Full Super Moon in Taurus November 14th 2016

Happy Sunday all!!

There's really no beating around the bush, so here we go. It has been A FUCKING WEEK. Especially if you're here in the US.

Damn that New Moon in Scorpio for unleashing the shadow. SO. DAMN. WELL.

From every angle we are just seeing shadow work at it's finest. And that's okay. We need this. It's a cathartic moment as much as it fucking sucks.

I've been struggling to formulate words all week so I feel like I've neglected my tribe a little bit and saved much to the last minute.

But I'm really glad we have this cosmic moment in favor of our healing, of our grieving, of our gratitude, of our humanity.

This Super Full Moon in Taurus is happening at 22 degrees, at 8:52 am EST November 14th. And it couldn't come sooner.

If you remember, last month we had a super full moon and next month we will have another.

BUT, this one, is the most unique. It's the closest a Full Moon has been it's orbit to the Earth since 1948 and will be until 2034.

How fitting after such an epic week?

We REALLY need to have the illumination on the shadow right now. We need to have the light shining on all that there is so celebrate and be grateful for even amongst any darkness we may feel. And we really really really really need to surrender and let go and release on a major fucking level.

Taurus is a earth sign, it loves to ground to it's material realm, so it is often correlated with our relationship to money and possessions. Therefore it's also associated with our sense of self-worth, our sense of safety and security. Right now, there are a lot of people out there that don't really feel that safe. So this is a beautiful moment in history and in the cosmos to surrender ALL FALSE FORMS OF SAFETY. Being complacent really isn't going to cut it anymore. And this Full Moon is def going to get us to explore and reflect upon that.

The Moon LOVES to be in Taurus. The Moon is symbolic of our emotions and feelings, our internal selves and so that means they ..ebb and flow. But in a sign like Taurus there is STABILITY brought through it's nature. Taurus knows how to reserve it's energy for when it's most needed and necessary and up until then, it usually likes to chill out and is typically more on the patient side (although we all know Bulls, the Taurus symbol, can get very intense!). Taurus is perseverant, it can weather many storms and stay committed and focused (another reason why it sometimes get a bad rap of being stubborn).

So Taurus can help us in many ways right now with this moon: We can be shown exactly where we need to stay focused and unwavering, less chaotic. AND we can be shown where we are being too stuck in our ways and need more flexibility.

So I mentioned earlier that Taurus was an Earth sign, well that definitely means it's connected to nature and it's connected to the human body quite potently. Taurus is incredibly sensual. There's a slow-burn intensity. It loves to feel pleasure from all different avenues. VENUS, the planet of beauty, art, creativity and love, is the ruler of Taurus and resides over this Full Moon energy too.

So we have this message coming forward to get embodied. Taurus opposite sign is Scorpio, the sign of spiritual alchemy, passion, intense emotions, power ..death, rebirth, transformation...SO this Full Moon is basically like HELLO, let's bring that ALL in. Whatever has been circulating up above and down below let's bring it into the body now. Especially since this Full Moon will be opposing the Sun in Scorpio AND...drumroll....good ol' Black Moon Lilith.

Black Moon Lilith (along with Dark Moon Lilith: these are both "points" in the sky) in Scorpio has definitely been getting the spotlight in the world as the Sun travels through Scorpio with it. That's why you're seeing so many pissed off pussies of late. BML is raw, femme fatal energy. She's the bitch that does not conform to anything. That knows exactly what she stands for. And will not give her power away. In Scorpio...well...she's ...she's intense as fuck to put it simply. She's ready to create and destroy.

This Full Moon is actually conjunct the Asteroid named Lilith too...I can't help but LAUGH at this. And also many of my Full Moon Taurus clients had their Natal Black Moon Lilith's aspected in their charts too!!

This is a very powerful time we are all experiencing.

This Full Moon doesn't want us to go back to sleep, but it does want us to level out these intense energies so we can get to work.

Focus on what it is you can celebrate and rejoice in in your life, I think an all around thank you for what you have is really necessary haha. Focus on and then make a declaration to release the blocks you have to standing up for your truest self worth, for experiencing pleasure, for making money that feels damn good to make, and for the raw non-conformist femme fatale energy within.

Slow down. It seems counterintuitive but we really need to process right now.

Here are some important things happening with this Full Moon in the skies:

  • The Full Moon is trine Pluto in Capricorn. Good news, this trine generally means that any emotional shit show we experience at this time will work out for us in the end. Pluto in Capricorn has been working to rehab our approach to work, career and our government...since oh around 2008. And will continue to be here until 2024. So this positive angle is there to support us in embodied our self worth so that it can be reflected in some of these life path areas and also reminding us that when we feel good, when we feel safe...we can DO good and create satefy.
  • The Full Moon is Sextile Chiron in Pisces. So an aspect to Chiron, the "wounded healer", tends to be a little tender but always provides us with opportunities to...heal. Chiron in Pisces has been helping us investigate our deepest core wounds around: suffering, compassion, emotions, dreaming, imagination and illusions. There is often an investigation here or where we give too much of ourselves, feel our sensitivity, don't give enough, ignore suffering in the world, where we have addictions and avoid the truth. Damn, doesn't that sound familiar. THIS transit also though does investigate the wounds we hold around using our imagination, our dreams, our artistry and the kind of creativity that comes from way deep within. This positive sextile can be very creative and it can definitely make our nighttime dreams more intense as well. So yet again, pay attention to them for symbology.
  • The Full Moon is semi-sextile Uranus in Aries. Semi-sextiles are more subtle but with a planet like Uranus...you just don't know how it could go. There could be an awakening moment that allows more liberation of self to be experienced by you. A liberation that helps you manifest in the material world.
  • Venus will be making a trine to the Lunar North Node in Virgo, really reminding us of the small pleasures of life. That those things matter. And they can be little motivators that help us practice and lead to mastery.

Overall this is a very brutally soft Full Moon. We will have much feminine intensity fired up, a readiness to stand in our worth, to stand up for our pleasure, to be nourished and soothed by nature and to really really remain steadfast and bear the torch of intensity as we can now learn how to manage our energy through the help of Taurus...with it's "it's all good vibe".

It's likely many of my readers nerves are frazzled, burn out and hyped up ...all at the same time. Please, let this Moon soothe you and lull you and ground you and remind you...we are ALL so damn HUMAN.

And that is what binds us to each other. And it's worth fighting for.

with magic,

p.s one last thing....With all this Scoprio and Taurus energy...you have a beautiful conjuring around sexual energy. Tap into it. Let yourself be aroused. It will help you create magic AND help you get embodied. ...and of course...be safe with it!