Dabble Deeply + Diverge

On dabbling deeply to diverge....

Something incredible happens when we allow ourselves to dabble. It becomes a dance. We dabble here we dabble there. And we dabble to something place magical...

To dabble, by definition means "To immerse partially in water and move around gently" and also "take part in an activity in a casual or superficial way".

This can sound silly. Meaningless even.

Us sensitives don't like casual or superficial. So to "dabble" can seem like a waste of time.

It's not deep enough for us, so we think. And so often....we don't give ourselves permission to dabble.

We think we must be fully immersed in a thing from the start. We must make it serious business because we "roll in the deep.".

Dabbling by "definition" is not serious.But I think in a way it is...

Because THIS is where the MAGIC lies.

When you can take a thing less seriously, there is less attachment.
When there is less attachment, there is less expectation for the thing to be..."the thing" "the end all be all".

When there is less expectation, there is more release. More letting go. More space. More dancing. More movement.



More meaningful exploration because ironically we aren't making the dabbling have to MEAN anything. 

Dabbling can create actual joy. Deep joy. Deep lightheartedness.

And yes it sounds so paradoxical because it is. 

When you dabble in what you are drawn to, when you dabble and explore...you go deeper.

You go deeper within yourself. 

And you create space for truth to come forth. Your truth. 

Divergence happens. To diverge means to "be or become different" to "turn aside from a path or course". 

And one of the ways we do that is by dabbling in what sparks us.

By dabbling in such a way, we can shake off what we've learned and gather up what may have been lying dormant in our souls. 

And then we can be free to diverge.



Self-knowledge is the most powerful knowledge you can acquire.

Let yourself Dabble in it

I am dabbling and diverging a bit which is what inspired this email today..I'm doing things a bit differently with my coaching program, different than the "norm" because after dabbling int he norm...it didn't FEEL good. And I'm all about feeling good. So scratch that. Time for something a bit askew. A bit rakish. With loads of charm.

I can finally announce the way my coaching program wanted to take form. It shaped me. And it feels good. Better. More "me". And it's where and how I thrive best as a coach. So no more backbending to go with the industry standard. 

And it's aptly named "Dabble Deeply + Diverge" and you can click right here to find out more. 

It's shorter.
It's more investment friendly.
It's got astrology.
It's how my work naturally lays and how my clients walk away with what they needed and desired. 
And again, it's how I do my best work. 

You will walk away with greater self acceptance, self awareness, stronger foundations,a more intimate relationship built with your intuition and a greater sense of knowing who the fuck you are. 

My "thing" is to support women and men and Sensitives on how to be MORE of themselves, more fully expressed so they can create a shit load more alignment in every single category in their life. 

You don't need someone to tell you what to do, you need YOU to tell you what you do. 

Dabble Deeply + Diverge is giant step into that unraveling. 

(If you want to find out more about the program and receive personal attention and coaching from me, click the link below to schedule a free Rock Your Sensitivity Session. or hit "reply" and ask!)

xoxo Nikki