Happy New Year!!! Astrology fun!

I hope you had a smashing New Years! I kept it quiet at home and it was blissful!!! 

Anyways, I wanted to talk numbers. 

Not financial numbers. But the energy behind the numbers of 2016. 

As you know I'm a bit of an Astrology junkie and also have an interest in Numerology: the symbolism behind numbers. 

When you reduce 2016 down to one number you get 9.

Symbolically the number 9 represents the ending of a cycle. Thus, the year of 2016 will carry a major theme of letting go, releasing, tying up lose ends, closing certain chapters of our lives and ways of being. 

We are shedding everything that ain't serving us and surrendering it. 

This year it is likely that we will collectively be working towards getting rid of what isn't working. We will likely really embrace what we have learned and integrate it having released anything outdated to our energy. 

I believe 2016 will be "The Year of Being Done" ....and over it. We will be so done with the bullshit...like REALLY done that we will work towards cutting the cords any of it. 

We will be so over the way things are that working to rid ourselves of that will be our focus.

Here's where it gets super cool as well:

January is the 1st month of the year. It's the beginning. It's part of the reason why we all get so gung ho to "do all of the things" and make plans and all that jazz. It's that number 1 energy of initiation! The start. 

However...Mercury, the good old planet of communication, the mind and travel is going RETROGRADE starting Tuesday night until Jan 25th.

Most of us look at Mercury Retro as a bad thing...it causes miscommuncation, travel issues and in general trouble with projects, plans and technology. 

What most of us don't know is that Mercury Retro is actually the PERFECT time to go within, to reset, to retreat, to relax, to replan, remember, reconfigure. Aka it's the perfect time to chill the fuck out with implementing the "hows"  and the plans and remember the "WHY" and the "big dreams". 

It's the perfect time (cosmically speaking) to really look within ourselves, take a step back and re-calibrate. We can look over the details to make sure that everything is all good. See where we are headed. And to take a step back from endless amounts of action taking. 

Cause if you fuck with Mercury during this time, your plans are likely not going to work out anyway or it could cause some headaches down the road in your plans. 

So we are having a 9 year, symbolizing the ending of cycle, a Merc Retro for most of January urging us to chill out, and a 1 energy month that marks the start of something. 

What the hell are we to do? 

Well since Merc. Retro end before January....you still have that whole rest of the week to take what you've found during this period and put it to action and get it started!

We have the WHOLE rest of the year. This is actually a great INCUBATION time. It's like when a runner has those moments at the starting line where she is positioning herself just so, focusing on her breathing and her intention, her energy..getting into the mindset, letting go of any crap she doesn't need so she can race like a boss. 

January is that moment for us on cosmic level. 

I talk a lot about the cosmos and the energy of the Earth because as Sensitives it is very likely that most of you feel this, even if you can't name it or put your finger on it...you likely sense it on some level. 

For those Sensitives that don't believe in the cosmic energy, well (1) you may be in the wrong space (2) you don't have to...January is always a time of fresh starts, you'll see it all around you in the media and in society..in the people you interact with...so use this time embrace your Sensitive and tap into what you need to release in order to start with more ease and less overwhelm!! 

Before I go I wanted to pass on this awesome article I read today by lovely rockstar teacher Danielle LaPorte.

Here's the juiciest part:



"The key to truly rewarding focus is doing what lights you up. Passion is like a laser beam. If you’re easily distracted, you’re not in love enough with what you’re doing. This sounds idealistic, I know. But passion is like that  demanding. And worth it." Click here to read the rest.

When I read that I immediately got the download to


I'm going to let that percolate with you. 

How simple would life become if you let go of everything you are not absolutely in love with? 

Rock on,