When someone attacks your passion

Every now and then I switch up the letters to you schedule because WHY NOT, so I hope you don't mind a little weekend juju coming at you! 

Okay so.. there has been TONS of this swirling about good old Internet land and the general media lately.

It can be an insidious little fucker that floats around your consciousness (or subconsciousness) or it can be a clear stab right in your green stained heart chakra depending upon the day you're having.

What the fuck is it? An attack on passion. YOUR passion. Whatever that is. 


I'm talking about when someone attacks the thing that is your passion or interest that your are pursuing or pondering and "they" attack it and name it "trivial" "silly" "unrealistic" "ungrounded" "childish" and "wishful thinking" or even "bullshit". The names are endless for it and for you who decide to desire it. 

Now this doesn't have to be a personal attack directed at you, it can be something you came across "out there" and happened to click on because of it's thought provoking title or you were curious or perhaps a wee bit masochistic that day. 

I get it, I totes do this all the time. Because I'm a sucker for different perspectives and curious about my blindspots to a plan or passion. IT'S THE DAMN "PLAY FAIR" LIBRA RISING IN ME & my "I've already learned this lesson" south node in Libra too! Fuck do I really need to STOP being so "play nice"!

In the past, I've fallen WAYYYYYY into the trap. Several times. Okay like a million.

That down hill spiral of doubting my passions, my interests, my desires.

UCK that place fucking sucks man.

The shame and guilty you feel for simply wanting what you want because some clever fuck pointed out all the holes in your plans, all the contradictions and all the faults and all the hypocrisies.

And they made some damn good points, valid points. Shit, they've got me surrounded...figured me out. I put my hands up in begrudging surrender.

And then all you are left with is feeling crappy about yourself, doubting your path, feeling selfish and inferior...But kinda-sorta STILL DEFINITELY WANTING WHAT YOU FUCKING WANTED BEFORE YOU READ THE DAMN THING.



So now what that you're all sortsa crazy feels?

From torn to confused to...

OH MY GOD pissed off passionate!!!

Because fuck that guy.

That's his truth. Good for her or him.

But I get it, points made. I've listened. I'll take it into account even.

Because...yeah my Libra creates balance for my all or nothing Scorpio Sun and that's a good thing. 


BUT, at the end of the day...if I still have a desire...and ember burning bright at the bottom of the bullshit...then I gotta fan those flames...I gotta nourish it...because until that light goes out...I'm listening to it. 

And if there's NOTHING anyone could say that makes me put that light out  or if I have a human moment when I try to put it out myself...and then it doesn't go out....



Shit, I have to pay attention to it. NO. MATTER. WHAT. {you say}

And as for your musings on "reality"...I thank you because without them I wouldn't know to the clearest focus what exactly my radical dreaming, and unrealistic desirings meant to me and for me and for the world. 

At the end of the day, it's not about just little old me...it's about my tribe. The people watching. You. 

Cause the world is full of ugly, and naysayers...and people who don't take care of themselves. And just general bullshit.

I know myself well enough now to know my intentions for the the lifestyle I desire to create for me and help others create for themselves comes from the purest place. The deepest place.

I can't even describe what that place is yet...but it's magic. And it exists. And it works for me. And my tribe will get it too. 

And if we all have the same intention to live life to it's fullest...and to realize what it's our beautiful souls well then...it shouldn't matter how we get there....just that we do, and we are awesome to all the other peeps along the way.

My loves....

Attack your own passions even more when "they" attack.

We got this.