As Above, So Below: Jupiter/Pluto Trine March 2016

Happy Witchy Wednesday!!!

Today we are getting extra witchy and magical in here so you can vibe with the Stars to Rock Your Sensitivity! 

It's not a new or a full moon, but there is definitely something happening in the cosmos worthy of the spotlight today:

The Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn Trine happening today.

Trines are beautiful things. A trine is a gorgeous angle (120 degrees) between 2 planets. Trines are the most helpful and easy aspect to have. 

And OH MY GODDESS, it's happening with 2 of my favorite planets.

Here's a quick run down of the planets:

Jupiter is the planet of luck, expansion and success. Easy way to remember what Jupiter is about: Jupiter is Joy!
It's the largest planet in our solar big it can consume all of our planets in this system and still feel cozy as fuck with room left over. How awesome and fun is that? Jupiter loves to have the whole view. 

Pluto is the planet of Transformation. It sears it's force straight onto that which is hidden within your subconscious like a dagger of tough love. It shows you your hidden reserves of power. And it also destroys to wipe the slate clean. Aka, it's intense as fuck. It goes DEEP beneath the surface. 

As within, so without. Pluto, Jupiter. Got it?

So what does this trine mean for us down here? 

Both planets are in the grounded and stable Earth signs of Virgo and Capricorn, giving us all the good vibes and support when it comes to doing your research and setting and formulating plans. And even in self-analyzing. 

Virgo rules health, service and work..Virgo energy loves to understand and perfect. Virgo loves to help others.

Capricorn loves strategy and discipline and is uber patient. Capricorn also rules over career and fame!  

So with Pluto in Capricorn, there could be some destruction of systems and disciplines that are no longer working (Pluto is here until 2024 and we are already seeing this happen in the world). On a personal level... Is there a belief you have that is preventing you from rocking it in your career field or any other prominent topic in your life right now? Do you need to face the music and let something go? 


This trine may "make it rain" on that and wash away the bullshit, it may be nasty at first but with a little help from Jupiter in've got the cosmic support to work through it like the responsible Magical Soul Bitch you are. Time to handle shit with love and forgiveness and march on. 

Did I mention Jupiter also rules entrepreneurship? Well it does...and with so much harmony in the skies it's likely that a project or mission you are working on will get a boost of recognition and love from your tribe and those watching ; ) Rock your social media and use that badass voice of yours! 

This trine of Pluto and Jupiter is all about shining light on that which was once hidden! With both planets in very analytical signs it is smart to really take a moment to pause and peer into the depths so that you can gain the full story and course correct if needed.


This trine is definitely one of extremes so while it's awesome to do your due diligence and research on the flip side if you deeply attune to your intuition and shit just feels really fucking good, PAY ATTENTION TO THAT, the cosmic energy is supporting luck and miracles and you could really be onto something fierce and powerful that can set the stage going forward. 

Last weeks ultra dreamy New Super Moon Eclipse in Pisces could REALLY get a boost from this trine turning those creative fantasies that came to you into real time endeavors.

That magic could manifest when you focus on this helpful trine energy that is urging us to embrace those next steps towards creation on the physical plane. 

It's prime time for new phases of your life to enter in. Step up. Step in. We've got a lot of planets in Pisces and the Moon just entered into Cancer, so if you're emotions are running a little haywire, utilize your duality and both reach out for support and go within and get quiet. 

The Magical Soul Bitches Facebook Community is a great place to receive support and inspiration, come over and play in the magic with us! 

xoxo Nikki