Illuminating Virgo Full Moon

 I'm here to share some COSMIC THROW DOWN. 

We have this amazing Full Moon in Virgo happening tomorrow Monday on the magical "angel" number 2/22 (at 10:20 am PST) and there are some powerful insights with this cosmic occurrence that are worthy of sharing. Even if you are not into astrology there are some themes being brought forth that are totally relevant and worthy of attention.

Here's what's happening cosmically that is cause for attention:
Full Moon in Virgo with the Sun in Pisces
2/22 - These numbers symbolize keeping the faith in yourself and your intuition and also 2 is a sign of duality as well. 
This Full Moon is on a Monday, traditionally ruled by the MOON ...Moon-day..Monday...get it? Mondays are beautiful days for psychic endeavors, invoking power, creative ideas, healing and divine messages. 

Virgo is the sign of health, service, efficiency, organization, work, self improvement, perseverance, industry and analyzing. Basically, Virgo energy is somewhat Type A, perfectionist and OCD. Virgo energy LOVES fact finding and gathering of information to find the Truth. Virgo rules our nervous system and intestines, stress and anxiety goes right to the tummy. 

Pisces, Virgos opposite sign in the zodiac, is the energy of dreams, illusion, secrets, mystery, escapism, the occult, psychic ability, emotions, imagination. Pisces energy is deeply compassionate, intuitive. Pisces are The Dreamers. Pisces seek answers through the spiritual realms and walks them fiercely (Pisces rules the feet). 

This is one FIERCE Full Moon for it's themes seem to be in opposition to one another. But it's only going to be shitty if we let it and are in denial of our innate duality. 

One side of the spectrum wants order, categories and diligence in all things (Virgo) and then in the other you have desires for the esoteric, the dreams, the flow, the intangible (Pisces). Not to mention Virgo is in the uber emotional feminine Moon space, and Pisces is in the bold and vital masculine Sun (double whammy!!). Both Virgo and Pisces are feminine in nature but Virgo is behavior is highly disciplined giving it a masculine flare. 

There is no time like right now to see what DUALITY looks and feels like in our mind, soul, and body. 

This can be an incredibly insightful time for all of us if we are willing to be in self-knowledge and see the wide spectrum of what it means to be human. We have both masculine and feminine. Yin and Yang. We have both light and dark. We have both flow and finality. We have both swift and slow. We have both faith and doubt. We are both belief and fact driven. We need both concrete plans and sheer imagination. We need schedules and we need space. We are Earth (Virgo) and Water (Pisces).

We are not just one thing, one way, one direction.

We are all of these crazy complexities to varying degrees.

And this Full Moon is illuminating this for us. 

  • Where can we give our dreams tangiable reality?
  • How can we use what we feel in our gut to guide our secrets into the light?
  • What can we do to marry our mystery with our Truth?
  • What soul insights can we gather from both our waking and nighttime dreams in order to manifest what we desire in the outside world?
  • What actions are our souls whispering for us to take?
  • What are the steps we can take to give life to our visions?

Virgo is supporting us to manifest our dreams by urging us to be unafraid of the details. Pisces breathes life and passion into our actions.

We need both and right now is such a beautiful time to embrace this duality we have within us and around us. 

Some of us may be struggling with the actions, the details, the planning...the making tangiable part.

Some of us may be lacking in the dreamer, visionary, mystery driven energy. 

This Full Moon will shed light for you where the balance needs to awaken. 

Full Moons are an excellent time for RELEASE. To let go of what is not working for us.

It's in perfect energy to make a "Stop Doing" list. 

I suggest investigating where you are resisting your dualistic nature.
Perhaps create the intention to release that resistance and let go of too much dreaming (or not enough) and too much planning (or not enough). 
Intend and ask to see the blocks you have for embracing all of your humaness and intend to heal those blocks. 

We are being called to Dream into this Material World. To find the spiritual and the soul in the everyday, in the here and now, and in our bodies. 

We are being called to infuse the powerhouse that stirs within us. 

It makes me think of the quote "We are spiritual beings having a human experience."
Now if that aint Virgo/Pisces duality speaking I don't know what is!! 

That wraps us the depths of my Cosmic throw down for you but I'll share some additional resources you can check out for further insights and ideas for Full Moon Rituals:

  • From Chani Nicholas: "But Virgo is also known for its ability to uphold the natural order of things, Virgo’s keen sensibility for streamlining and making sense out of a mess harkens back to the profound wisdom of the earth itself. Virgo wants to find efficiency because it is the most intelligent option. Virgo wants to find the home for all things lost. Virgo understands the innate order, the flawless mathematics and the subtle splendor of organisms at work. Nothing in nature is wasted. Nothing is without a purpose." - See more at:
  • From Hannah Ariel at The Numinous: "Opposite to the moon, the Sun will have just entered Pisces where we can also easily experience the fluidity of our imagination and tune into higher realms of consciousness. This in turn can inspire us to follow our intuition as we take action to adapt to all that is changing in our lives. When it comes to actually manifesting anything of lasting value, once a year we tap into the most formidable tool in our cosmic toolbox – the VIRGO/PISCES axis – an inspired balancing act between the mystical and the material." More at :
  • All of the things here at Mystic Mamma:

Full Moon in Virgo Theme Song: 

Florence and the Machine's "Blinding"