New Moon in Capricorn Dec 29th 2016: New Moon, New Year, Who dis?

Happy Witch Wednesday Magical Soul Bitches!!!

The last New Moon of 2016 is upon us. And it's in Capricorn. It's happening on Dec 29th at 1:52 am EST in the first decan (7 degrees).

Did you know that we actually started 2016 out with a New Moon in Capricorn in January? So as it appears we are putting a bookend of sorts of 2016. And thank goodness for that. 2016 was sure one heck of a year and I know many of us welcome it's departure.

We knew 2016 would be different, but I think no one knew exactly how. Well now we know. And now we know better about what needs to be done in 2017 and we need to do on a personal level.

This New Moon that closes out the year, feels a bit like an extra slap on the wrist asking for us to stand up straight and show up.

There's a lot of breaking down happening around us and throughout out it we are being asked to step up. This New Moon is an extension of that.

Capricorn is diligent in the approach it takes towards reaching it's goals. It's fairly traditional. It's realistic and practical. It's responsible. It's steady. It's stable. It stays on a straight line as it ascends. The symbol associated with Capricorn is the Goat. The goat loves to climb, and it climbs great heights. It's patient in its ascent as opposed to reckless (have you ever seen those crazy pictures of goats on steep cliffs and mountain sides and wonder HOW THE HECK DO THEY DO THAT?). They have a grounded center. They have balance. They think about where they step next. They plan.

This is Capricorn energy. And it's why it's so closely tied to our Profession, Career, Long term path and goals, our duties and obligations. A lot of that very mundane earthly stuff that shows us what it means to be human.  It is very understanding of the limits and restrictions of what it means to be human.

Saturn, the planetary ruler of Capricorn, often gets a bad wrap because it brings these qualities and teaches us hard lessons and makes us do hard work. A lot of times people see Saturn as a bummer.

But Saturn, at it's finest, shows us what we are made of. It shows us where we are willing to put our nose to the grindstone and get to work. It shows us what it means to be human and it brings it all down to Earth for us. Which is really really powerful for all the Sensitives and Spiritual centered beings out there that feel they have a hard time relating to human matters.

We need Saturn. Just as much as we need otherworldly and dreamy Neptune.

Saturn has been making it's rounds through Sagittarius. We've been seeing the stark contrast of contraction (Saturn/Capricorn) and expansion (Sagittarius/Jupiter). We have learned how to weather both aspects of life and will continue to as long as this transit stands. We have learned how essential both are. But it's been tough.

This New Moon in Capricorn does some beautiful things in the sky to make sure we are getting the best of many worlds.

The New Moon will gorgeously sextile Mars & Neptune which are finally conjunct each other in the very sensitive and compassionate sign of Pisces. This sextile is bring some much needed actionable energy towards our visions and artistry. Mars knows how to bring the courage and the ambition and in Pisces it can help us pick a direction and the shift quickly to try another if we feel we need to. Aka, it can help us practice and gain more confidence in decision making over the next month. We can learn what intuitive pulls are meant to be followed in the moment and which ones we wait a little longer with.

The New Moon will also beautifully and helpfully trine the North Node in Virgo. The North Node shows us what it is we need to learn at this particular moment in our lives to get closer to our souls purpose. And with this trine, the mundane world becomes easier to handle. We have moments coming that help us maser our daily work, routines, health and our responsibilities.

Saturn will be making a beautiful aspect to the newly direct (after a 5 month retrograde) Uranus in Aries...which feels like a huge green light to express our individuality. We've been percolating and brewing our sense of self for a while and now we commit to the expression of it in a very really, perhaps visible way.

Saturn will make a challenging square Wounded Healer Chiron, also in Pisces. We are breaking down the systems that have been invalidating towards alternative methods and paths for healing, for pain. There is a lot of hard work to be done in challenging the status quo around modern medicine. I see this as major backlash and judgment about the validity of plant medicine, as plant medicine is sure to become more popular as an alternative to pain pills and the like.

As you can see this New Moon in prime for continuing to dismantle structures and systems that are outdated and reminding us that we still have to build new ones in order to have it all be a success.

This New Moon in Capricorn definitely helps us dismantle a diseased patriarchal society, and gets us so in touch with our individuality and our feminine that we begin to erect our own systems. Which I assure you, will shift and change the consciousness of society and Earth.

There is work to be done. Lots of it. Let's do the hard work to heal ourselves. Let us no forget that part. But let us do it with the goal in mind that we need this change more than ever and we have to be wide awake for it to happen.


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Happy New Moon, Happy New Year Magical Soul Bitches!

I love you all. I hope it's a new year night full of magic for you!