Full Super Moon in Gemini December 13th, 2016

Happy Magic Monday!

We have the last Full Moon of 2016 upon us: The Full Super Moon in Gemini happening tomorrow Dec 13th at 7:05 pm EST.

Let's celebrate 2016 and wish it a sweet ass goodbye, leaving what needs to be left and clearing out some massive space to let 2017 in!

A Full Super Moon in Gemini is quite stimulating. The natural energy of the Moon is of an ebb and flow and Gemini is incredibly changeable; it skips from one place to the next and therefore is flexible, adaptable and also operates it what can be likened to an ebb and flow manner too…always changing and never staying exactly the same. Gemini is mysterious because it’s hard to pin down. And the Moon is mysterious in her own right as well as she often dabbles with our emotions, feelings, our unconscious energy and habits, our internal selves…the grey area within, which is also hard to pin down. As you can see, this meeting of energies will create a peculiar experience for us all.

Geminis symbol is that of “The Twins”; two faces, two different sides, two different energies, two different personalities. And again in that way you can liken it to the contrast between the New and Full Moons we witness each month and the process it takes to get there. The Moon appears vastly different to us at these times of the month and yet it is the same exact planetary body that it has always been.

Gemini is complex, dualistic and at times down right contradictory. Gemini sees the multifaceted energy of all things which can make this period of time for us a difficult one for decision making. We really just see all different perspectives and why each choice is a good choice or bad choice, etc. We will really be tested here to embrace the decisions and choices that are closest to our own personal truth as possible.

We will be pretty attuned to collective energy right now because we are so stimulated by what’s going on, and so exposed to it. We are attuned to others thought processes and vast information and messages coming at us right now. So in one way this can be really good for having a psychic radar open into the happenings and trends of society, a great way to speak to the masses powerfully and perhaps utilize in our business dealings.

Gemini loves to communicate and talk, it’s the sign of self expression and rules over words..writing…speaking..languages. So when it’s in it’s higher expressions we can really speak up for ourselves, share our ideas and thoughts, and with the Full Moon ..share our feelings and emotions.

On the flip side of all of this, it may be illuminated for us our addiction to stimulation and information consumption. And the detrimental effects that that habit can have on us, personally and collectively. Because of this we may decide to say “fuck this shit” and unplug from it all, go on a detox from information and just quiet our minds. You’ll know which you need (stimulation or quiet) and when you need it if you are self-honest and not afraid to face the truth of your addiction OR your addiction to staying un-informed.

Mercury is the planetary ruler over Gemini and resides over this Full Moon. Mercury is currently in Capricorn which in general can help us with creating organized thought processes. It brings a quality of realism and practicality to our thoughts.

At this Full Moon it's making some annoying ass squares to Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries . With the square to expansive Jupiter in Libra we really want to watch out for being overloaded with information OR we want to watch out for far too rigid thinking that we get stuck in. The square to rebellious Uranus in Aries we may come up against inner and outer conflicts around our non conformist and non-traditional thoughts. We may experience being misunderstood at times. Habits may be hard to stick to. There's a lot of changeable and revolutionary energy about that we might not be so sure on how to manage.

Thankfully the Full Moon in Gemini itself will make lovely and harmonious trines and sextiles to Jupiter and Uranus.Jupiter rules over publishing and Gemini rules over writing and speaking so for some of us if we play this energy well, we may have our self-expressive projects out on display finally on a bigger scale. We have thoughts and ideas inspired by places far and wide outside our norm. The sextile to Uranus awakens us to another facet of our voices, perhaps awakening a voice we didn't know we had, or re-awakening something that's been sleeping there. There will be lots of rebellious conversations happening around us...talks of revolutions and progression, it will be heightened at this time and unavoidable. Gemini is the messenger and Uranus is known to bring physic flashes of insight and awakening moments and changes.

Mercury in Capricorn will do it's best to help us out by making a lovely sextile to Neptune in Pisces. At this time if f we can consciously engage in our artistic and also sensitive energies (compassion, imagination, picking up on subtle energies) we can tune into the vibration of Neptune in it's highest expression: to have faith in our intuition, no matter the circumstance. This sextile may also be a helpful companion in finding resources out there to harness our watery, dreaming, imaginative Neptune energies in a more conceptualized way.

Mercury will also be conjunct Pluto at this time which is important because it means that it's more likely information that has been hidden could be revealed AND that we also recognize the power of words yet again. Our words carry a vibration with them. Our voices have the power to manifest, to evolve, to progress, to break down structures. It ALL starts with a voice. And we can see how our words have the power to conjure up action collectively...which can be used to provoke positive transformation or to manipulate others.

There is a theme here also that wants for us to feel our personal pain and offenses BUT not let that halt any progress or revolution that needs to happen on a personal AND collective level. To have the smarts to implement.

Overall this Full Moon really wants to have us celebrating the power of our voices to provoke change and the advances we have made in communications and self expression. But to also, go further..to cut through over stimulation and find the actually valuable nuggets of information. We will be very stimulated and we will hit our fears and blocks around embracing our complex and contradictory energies. It will be very normal to have hiccups around this. To have misunderstandings.

Some of us may have to step back and go on an information detox and some of us may need more exposure, depending on our current experience.

How to make the most of this Full Moon:
1. Go on an information detox or become more selective about the sources you consume from. Maybe perhaps totally log off or purposely limit the time you are spending consuming the never ending information available to us instantaneously. Or become more discerning about WHOM you are receiving information from.
2. Find a medium to communicate through. What method of self expression is working for you the most? Video, audio, writing...or is it creating sheer art that speaks for it's self. Continue practicing what has been working the best for you.
3. Make a list of what you want to leave behind in 2016. Need I say more?
4. Write out a list of your own personal contradictions. Do you like both black and white? Do you like both being in the public eye and lots of alone time? What is it that makes you quirky like that? Can you make some peace and unification with that so you're less judgmental of yourself.
5. Take note of your dreams and synchronicities. Since this will be a time of communications and Full Moons are known for more intense dreams, you may very well receive some messages through the magical channel of dreams and synchronized happenings in your waking life. Pay attention. Listen.

This Moon is a major culmination of all the things that make us ultra human: we are hard to pin down and we live in the gray area. No matter how much “they” want to put us in a box. Trust that. Trust and accept that, and you’re one step closer to a unified whole self.

Happy Full Moon Magical Soul Bitches. I hope Enjoy the last Full Moon of 2016 and hit "reply" to tell me all about what YOU are celebrating about 2016 and what you are leaving behind!!!

With magic,