How to get f*cking inspired

Happy Witch Wednesday!

I wanted to do something fun and lighthearted today, shake things up a bit. 

I post on our Instagram Account everyday, a few times a day (btw, are you following yet? @MagicalSoulBitches).

And I post a lot of cool shit that I find, that I feel, that I create. Too much for me to sit down and create a blog about it everyday, which is why IG is my favorite social media platform ever. It caters to my "off the cuffness" and I can do it instantly and fairly simply.

I can't tell you how many AMAZING artists and brands I've found by doing Instagram with intention. Creativity is alive and well and all you have to do is spend some time on a platform like IG to see that first hand. 

Obviously it can be overwhelming at times...there's BILLIONS ...possibly TRILLIONS of images out there. And people trying to "make it happen"..myself included. 

Social Media used to get me down until I created this new IG, Magical Soul Bitches, as a place to just express myself. It was like the personal inner portfolio of my brain. I was tired of not having one space to go to be able to that. And we all know setting up a blog can be a bummer if you're not tech savvy. 

Thus I just decided to say FUCK IT and create the space, for my own sanity. And as I started playing around...people started to follow. I started to connect and find so many other like minded peeps, talented people too. That I really can't help but have made the shift from  "social media is all competition" to "wow, we ALL have this amazing thing inside of us that we want to share. How freaking beautiful.". 

But I digress a bit here, that would be a whole different story to get into.

So let me get back to the point. 

IG is one of the ways I've been getting inspired lately.

But the other MAJOR way I've been feeling myself is through really amazing MUSIC. 

First, take a look at what Instagram & Esty Superstar Ana Marie, owner of crystal jewelry brand Sacra Luna has to say about her process:



She lays on the floor for 2 hours and listens to music to get inspired. HOW MAGICAL? And as you can see...she's killing it with her brand and creations. #entrepreneurenvy !!

I felt super called to share with you the 5 songs that have been on repeat on my playlist. And in my mind, because I literally wake up with the tune in my head.

These 5 songs are by women with edge.
They aren't afraid to share their quirks and do some from an empowered space.

They've got loads of sass and paint such beautiful pictures in your mind, that you can't help but get lost and get inspired in real life. 

Here they are:
1. Halsey - "Castle" from the "Badlands" album. This woman is 21 years old and is already blowing the music industry away with her feminist lyrics:
"I'm headed straight for castle.
They wanna make me their queen.
And there's an old man sitting on the throne saying that I probably shouldn't be so mean.
I'm headed straight for the castle
Need I say more?

2. Birdy "Keeping Your Head Up" from her new album "Beautiful Lies".
You'll probably remember her cover of Bon Iver's "Skinny Love" that went viral when she was just..14.
At the ripe old age of now 19, she's come out with this beautiful uplifting track, you can't help but feel lighter after heading this:
"Hold tight you're slowly coming back to life.
I've been keeping your head up.
Let go of all your haunted dreams tonight.
I'll be keeping your head up."

Friendly Reminder that the Universe has you. 

3. Florence and the Machine "Drumming Song" from the album "Lungs".
Florence Welch is a powerhouse. I don't know where those lungs and those vocal cords come from but it's alien. Has to be.
"As I move my feet towards your body,
I can feel this beat,
it fills my head up and gets louder
and louder."

and...isn't that how unignorable inspiration and love feels?

4. Paramore "Let the Flames Begin" from the album "Riot!".
I think I have a thing for girls with crazy colored hair hehe.
The singer, Haley is a tiny firecracker on stage and a true heart centered rebel.
Be reminded that when you do you, you actually connect deeply with other people.
"Somewhere weakness is our strength,
and I'll die searching for it.
I can't let myself regret such selfishness." 

5. Melanie Martinez "Mad Hatter" from her album "Cry Baby".
I watch The Voice, I'm an avid fan.
And Melanie was a contestant that I never forgot and watched like a hawk until she released her album.
I literally jumped up and down for her when her song "Carousel" became the theme song for "American Horror Story: Freak Show" (maybe it's also because she's from Long Island?)
...this woman is another youngster is creepy and kitschy.
"I'm peeling the skin off my face.
Cause I really hate being safe.
The normals, they make me afraid.
The crazies they make me feel sane."

...embrace your inner freak.  

If you want to get ultra goth, ultra haunting, ultra witch...ultra meditative...then Chelsea Wolfe is your woman. I've had such amazing meditation experiences with her music in the back ground, she's a fellow she gets the Underworld really well...and it shows.

 There you go Magical Soul Bitches!

I hope that this playlists inspires you as much as it has for me, and if not..then go explore!

New music has a way of bringing life back into our creativity and getting us through those tough times of life.

Embrace it and let it transport you!!

xoxo Nikki