What if it wasn't wrong?

Happy Witch Wednesday!!!

It's been a week of "ah-ha" moments for me and the peeps I connect with on a regular basis.

I've had loads of intuitive hits about what messages need to be shared with the world and more specifically the Magical Soul Bitch community right now and one of them was:

What if it wasn't wrong?

What if it wasn't wrong to want what you fucking wanted?

What if it wasn't wrong to be who you feel you really are?

What if it wasn't wrong to do what you want to do?

I'd like to elaborate a bit more what I mean than I was able to on the original Instagram post. 

How often do you make yourself "wrong" in some way for wanting something?

You come up with loads of reasons why you shouldn't want it or have it or be it. 

What sucks about that is that you're not going around saying "I'm wrong for this or that"...you're just literally coming up with a laundry list of the "whys" behind why it shouldn't happen for you. It's not important. It's a pipe dream. It only happens to special people. It's too different. 

What it comes down to is "there is something wrong with me" and "I am wrong for wanting this."

One of the most insidious little fuckers there are because again...most of the time...we aren't saying that...what we actually do is call ourselves "selfish" or "stupid" "silly" "not good enough". etc.

We don't act on it or We start then stop. And the cycle goes on.

We gather evidence against our desire because some part of us believes it's wrong to want it. 

On a personal level...I've realized that I felt super duper "wrong" for wanting to create a lifestyle blog and be "that kind of brand."

I made it wrong because of all the naysayers calling such things "shallow" "wannabe" "trying to hard" "unrealistic" "vain" "fake". 

The last thing I ever wanted was to be seen as someone that lacks substance. I'm a freaking SCORPIO for fucks sake!

So by staying away from that "image"...I was actually hurting myself.

I was suppressing parts of myself that really could have been expressed by having such a brand image. I made myself small.  

I LOVE home decor, I love pretty little trinkets and things, I love PDF's and books of rituals and magic, I love Astrology, I love talking about the deep transformative shadow work of the world that makes our souls and hearts sing. 

I love utilizing the tangiable in conjunction with intangible to create a space and energy reflective of my soul. And I love brands that do that. I love it when people do that. I vibe with those people. 

We are human. And part of being human does include this physical plane we live in.

So something pretty is never just pretty to me, it means something deeper. 

It's why people buy art and listen to music. It really makes the world go around. 

And I wanted to be a part of that world, but those people and brands were so deeply criticized for being vain and shallow a lot of the time that I shied away from it.

Then...the pain became too great. It felt like I was drowning myself out. It felt like I couldn't take one more day of not expressing myself. It felt like I was going to burst and then shrivel away.

Perhaps you can relate to that feeling?

Maybe it's a different form for you, but the sentiment is the same: You feel wrong for wanting what you want. 

It's what happens when you subdue parts of yourself to make them more easy to swallow in the world.

There comes a time when you have to decide whether the fear of judgement and ridicule is going to rule your actions and if you're okay with that.

There comes a time when you have to really decide who you are and what you stand for.

You have to make peace with YOUR intention. And embrace it.
By letting that inform every action you take. 

And I know where I'm coming from.
I know my "why" behind Magical Soul Bitches: full self expression for anyone who comes across it.

And that intention will NEVER be shallow. And I know myself well enough to know that my Sensitivity will make sure I stay in integrity with that.

And THIS is what happens when you ask yourself "What if it wasn't wrong to want _______?"

What could be possible? What would you create?
Who would you be? How would you show up?

Imagine it. Please. Write it down. Give yourself permission to go there. Find our your truest most heartfelt intention. Talk it out. Connect over it. Let it be alive. Truly. 

And then watch what begins to grow from inside you and out.
Watch it never feel more right. 

Remember...if you're not hurting anyone or anything and it's from a place of your souls intention...it's not wrong. Ever.

Have a lovely week ya'll!! 

With magic,