your body (for now).

What if your RESPECTED it instead?

Does that sound better? Does that make you more at ease?

Lets be honest here. Saying that you hate your body and that you’re fat and useless, is NOT respecting your body. Neither is eating a donut for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Chances are you’ve been majorly disrespectful to your body throughout these years in the form of “fat” pants, too tight close and terrible eating behaviors and extremely negative self-talk. That last bit, is probably the most damaging.

Respecting your body looks like not waiting around for a certain number or whatever in order to engage in life. Your body wants to feel what it’s like to be in life too. It is so hurtful when we don’t include it. And it’s probably a huge part of the reason why you are actually holding onto “excess’’ weight and have low energy.

So what can you do to start respecting your body today?

Remember this acronym:

R- Really

E- Engage

S- Stay

P- Present

E- Eat

C- Consciously

T- Trust

And also honor your hunger and fullness levels. Move your body. Wear clothes that FEEL amazing. Nourish it with healthy foods. Baby it when it needs a rest. Speak to it as you would a friend.

By Really Engaging, Staying Present, Eating Consciously and will slowly begin to start the process of Respecting your body.

By really engaging you allow your mind AND body to participate.

By staying present you begin to accept your here and now body.

By eating consciously you become aware of how your body feels.

And when you start to trust your body, your relationship to it grows stronger.


Find out what it means to me


Take care, T.C.B”

for our purposes “T.C.B” is now Take Care of Body

sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me.

Nosh On,