Eating a Cupcake doesn't mean that you don't love yourself & Eating Kale doesn't mean that you do.

Eating a cupcake does not mean you don't love yourself.
Eating kale doesn't mean that you do.

So often we are force fed messages like "Show yourself love by eating whole foods" or "Give your body love by eating mostly fruits and veggies."

Now I do not disagree with these messages. Certainly eating whole foods, mostly veggies and fruits natural protein and healthy fats is an amazing way to treat yourself in a loving way
However, I am seeing more and more anxiety in decision making around food that seem to be stemming from these messages.

This was not the intention of these statements, but it is an issue for those of us particulary sensitive around food. Which is most of us actually.

There are women and men out there who will forgo eating entirely because they can't find anything that fits into this new paradigm of what it looks like to "love yourself."

Or there are those who binge eat massive quantities of "healthy food" because it's "healthy" even though it gives them a stomach ache.

I can't tell you how many times I tried to eat kale because it is considered a super food even though time after time I was left with an upset tummy.

Turns out my digestive system isn't the strongest and trying to digest things like raw veggies hurt me more than help me. But you rarely hear about those problems.

Continuing to eat what every one labels as "healthy foods" for the sake of wanting to "love yourself" or appear to love yourself can in fact be detrimental to our health. Especially if those foods don't actually make you feel good or don't give you any pleasure.

If it has been weeks since you started eating "healthy foods" and you aren't feeling better or are coming away with a constant stomach ache, that is not love.

Love is having a unconditional respect for what your body and you need in any given moment. Physical, Emotional, Spiritual.

I can tell you that I was not loving myself by continuing to eat "healthy" foods despite the negative side effects I was feeling.

I can tell you I've had moments where I was totally loving myself while eating a cupcake.

"Healthy" eating is not the only way to show love for yourself.

Notice I put the word healthy in quotations because what is "healthy" is very subjective based on the person who is eating it.

And foods eaten with pure love will assimilate into the body much better than foods eaten only with "shoulds".

Now I'm not saying go eat 20 cupcakes today. Ain't nobody going to be lovin' themselves after that!

But what I want to leave you with is an awareness around your actions taken around food because of what you've been told by "them." Ugh, who is "them" anyway?!

If a healthy food is not agreeing with you on a physical and emotional level yet you continue to eat it because you "should" maybe it's time to take a deeper look into how you define loving yourself.

Just because you ate a cupcake doesn't nessearily mean that you showed any sort of lack of love to yourself.

And just because you eat tons of fruits and veggies doesn't mean you love yourself any more than the person who prefers eating red meat.

Loving yourself is not exclusive to what you eat. It's an overall way of being.

The key to true health is being HAPPY.

Any old folk will say that is the main reason they never got sick and lived a long life.

So let's give EATING AND DOING what makes us HAPPY a try.

Happy Noshing!