Lunar Nodes in Astrology

Today I want to let you in on a little Astrology secret: Your Lunar Nodes.

What's a Lunar Node in terms of Astronomy & Astrology?

Astrologist Jan Spiller explains "The Nodes of the Moon are not planetary bodies; they are points formed by the Moon's orbit around Earth interesting with the Earth's path around the Sun. The direction of the nodes are counterclockwise. The North Node is the ascending node (the point closest to our North Pole), and the South Node is the descending node (the point closest to our South Pole)." 

Many Astrologists refer to this position as the "Destiny Line of the Zodiac" or the "Souls Mission" in the this lifetime. In other's how you uncover your purpose and natural talents during this lifetime! 

Your North Node is your North Star...the direction you are going in, the things you have to learn in this lifetime to be your highest self and fully expressed. And your South Node is what you already know, what you have been good at in past lives, your natural inclinations. 

Most people know only their Sun sign...which what we answer when someone asks "Hey, what's your sign?"...I'd say Scorpio.

But we are a combination of different Astrological influences and the Lunar Nodes are an important bit of information that often goes overlooked and even unknown.

These Nodes are especially helpful in guiding us during the search of that oh so illusive and tormenting question "WHAT THE F*CK SHOULD I DO WITH MY LIFE?!!! WHAT'S MY PURPOSE??!!!" 

So, have you checked your nodes out lately??

You can do so by going to and entering your birth date information in their handy dandy Natal Chart (where the planets where when you were born) system. Look for where it says "True Node"..This is your North Node, it will tell you the Sign where it resides and your chart will indicate the House in which it's placed. 

The Sign deals more with the psyche (the intangible) and The House deals more with where it will manifest in your life (the tangiable. 

Let's use me as an example so I can show you how accurate this is (mind you I had no idea what my Nodes where up until a year ago). 

I have my North Node in Aries in the 6th House of Health and Service. Therefore my South Node is in the opposite side of the zodiac in Libra in the 12th House of Secrets, Sorrows & Karma. 

My entire life I have been trying to keep the harmony, be fair, take a balanced approach to all of my relationships and seek justice from all points of views. In past lives because of this, I no longer knew who I was. I lost my sense of self because I was also keeping the peace with others and modifying my behavior I had no inclination of what actually made me, me.  My whole life I have had a hard time making decisions because I weigh the pros and cons heavily and I've also felt this underlying sense of not knowing who I was, really on a Soul level...Ive always felt highly influenced (Highly Sensitive much?). I have also always been drawn to beautiful ambiance and to this day landscapes are what MOVE me the most. These are ALL Libra attributes. Libras symbol is the Scales. Libra is ruled by beauty driven Venus. I have also been prone to escaping through daydreaming, going through bouts of suffering in silence, dealt with limiting thinking and have always been attracted to the darker realms, secrets and occult practices  (I was the "goth kid" in highschool and no one really understood why). These are all 12th House attributes. Theses are my natural inclinations. There are things that feel safe. These are habits from past lives that served me well. 

However...they are NOT what is going to bring be success, happiness and full realization in this lifetime. In order to do that I need to cultivate my North Node in Aries in the 6th House. Aries is a fire sign, it's symbol is the Ram. It's ruled by Mars. It's a very physical energy. It's a very unapologetic energy. It's a very driven and manifesting energy. It's bold, it's freedom doesn't like to be told what to do. It is the sign of self. Aries knows who the fuck it is. It's expressive. It's SEEN and HEARD. It's an active initiator. Aries FOLLOWS it's gut, it's intuition on that first or second impulse. It doesn't "decide" just DOES what it feels. Aries is the spark, the idea person. The leader. In the 6th House of Health and Service...doesn't it make all the sense that Coaching, Healing & Wellness is something I was drawn to as I started to grow through life? That I began to look into what careers married these interests? The 6th House rules our day to day routines and work too! 

So, you see here...while my natural South Node habits lay a foundation for me and what I'm good at naturally...they are not the things that will REALLY catapult me towards my fullest self and the life of my dreams. It will do me NO good to constantly be concerned about not ruffling any feathers and keeping relationships will also not serve me to stay in the realm of the esoteric all the time.

It's time to step up with my Intuitive pulls, say what's on my mind, be seen and be bold and do so in a very tangiable way that also serves others..I am literally being called to embrace WHO I AM as a way to serve YOU. 


Our North Node helps guide us into how we can best make use of some of the natural inclinations we feel in our South Node. If we get stuck in the habits of the South Node we get stuck in life and don't go far. 

By developing and working on the challenges presented to us in our North Node...we will find out what our purpose is and how that will look in the world

Why does this make sense for me personally? Because what I've been doing...hasn't been working! I've been struggling in terms of career to be totally honest (ain't that taboo of me to say!).

I haven't been honoring the fact that I need to be a little more cheeky in my life, instead I've been too focused on making sure I don't ruffle any feathers and always being fair as fuck.....even though I've got some BOLD shit inside of me itching to be said and brought out.  I haven't been embracing my South Node positives (love of beauty, relationships, and practices of the hidden realms) but instead was too focused on the negatives (people pleaser, not following my first gut feeling, overly sensitive). I hadn't been owning up to my North Node... the fact that I'm supposed to BE SEEN. That I have leadership qualities. That a routine is of service to me. That my intuitive impulses are meant to be followed more quickly...instead of heavily weighed with logic (yes, there are some Node positions that may call for "logic" influence to be used). 

That being said...there have been changes going on here behind the scenes that will be nourishing to this pull inside of me...because even in spite of the Astrology....I've always known these things to be true anyway. 

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That's all for now peeps..come get your Nodes checked with me!!!!