Don't just witness the Magic. Be the Magic.

Happy Witch Wednesday!!!

How was your Full Moon in Scorpio experience? Mine was dashed with a bit of insomnia but loads of creativity. I really felt my beauty seeking Libra Rising activated with an urge to create and arrange my environment to reflect an aesthetic that pleased my soul. 

It was certainly a very energetic week too, that's for sure.

As we are all aware by now Prince left Earth last week suddenly. And we have said "goodbye" to yet another groundbreaking, status quo shaking, brilliant creative soul adding to the many "celebrity" deaths that seem to have happened back to back over late 2015/early 2016.

Cosmic Guide Elizabeth Peru has explained that 2016 is a 9 year in numerology, marking a time of completion and transformation, meaning we will likely lose more obscure, crazy, and creative talents for their work has been done for their lifetime. And for us.

A little Astrology breakdown for Prince: His destiny line (north/south node) was on the Scorpio/Taurus line (the sun was in Taurus & the moon in Scorpio at the time of his death) was his destiny to push the envelope on all this Sexuality and gender roles. Prince also had a Scorpio Rising and Pisces Moon, with his career house on Leo. His music oozed Scorponic sexuality and soul shattering themes and Pisces emotions...and he was a show stopper with his Leo star energy. At just 5'2" he was an un-ignorable force. 

The Full Moon in Scorpio was an energy of really letting go to really deeply transform, regenerate and rise from the ashes. To create that vision within us that refuses to die. To do the damn thing. To look batshit crazy for the sake of feeling fully expressed and soulfully and finally fucking empowered. 

Princes death was devastating for so many people around the world. We more the deaths of artists because they show us who we really are through their art. They make us feel shit. Deep deep deep inside, in a place that we can't really name. We can't really describe or put a finger on. It's just a spot that turns on that energy, the vibe, the emotions, the feelings. Art ....It's the conduit, the vessel, the tool for activated that internal space and flow. 

And when we feel it...we just "know". Time stops. Visions flash before our eyes. Our bodies react. And our soul collides with the world. 

That is why we cry. That is why we hurt. Because we know that while art can live forever, life will never be quite the same without the vessel that brought it to us to experience. 

And we honor that. Even if we didn't know Prince or any other creator personally, we are grateful to have had their creations there to guide us, to hold us, to inspire us when maybe perhaps our 'real life" didn't provide that at those times.

Bowie and Prince's...even in death...we are being sent messages. We are recalling all the things they have said that suddenly REALLY make sense now. That hit us in another spot within that internal realm of soul.

Even in death, they encourage us to just be who the fuck we are. Because while they lived in some chaos...they certainly stood by the visions they had so they could give their Souls the gift of full expression.

These deaths are calling us forth to say "It's time to release the conditioning. And it's time to create the damn thing. And it's time to step up for who you are." 

That's the legend they have left for us here.

Don't simply witness the magic.

Be the magic, too.