New Moon Readings Cart Open!

Hey Magical Soul Bitches!!

Holy fuck. Yesterday I was quite viscerally reminded WHY I've built a relationship with the cycles of the Moon. Cause like circled and ebbed flow of the Moon, life hands you a similar path. This week I went from excitement, to happy terror, to wayyyyy vulnerable, to really fucking happy and connected, to..complete panic and sadness. Literally, every single day handed me something different and new.

It's been a hot minute since I've experienced such quickly shifting tides in my life. 

But I couldn't help but notice that..this is why we practice, this is why we self-care, this is why we journal, this is why we pay attention to the energy. 

I have no doubt that the relationship I have built with the Moon over this past year, through following and doing rituals with each New & Full Moon was behind my not shutting down during this crazy ass period of transformation I'm going through. Normally I would so shut down in that typical introvert-highly sensitive-empath fashion. 

I was so deeply aware of why my fear and anxiety was popping up. I was deeply aware of my joy and happiness. I was deeply aware of my accomplishment. I was deeply vulnerable. I was deeply open. I was deeply scared to death at one point. 

And I hid from none of it. 

That is what I love about Astrology and particularly the energy of the Moon. No corner of your soul goes untouched. 

The Moon shows us that inner landscape so fucking beautifully. The darkness, the lightness, and every space in between. 

The Moon is Soul Intimacy & Intuition.

And anything that can stand the test of time, only comes from that well within. 

I wanted to share that with you before I announced the cart opening of the New Moon in Leo because the energy of the Moon has allowed me space to understand my personal cartography to the point I am able to be present in the face of extreme situations and no longer avoid or deflect (well..I'm still working a wee bit on the deflecting part if I'm totally honest ^-^). 

Yesterday showed me exactly how far I've come. So while I am so deeply tired, emotionally exhausted and drained...I'm not escaping. I'm with it, holding it, letting it move me and my soul. I'm here. And I am becoming even more fully expressed as the moments continue.

And the fire of Leo has been stoked within me the very same day the Sun moves into this season of fire. 

So enough of the sappy self-help. Let's get to the fun. 

The cart for Personalized New & Full Moon in Leo Readings is NOW OPEN!!! 

The New Moon in Leo is happening on August 2nd at 10 degrees Leo at 4:44 pm. 

Aren't those angel numbers something crazy? 

444 is telling us to embrace our inner guidance system, connect to our intuition and know that the energy around us is supporting us. The Number 10 often symbolizes completion and celebrations of some sort and 10 degrees Leo is indicates transformation after a period of tough shit. Since it's closer to 11 degrees we will be reminded to pause and enjoy the simple joys of life like a child.

The Sun is now in Leo, the sign it rules, and will be spooning that Moon in Leo tightly, creating a beautiful dance between cool and warm. Fire and Ice. Light and Dark. 

It also follows a very intense Full Moon in Capricorn with opposing Sun in Cancer that left us all with major insight into our career trajectory and the lifestyle we want to live. We started to see the shit that doesn't matter and clouds our lives with weight we no longer need.

Now it's time to create those New Intentions for the New Moon. 

Collectively we will have a beautiful opportunity to dive deep into were we would like to put some plans in place to invite more creativity, more romance and more play (and perhaps a bit of cheeky drama!) into our lives. 

We will have passion and action orientated Mars going into freedom & adventure seeking (and also very spiritual) Sagittarius on this day as well giving us an extra kick in the butt towards leading a full life. And then we also have a beautiful aspect called a trine being made by this New Moon to hardworking Saturn also in Sag. This gives us the wherewithal to have the longer term goals in mind as we lay out our plans. 

If you're not excited by all this yet then well then maybe you need to go on vacation and get back to me. 

And with a New Moon reading created specifically for you using your natal birth aspects in tandem with the current Moon energy, you'll know exactly how to make the most of this time to set New Intentions and what the soulful Moon wants to show you about yourself.

Are you in?

Purchase your New Moon in Leo Astrology & Tarot reading here. 

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So there you have it loves!! 

Make sure you sign up if you're ready to as I only have 20 spots available
for this round of the New Moon in Leo Readings. 

(my 3 monthers already got first dibbs cause that's how that works : P)

Hope you have a banging weekend. Love you all. 

with magic, desire & darkness,