What are you pulling into your cart?

Imagine you are in the super market. You see so many delicious yummy foods. For you, that may be kale or maybe it's a gourmet cookie from the baking department. You contemplate if you should place the items you desire in your cart or if you should leave it? Is it good for me? Do I need this? How will this help me? Will I regret this later? Will I feel good later? In the end, you most likely put something in your cart, as opposed to nothing. You are food shopping after all! 

Or maybe you are at the mall, in your favorite store. You see a to die for blouse that is revealing and sexy, then you see the safe standard black one that you know you'd probably feel more "safe" in.

What do you put in your cart? Okay so obviously by now, you've figured I've got some sort of metaphor waiting for you. And you are right! Ding! Ding! Ding! Here is your prize! 

A bit of wisdom to nosh on. Duh. 

I was recently introduced to the concept of "pull" marketing. The idea of marketing in such a way that clients are actually pulled towards you, they are the ones giving you the calls, instead of you to them. 

It got me thinking about what, if anything, in my life am I actually able to pull into my environment? Into my present state? I quickly realized that, even though I meditate (almost!) everyday, and repeat affirmations, mantras and intentions, my energy was projecting them out and my visualization was grasping at them. I thought I was doing the right thing by speaking my intentions out to the universe, but I may be wrong. 

Sure we grasp things and grab things in order to be able to put them into our cart. But humor  me and  use this bit of imagery to help you understand what I mean. Imagine you are walking down a super market isle and you have your cart and you are walking and walking, and then you see things you know are intuitively are good for you, so you feel drawn to pull them into your cart by the vessel that is your hands. 

Or maybe you are taking a walk along a dirt path in the mountains, and along each side are all your dreams, hopes, aspirations, desires and also everything you don't desire. Imagine you tap or smile at the things you do want and ask them to join in your walk. And you leave the things you don't desire on the side of the road. Okay, so obviously this walk in the path that is your life. More metaphors, I know. Bear with me.

What I came to see was that I wasn't using my pulling power. I wasn't visualizing my desires being pulled to me from the universe, instead I was trying to grab them from the universe. Try to think of yourself as a magnet. And everything that is good for you is being pulled to you. And you repel all the other bullshit.

Your body is your cart. It is your vessel. Think of your body as a container that can open and close to allow what you want and desire to come in and to close it to the things you may not. So what are you pulling and then putting into your cart today? What are you trying to grasp for? 

Here is what I found I was trying to grasp for:

1. Money - I realized that my attitude around money is that it is something that is hard to find and I needed the universe to show me how to "grab" it.

2. Acceptance - I have been searching so hard for every which way to try and learn how to accept circumstances, how to accept my health and accept my body. But I was still looking "out there" desperately. Even though "out there" was well intended self help stuff.

3. Education - I have been absolutely consumed with trying to find the proper education to meet my goals and desires. It has been utterly exhausting and frustrating to no end. I kept of searching and searching, like one day it would all just "come to me."

So here's how I plan to shift my energy from projecting outward to pulling inward. 

I will now visualize myself walking along my path and every few miles, there will be a bag of money. It will be exactly the right amount , and it will increase with each new bag. And all I do, is put it in my backpack. No questions asked. No grabbing. It is a gift from the universe.

I will now repeat the mantra "I accept all that is within me." while feeling the energy from the universe pull into me.

I will now focus of receiving clarity within surrounding my education and business decisions, instead of googling for all the information.

So, what have you been pulling in or grasping out for? How can you switch it around so you are truly acting from within and pulling all that is positive into yourself, into your body, into your vessel? 

Just remember this " We are spiritual beings, having a human experience."

What can you pull from your spirit and place into your body so you can live in this physical world the way you desire to?

Leave me some comments below : )

Nosh on my loves !!