New Moon in Sagittarius November 29th 2016

On the New Moon in Sagittarius...

This New Moon is the first New Moon we are experiencing after a pretty globally intense November. And thank goodness. Sagittarius' MO is all about freedom, about expansion, about liberation, about seeking out the truth and acquiring wisdom. It likes to explore all different kinds of belief systems, on a social level and on a spiritual level too.

If you know anything about Sag, you know it's often depicted as a the Centaur with a bow and arrow...the archer. There is a meshing of animal and human nature here. One must acquire knowledge, skill and understanding of the bow and to to to hold it...but then once you shoot that's up to nature where it will land exactly...Sag shows up fully, and knows that all pursuits do require a certain amount of faith.

That's why so many associate Sag with taking leaps of faith in our lives. It's a time when we want to follow the souls whims. We want to live life. We want to learn through experience. That is the energy that is pulled forward within in us when Sag comes around. And it can cause major feelings of restlessness and impatience or it can feel just down right weird if our pre-disposition is not used to lots of changeable energy.

Sagittarius wants for us to get out there and see the world. Because it knows there is so much of it out there. It want's us to take up space in the world.

Sag is the big picture thinker. It sees the end vision, the broad vision. It's not too keen on the details. It was us to have massive faith in our visions.

Jupiter is the planetary ruler of Sag and is known as the planet that influences expansion, prosperity, abundance and luck which ever sign and house it is in. Jupiter is currently in Libra and will be here until about Oct 2017. We are all feeling the Libra energy come forward for review but especially so over the next 6 months...Jupiter likes to be in Libra (a Venus ruled sign)...Jupiter wants wants more harmony and collaboration wants us to learn how to work well with others, yet honor our own truth too. It's a pretty creative placement too for all of us. So at this time of this New Moon Jupiter is chilling out in Libra, reminding us WHY Sag wants us to travel around the wants us to get to know the world and the opinions within in...and then hopefully (when utilized in full expression) we can uncover our own truth.

At the time of this New Moon the Moon will square Neptune and the South Lunar Node both currently in Pisces. This square is where we want to look out for a temptation to engage in past patternings, past habits...past pain. It's the square where we may tend to skim over the details and forget key details of an experience. Therefore causing us to think it was worst or better than it actually was. The South Node tempts us to engage back with whats comfortable, even though we know it may not be the most helpful to move our lives forward. Neptune in Pisces in it's higher expression is highly artistic and can be healing in the way that it can help us develop a faith in our intuition due to how damn highly sensitive and empathic it is. But in it's lower pulls us towards addiction, delusion and unnecessary escapism. Escapism can be great if we don't get stuck in a perpetual day dream and forget to come back down to Earth, or learn how to mesh Earth and Cosmic energy.

There is literally a path presented before us right now with the square to the South Node and therefore the North Node. This axis is the destiny line. It's where we are currently working to let go of past bullshit in favor of what we currently need to learn to live out our souls purpose. The North Node is currently in Virgo...urging us to be pragmatic, efficient, to take care of ourselves and to basically stop fucking around and get out shit together. It also wants us to master some kind of skill (and this could def be work related) or some subject in our lives (depending what house the North Node is in for you in your chart).

Getting our shit together could be hard with this square. We are challenged for a reason. To build the kind of confidence that can take us far and wide, exactly what Sag wants. It wants us take up space in the world. And this square is very sharply and distinctly presenting the challenges of both turning to the past and what the future possibilities hold.

If it feels like we are being's probably because we are.

Later on on the day of the New Moon, the moon will sextile Mars in Aquarius which is helpful to us in that Mars provides strength, courage, ambition and passion to go after our grand visions. Mars likes to cut away and go after things. So this sextile could be incredibly helpful if we send it in the direction of that North Node energy and go after all that we need to be learning. Aquarius is very forward thinking and innovative, so we may really really feel ready to be liberated from systems that keep us down and embrace our individual selves and in doing so that contributes to society in some way. There's probably going to be even more seeking of justice in the air with this.

Over all some of the best ways to dabble with this New Moon Sag energy:
1. Pay attention to what you feel compelled towards. What is tugging at your soul and spirit right now. What are the big visions you keep circling back towards.
2. Take little steps towards the big ones.  Sag is a big thinker and it likes to change. We need Sag visions. But you may want to pause and do some research into your pursuits (so that leap of faith doesn't mean a leap off a cliff that leads to disaster). Take a shorter term class series as opposed to committing straight way to grad school or college. Take a short term trip to the area you want to explore as opposed to 2 or 3 months.
3. Connect to your spiritual energy but do work to stay grounded. Ever notice yourself slipping away in a day dream and losing time? Awesome..this can be a relief...but one of the easy ways you can make sure you've got a foot on the ground is by picturing a grounding cord attached to you going down into the Earth....or you can simply starting naming tangible things you notice in your immediate environment.  
4. Tell the truth. Your Truth. Sag wants you to feel safe enough to be fully expressed. Notice where you betray yourself. Even if it's the tiniest little thing like saying whole milk is fine when you really want soy. Speak up. Even if your voice shakes.

Okay babes that's all for theNew Moon! I hope that your intentions are full of truth, freedom and expansion.

with magic,