Give less of a fuck.

Happy Witch Wednesday!!!

Let's jump straight to it: 

I'm all for giving a fuck. I'm also all for not giving a fuck. 

Wait what? How is that possible? How can such a paradox exist in life? 

You do it every day though.

How many times do you say "I don't give a fuck anymore. Let's do it!"?
How many times do you say "I want to do it because I actually give a fuck about it."?

Well one could say they kind of mean the same thing at the core of it since the word "fuck" is so versatile.

"Giving a fuck": It can mean having a sweeping amount of un-ignorable passion that creates change. Or it can mean you give too much attention and thinking to something "outside" of you that stops you from change.

"Not giving a fuck" = Releasing shame, judgment, & guilt about your passions so that you can just do the damn thing for your own damn pleasure. Or it can mean you don't have the energy to care about something anymore. 

The less fucks I give, the more I give a fuck.
For better or for worse. 

I'd like to choose for better more of the time, wouldn't you?

As I've gotten older and have gone on this crazy journey of entrepreneurship, I've been met with some crazy ass shit that really shook me the heck up.
Really tested me.
Really showed me where I was caring far too much about what others would think of me and letting my limiting beliefs dictate my actions (or lack thereof).
I've "lost" a bunch.
Had my faith shook.
Been in a cycle of confusion that never seemed to end. 
It sucked for a really long time.
At times I felt like I had made some of the biggest mistakes ever that I wouldn't come back from.
Again, I lost a bunch.

But, at one point I was so exhausted that I started to feel like I had "nothing" left and something shifted in me where I thought:

"I've tried everything that I thought I should be doing. I've gone through the steps and the motions. I've gotten great advice. Implemented it. But something always feels off. So why do I give a fuck about the rules? The systems? The advice? What would happen if I just stopped? Gave it up? Gave less of a fuck? Didn't listen?" 

At that point there was really no other choice than to just be me. Just share the things I wanted to share without a specific goal in mind. There was NOTHING left to lose. I had hit that rock bottom and rock bottom can be a free for all if you let it.  

I had tried it all besides being...100% me. I had been operating at a lesser percentage than that, and it wasn't working for me. I had to go FULL OUT me. No more on the fence or testing the water. 

So I decided to give less of a fuck. I was tired of the bullshit. 

When you give less of a fuck something magical happens where you let go of some of the major blocks that stop us from doing shit: shame, judgement and guilt

I felt guilty for just wanting to get paid to be "me". And I judged other people who are able to do that, convinced they had something that I did not possess. And I felt ashamed because I judged my own self for thinking it's so selfish. 

Then I got really fucking sick of that story. Because trying to everything else wasn't working for me either. 

When you give less of a fuck you stop over-thinking. Which is something so many of us Highly Sensitives do. 

And oddly enough when you give less of a fuck, you start to give more of fuck about your passion, your mission and the people you want to share it with.

It's how Magical Soul Bitches came about. By the less fucks I gave I started to create something so much more "me" and something people really resonated with more than anything I ever did before.

My Instagram following grew from 80 to 950 in less than 2 months. People started reaching out to me asking what I was doing. More people said "This is so you." More interactions with followers started to happen. I felt more motivated to create content. My creativity blossomed and I started to see where I had passion and where I did not. I stopped waiting for the world to respond in order to act. 

All through the power of being "me" and giving a fuck about what I want to share with the world:
Full soulful, magical and  personal self-expression. 

Sorry guys, I don't have a bullet point list of "How to give less fucks to give more fucks." 

It's not really possible  for me to tell you how to do that because YOU ALREADY KNOW. 

Hint: anything that's giving you wayyyyy too much anxiety...has gots to go. 
Give yourself permission to stop doing what's not working for you and see what happens.
Give yourself permission to play the fuck around.

It's what I did. And for the first time it feels like what I'm finally doing is working.

And I'm working more readily ON it and IN it because I want to.
Because I desire to.
Because I give a fuck about it. 

If you're feeling stuck on this or confused, hit "reply" or email me at and let's chat it up. This is all so individual that it can't be wrapped into a pretty bow no matter how I want to or how much you want it.

With magic,