That time a psychic said Spirit wants me to cut my hair

Last night I went on whim and for fun to meet up with one of my friends I hadn't seen in a long time for a Psychic night at a local cafe. Long story short we ended up waiting about 3 hours for our turn with one of them. I paid $20 for less than 10 mins (it was supposed to be 20 min but you know I guess Spirit was tired and wanted to go home, I get it.) and it was a Tarot reading mostly. And I guess my biggest take away that I'll take action on was that I really needed to get a haircut... I mean if Spirit is telling you to get a haircut, you know it's bad.

Anyways he said a few other generic-ish type things: you'll meet someone in the fall, you must learn something new but what really struck me was this:

When I asked about career...He told me that in the fall I need to go back to school or some sort of formal institution so that I could get a "title" that other people in the world and business corporate especially world would understand. 

Cue in my BURNING rage. First of all...a psychic was telling me that I needed to have a title that world would accept (THE IRONY) and second of all...I just got finished having a conversation with my friend about how going back to college just to have a title (a Bachelors, Masters etc) so that you can get an entry level job is infuriating and that when we really looked at it the main motivating factor behind both of our ponderings about getting a higher degree was so that other people would "accept" us or consider us for whatever job. 


So imagine my horror when after I told this guy I was a Coach for Highly Sensitive People he told me to do something that would give me a more accepted title in the realms of Psychology and Social Work. ::FACEPALM::

Anyways, this really got me thinking so there's a moral and a theory to this story:

  • When making a new decision look at the REAL motivating factor behind it your yes and your no. Through talking it out with my friend we both found that the motivation behind getting a degree was so that the world would accept us more NOT because we were seriously passionate about school and the majority of bullshit classes we would have to take in order to get a title...2, 3 or 4 years later. 
  • Spirit/The Universe likes to fuck with you (test) sometimes. I have no doubt in my mind that the powers that be were testing me and truth behind the passionate conversation I had with my friend about entrepreneurship and how working for "the man" has never sit well with us. 
  • At the end of the day only You decide. You always decide. Not the input from others. The psychic influences. The pros and cons lists, etc. At the end of the day YOU get to make the decisions based off HOW you feel and what you FEEL and know to be true. For me, one of those things (among many) is never fails me and I always get great insight and feels out of it. 
  • Take into account the Psychic themselves. They have their own stuff going on and so do their own guides. Listen deeply and intently for hidden meanings and never take any of it at face value. If it feels weird, explore the possibilities that the Universe was calling you to look deeper for your OWN self. 
  • I'LL TAKE THE NUDGE TO GET MY HAIRCUT. Cause it does look crappy hehe. 

This leads me into this share perfectly...

My dear friend Chelsie Aichelberger from The Sensitive Trait wrote this amazing blog post "What if we were raised by our Hearts?".

In this post Chelsie explores what it would be like and how different the world would be if our society taught us and nourishing us in a way that listening to our own Hearts was something that was praised. Perhaps people would be able to get read by Psychics (I'm still a believer) more effectively because your essence and their essence wouldn't be so deeply effected by modern conditioning. 

It's an amazing read on embracing our Highly Sensitive Traits and the contributions that are possible when we do that. The world needs us. 

Legendary artist David Bowie just passed away and left with us one of the most heartfelt, real, raw, eccentric and just shit that made you FEEL something legacy. He was Sensitive. He got it. 

Anything is possible for us when we embrace and nourish what's within us. 

Rock on,