Full Super Moon in Aries October 16th, 2016 - Awaken

Happy Full Moon!!!

This Full Moon is going to be a handful. It's a Super Moon meaning the Moon is closest to Earth in it's orbit and will appear about 14% larger in the nighttime sky than usual. I hope you all have clear skies to see this! This is the 1st Super Full Moon in a series of 3 we will experience closing out the rest of the year. We have a continuous energy to support celebrating all that we have learned about ourselves throughout this year and the support to release and let go anything we don't want to take with us into 2017.

This Full Moon is happening at 23 degrees Aries at 12:23 am Sunday Oct 16th Eastern Standard time.

It will be conjunct (hanging out with) the Retrograde Uranus in Aries too.

This is not a Moon for the faint of heart.

Collectively speaking, we are all pretty much getting tired of the shit show we see on daily basis through all the media sources we encounter and the general energy of the people around us.

We are getting really tired of the shit. In the U.S here, many of us are boiling and just about ready to spill over the sides and let it burn.

The tipping point seems to be near.

This Full Moon is reminding us all of our own tipping points. The places we are totally sick of the way things are. Totally sick of going along with it all. Totally sick of the status quo. Of the way things are in our lives. We are sick of our own habits. We are sick of not doing the damn thing we've wanted to do for probably what feels like an eon. We are angry at ourselves. We want to break free. To rebel.

To DO and to BE.

No. More. Excuses.

Uranus conjunct are Aries Full Super Moon isn't fucking around. Uranus is the planet known to bring sudden change, revolution, and also mad flashes of psychic intuitive messages that are like bolts of lightening. If we are open, if our energy field is clear to receive...these messages can finally land and push us to action. I'm suggesting doing anything that makes you feel a release and calm and open...meditation...exercise....alternative therapies...just get open so these messages can land.

Usually around this time everyone kind of begins to look at what they haven't done over the past year that they said they were going to do. And we can either let that paralyze us or we can utilize the anger that we feel to spark us into action.

We can let anger be the catalyst that makes us change.

Anger gets a bad rap. I've recently become hyper aware of my own issues with experiencing anger and how often I try to suppress it or convince myself it doesn't exist, and I even get embarrassed when I feel angry. My picture of anger is associated with belligerence and obnoxious behavior. Of lashing out on those whom don't deserve. And that CAN be part of anger, but mostly only when it's being utilized in it's shadow side.

Anger does have positive effects. It's a guidepost. It's a light house. It's a roadmap to exactly what it is that most needs change, transformation, and attention. Anger can be a messenger if we let it. If we listen. If we don't default to the less useful expression of totally lashing out haphazardly. Which is NOT making use of anger.

What is making use of Anger is when we self-aware the fuck out of ourselves and take those moments to fucking pause and ask ourselves WHERE IS THIS COMING FROM? Anger is quick. It's sharp. It stings. And when you actually take the moment to sit with that stabbing feeling...it's an arrow pointing directly to what's pissing you off, where you are betraying yourself. And holy fuck, there's probably less psycho-analyzing of self necessary because it's so damn INTENSE.

This Full Moon will make a hard square to it's planetary ruler Mars (the ruler of Aries) and also Pluto in Capricorn. This square is definitely going to be the trigger on our anger. It won't be easy. It will probably be uncomfortable. It will probably be ugly at times, cause we are all learning how to process anger in a more helpful manner.

This Full Moon and square to Mars is there to help us learn and we REALLY need to rise to the occasion so we can known what the finest expression of anger is. There will likely be lots of anger around career related subjects and struggles, and also even of "climbing the ladder"...doing our "duties"....We questions WHY? Why do we follow this dogma? This is self-exploration all of us need to do and information we all need to gather.

Much can be revealed, probably many secrets will come to light over the next two weeks. And I think many of us are hoping the secrets revealed are the kind that sends the final blow over to our decision making process.

JUST to make things a little more interesting...This Full Moon is opposing the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter all in Libra...the opposite sign of Aries in the zodiac wheel. Aries brings the focus on our individuality and Libra is all about collaboration and harmony with others. Libra at it's finest does want to experience autonomy and allow others to do the same while keeping a balance. And Aries at it's finest wants us to know our passions, our drives, our leadership qualities and be a positive force in the world.

This opposing energy will definitely have us wavering between feeling like "I got this" and "I don't got this." It's normal...it's like a training wheels feeling. Experiment over the next two weeks by releasing all of the confines of whom you think you SHOULD be in the world.

We DO have a trine, a positive angle, to Saturn in Sagittarius. This trine is reminding us that even anarchy needs a container, a plan, a strategy to be totally effective and of use in this world. We don't want temporary freedom and expansion only for it to be ripped away because the foundations were not strong enough to withstand the aftermath of upheaval. We want the type of freedom that LASTS. And that takes cooperation.

This Full Moon gives us a beautiful opportunity to experience our own inner warrior that is full of courage and willing to go outside the norm to spark change and action. We will be looking towards the future and likely taking it quite seriously.

This Full Moon and the next 2 weeks may feel a little "do or die" and rightfully so...especially with wherever this FM lands in your chart and interacts with your Natal planets.

It's probably felt like a wonky year. We expected more change than perhaps what we experienced. This Full Moon will feel like an acceleration and make us realize that we HAVE been accelerating.

This Full Moon asks us to embrace our personal power to spark change in our lives and see how that can trickle out. Uranus could through some curve balls our way getting us to shapeshift and transform as necessary. This is not the time for fluffy anything or for distractions. Open up. And then open up some more.

Be gentle with yourself if it feels like you're going to break down. This could happen for some of us. And it may be necessary to hit a rock bottom of sorts before we can finally give ourselves the permission to go UP.

Do your best to not shame yourself or guilt yourself or beat yourself up if you're feeling like you want to take action but don't know what to do. Or where to start. That shame, guilt etc is your ego trying to avoid. Just get curious about it. Get vulnerable. Get HONEST and transparent with yourself. It's different feeling. Even though it's uncomfortable...it's probably an expansive sensation...a clearing out...a release of sorts....a big release of breath you've held for too long.

Channel your anger. Channel your drives. Channel it into something creative.

Let yourself be awakened. Even more than you've ever been.  

with magic,

p.s I'll be opening up limited spots again for the New Moon in Scorpio happening Oct 30th (my sun sign!!!) likely by end of day on Monday. My newsletter peeps are always the first to know before I release it to the public!