Full Moon in Scorpio & All the Retrogrades ever

Happy Witchy Wednesday!

We've got a Full Moon in Scorpio coming up late Thursday (Pacific)/Friday(Eastern). 

Get ready to be LIT!!!

I adore a Full Moon in Scorpio, not just because I'm a Scorpio...but because it's so ...paradoxical?

A Full Moon is illuminating. It shines it's light brightly. You can't ignore it's beauty as it's rays strike the Earth. 

Scorpio..is ruled by Pluto, planet of The Underworld. All that is hidden. Dark. All the taboos we hold within and as a society. It's about transformation, the death and birth cycle. It's about our deepest seated beliefs on wealth and worth. It's tied into our deepest beliefs about sexuality as well.

Scorpio is a sign of extremes. It's either this or that, but not both.

It's about Truth at it's core. And we have Full Moon ready to shine right on that Truth, if we let it. 

Having a Full Moon in such a sign as Scorpio is the perfect time to release some DEEP shit. Some deep psychic wounds we've been carrying around. 

It's an excellent time to let go of something once and for all so that it may transform into something so much more fucking useful. It's a good time to peak behind the curtains at what we've been afraid to see.

It's here to help us reveal who we really are and what we really want. 

During Full Moons we tend to have more intense dreams, more psychic intuitive feelings and hits, more insight into refining our lives. Listen to them, get curious about them, pay attention to them. 

Scorpio is about power. It thrives on creating power.

Now is a good time to ask ourselves where we feel powerful in our lives and where we don't.

Do we have TOO much power (aka so we need to surrender?)? Or not enough (do we let life walk all over us)? Do we feel secure or not enough? How can we create security if we are lacking that? Where do we not feel secure? 

We also have this crazy combination happening this week with the planets.

Mars (Scorpios original planetary ruler) went retrograde meaning more power play themes arise. Full Moons are not usually a good time to initiate anything new, but now especially since Mars our warrior, action taker of the zodiac is going Retrograde through Sagittarius.We are being asked to tap into our visions, our philosophies, and really investigate what the method to our madness is BEFORE we take action. 

We also have 4 other planets joining Mars that are or will be retrograde by the end of the month: Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto.

This time is all about refining, healing, transforming. Finding out what we REALLY want. Things from our past may pop up to ask us "Is this still relevant? How do we feel about this now? Has anything changed? Can I full let this go?". 

We may be tempted to go all in and go all out. But we are being asked to not act too impulsively with that, but instead tap into the intention and motivation behind our impulses so that when we do go all in, we have checked in with our Soul first. 

This is such a good time to inspect what is Ego and what is Soul. 

We will have our one savior with the Sun having just entered Taurus. Another fixed sign like Scorpio but a very grounded to the Earth one. Taurus this month will encourage us to really take care of ourselves as we begin to investigate and resolve these very deep questions of ourselves. Taurus is the polar opposite of Scorpio, so it will ask us to come back to this physical plane and really set up systems that nurture our bodies and bring security to us through our daily rituals. Taurus also has loads of perseverance so that we can move through this time with industry. It's also Spring in the Northern hemisphere so that is certainly helping us SEE the beauty all around us and "come back" to the here an now. 

Get outside as much as you can so that your introspection can receive Earthly nourishment. 

Also take a look at your New Moon Scorpio intentions from November of last year: what has changed? what has become? what still needs work? what has been illuminated for you already?

Another note before I go:

Yesterday I wrote about the Daughter of Wands card from the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and it's so relevant to the Full Moon in Scorpio themes we have going about. Check it out here:



Happy Full Moon in Scorpio Blessings to you!!!

xoxo Nikki