How you can use Magic to dissolve your Limiting Beliefs

How one magic ritual can dissolve limiting beliefs and create alignment...

Ever have those moments where you are in flow, moving forward and around...and then "something" ..some mysterious force throws a hook into your side and drags you back to the spot marked "X" where you can not seem to permanently move from ever? You know like when you get a really great job good that you dare not do anything to jeopardize it's greatness...even if that means moving up a rank and higher pay? 

Those are "set points" and limiting beliefs. We all have em'. We all seem to circle around the say limiting belief for intangible reasons. Perhaps using the example above we believe that only a certain amount of responsibility is safe and anymore than that is a threat. These set points and beliefs are often formed when we are children and throughout our adolescence. Come adulthood we really see their ramifications and it is up to us to unlearn, unravel and undo them now. 

Easier said than done though, right?! 

Well today I'd like to share with you a little magic ritual for dissolving and releasing those set points and limiting beliefs to create real space for what we want to come to fruition. Something to unhook and heal. 

This exercise comes from the book "Financial Sorcery" by Jason Miller who runs the amazingly magical online hub (I'm no magic expert. I've been interested in the occult since I was young but spent a good amount of my life living "rationally" and "realistically" an adult I'm making up for lost time! and needless to say it's beginning to feel like I'm "home")...needless to say I'm moving my set points as well!). I'm one for experimenting with what works best for you so don't worry too much about the exact details, it always comes down to intention. 

This is a pretty easy and action orientated meditative ritual..the kind I like being sitting still in the quiet and focusing on just my breathing alone, doesn't work for me...and I know that is the case for many sensitives as well.

To begin:

1. Call to mind situations from your past where you have clear examples of you giving into your set point. Not what you believe to be the root cause...just situations and moments where you can now see how you cut yourself short from something greater. Here's a personal example: I once had the opportunity to have an all expense paid ride to Acting school but chickened out because I didn't think I was actress material anyway. You want to call to mind 3 to 9 examples. Write them down so you can refer to them. 

2. Light a candle or incense and ask your angels, guides, the Universe or whatever terminology works for you to consciously bring forth some cosmic focus around you. You could cast a circle around you with your finger or an incense stick, etc. Whatever works for you to set up your space. 

3. From here perform these visualizations:

  • Pillars: Imagine a column of white light coming down from the sky, down your spine and into the ground. Then imagine a column of reddish light coming up from below you, up your spine and into the sky. 
  • Spheres: Imagine a clear sphere circling about the top of your head..crisp and open, then draw your energy down to your throat and imagine and yellow sphere...warm and radiant, drawn your attention to your heart space and imagine a blue and flowing, draw your attention to your lower stomach area and imagine a red sphere that is like a dry heat but soothing, then lastly drawn your attention to your root, your tailbone area and imagine an Earthy toned feels like cool soil beneath you. 
  • Now imagine a blazing and roaring fire in front of you. You are safe, but you know this fire is superbly powerful and will disintegrate anything that falls inside it's flames. 

4. Once you feel great about those visualizations and they are completed it's time to go through your list. Call to mind your first experience and see it clearly in your mind, you should be almost viewing this as if it were on a movie screen..close to you but not too close. When you feel ready fold up this imagine into a tiny cube and cast it into the fire. As you do this say something like: "I release myself from the bondage of the past", "I cast my failures and my feelings about this into the fire."...whatever works for you! Imagine that cub disintegrating instantly. Repeat step 4 as you go through each item on your list.

5. When you are done, quickly perform the pillars and spheres exercise from step 3. 

6. When you are finished turn your energy and attention toward the space above your body (above your head), this is called the Star Center and sound this syllable: HUE. Imagine the energy of this cosmic space above your head unlock and descend through your body, sealing in your intentions. 

7. Repeat this ritual for 9 days in a row. 

You will likely feel pretty damn good after the first day but it is important to stick with it for these are pretty deep seated limiting beliefs we are releasing. 

Since starting this ritual just 5 days ago I've: 
-Gotten an opportunity to be paid to help set up a showroom in NYC for the day.
-Helped out friends on a commercial photoshoot for their business.
-Experienced some physical relief and improvement of an autoimmune condition I have. 
-Been told I look like I've been working out more. 
-Manifested a flat tire about a day after thinking about using a "flat tire" excuse as a means to cancel an appointment (I thought this was really funny haha...because I mean...comes to show you how fast manifestation can work!).

-Been asked how much I charge to do natal chart readings (something I haven't even "advertised" formally). 
-Dreamt about fairies..something I NEVER have dreamt about before.

Best of overall CONNECTED feeling to my soul essence, my personal healing powers and alignment of purpose. 

During and after this process it's up to you to: seek out examples of people living their desires (perhaps some biographies), surround yourself with more people are busting through set points or already have, practice energy and thought management everyday...imagine your success, killing excuses and course correcting. 

If you want to read and experience more, definitely check out Financial Sorcery, it's been an excellent and magical read so far!

Also, if you're looking for some one on one support, I do having some openings for my new Dabble  Deeply & Diverge mentoring program. Being able to have one on one attention and space for your desires to unfold and fears to unravel is one of the most powerful gifts you can give to yourself and I'm honored to be a part of that as a guide whose been there.  

xoxo Nikki