Highly Sensitive Traveling


Hey ya'll!! I missed you last week!! But hey, I was in family with Mexico, trying to stay as present as possible by taking advantage of the little wi-fi could manage to connect to. I'm back with fresh ideas and loads more Vitamin D from the sun!!

BUT, I learned so much in those few days that I can't wait to share with you. Some of it's deep. Some of it's practical. I'm still processing the deep shit (I'm talking awesome conversations with my Dad about life and re-connecting with my brother) so I'll save that for another time when my thoughts are gathered! 

So how's about we move onto the practical?

When I connect with Sensitives, a lot of times I hear about their dreams, which are usually so beautiful and dreamy I'm in awe.

Much of the time it includes travel. See, us Sensitives crave freedom and value it more than most people I talk to. Travel is usually highly associated with freedom in our society.

Travel for Sensitives means not being suffocated by societies standards and norms. It means connecting with nature and with people on a much deeper level.

But it also means a bunch of scary shit for us too that can stop us dead in our tracks because:

  • Being cramped in economy class seats for several hours sucks, the air can be stifling causes our already sensitive senses to go haywire
  • Airports...lots of people, lots of energy, lots of rushing, lots of procedures to follow.
  • New places means unfamiliar sensations, routines, foods, people causing us to feel tired and bloated and foggy.
  • Being around family, friends and fellow travelers can cause us to go into overwhelm from not enough alone time.

I'm sure you all have your own reasons as to why travel can be a shit show for you but usually these are the 3 main branches all the problems stem from for your average person, for us it can be a major obstacle that keeps us stuck at home. 

I know for me I have struggled with this. My stomach is sensitive so I can bloat and cramp a lot from flying and eating new foods. I also am a very light sleeper so new sleeping arrangements can be hard for me if I'm not comfortable. With this upcoming trip those things were a concern. But I was able to manage my energy around these concerns by being prepared and also asking for what I needed and wanted. 

Here are some of the tips I recently learned for making sure you have a wonderfully sensitive travel experience:

  1. Bring grounding items: These are anchors that remind you of your typical routine that you can easily bring along with you and use. These can be essential oils, a certain pillow you love to sleep with, tea bags, snack bars, music, crystals, books, notebooks. When you bring these things along with you, you can stay open to new experiences but can also anchor yourself into the little familiar things that you know keep your energy managed. These things seem like they would be silly to bring and take up space but they are totally worth it to bring along so that you are physically and emotionally comfortable while in a new place.
  2. Ask for what you need: If you need to sleep alone, spend the extra money if you can for separate rooms or at the very least ask for double beds. If you need to go off and be alone. Find spaces in your hotel or space so that you can do that and don't be afraid to tell your companions something like "I need to rest a little, I'll be back in a little while." If you need to space out your excursions definitely do that...it can be tempting to want to pack everything in but some times it can send us into sensory overload making the experience not as fulfilling. Listen to your body while there and also prep your trip so that you can create space. 
  3. Move your body & Take care of it: Sometimes it's hard to stay with your workout routine while away and by all means, sometimes you body can do with a change of pace. My suggestion is though that you fit in some INTENTIONAL movement when possible. Maybe it's stretching each morning on the floor, doing a little cardio blast or squats or pushups for 5 to mins in your room, or taking a walk after eating. This will help you integrate and stay connecting to your body. My skin always gets kind of wonky while on vacation and I can end up feeling self-conscious in pictures because of it. I vowed not to let that happen. My lifesaver for this trip were Karuna Cloth Facemasks. They are easily transportable too. They refresh and rehydrate your skin so that you are feeling sassy. And they are cheap!! $8 a mask, and you can bring one or two and use the leftover serum in the packaging for additional benefits under your makeup. Pick them up at Sephora or Ulta! Another thing I did was I booked a massage while I was the day after my arrival. I have degenerative disks in my neck and scar tissue in my shoulder that got aggravated from being on the plane for 4 hours, I was in a lot of pain all over my left side. I did NOT want to spend my vacation trying to mend this and being pain....so massage it was and a few hours later I was feeling great and able to be fully present for vacation and rock it during Horseback riding on the beach!! Win! 
  4. Give yourself a break: Ultimately vacations and travel are meant to bring a change of pace to our lives and by nature they do exactly that. Don't feel the pressure to do all the things. Sometimes the biggest rewards come from just connecting with people. And people are more likely to freely express themselves while on vacation because they don't necessarily have to "perform" for life. Let yourself sink into that and remind others of that same thing. Remember the WHY behind your traveling and set an intention for your traveling.  
  5. Give yourself time before and after: Free up your schedule as MUCH as possible before and after. Think of this time as a warm up before a work out. You can't just go from 0 to 100 and not get burnt out. Take the time the day before to prepare yourself, drink tons of water, workout, detox if you can. Just do whatever you can to take care of your body before. Do what ever you can to take care of your body after. Give yourself a day or two to re-adjust to home. Again, drink lots of water, eat simple foods, go for walks outside, if you need a massage go for it...or you can always take baths. Sleep for longer if you need. It will be the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

Embrace your craving for travel by following some of these steps and adjusting as needed!! Don't let your Sensitivity get in the way of enjoying traveling by staying prepared and aware and asking for what you need. There are some things you can't avoid while traveling, but you can totally make it easier for yourself by asking yourself what you need to make the process swift and simple. 

And obviously by all means if you can fly first or business class...do it (dont be afraid to ask the airline). If there's a room upgrade, do it. If there are vouchers for the spa, do it. If you can take a private jet, DO IT (and also I envy you). 

Those are my tips for traveling as a smart Sensitive. I hope they help and I'll post this in the FB group so we can chat and hear about more suggestions from everyone!!

Without further wait here are some highlights from my trip! 


Rock on!!! 

xoxo Nikki