My Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces far..


In just a little while from the time this email gets sent the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces will be in full effect (at 3:05 pm EST).For me personally and I know for quite a few of my peeps out there, it's been...interesting to say the least.

I know plenty of people already hopping on the letting go bandwagon and exiting situations that are no longer relevant to their journey anymore and the bravery and confidence in doing so is pretty outstanding to witness. I know many people gong through so pretty damn big transitions for them and dealing with the newness of it all and feeling a bit shaken on their feet.

I see many fellow Entreprenuers doing as I did earlier this month and announcing that they are slowing down business for a little while so they can get recalibrated with their energy and direction. It makes my heart sing to see the nature of business changing and being more respectful of our mental, emotional and physical health even if it's not yet translating to the larger scale, you are seeing it on the smaller scale.

Mercury retrograde in Virgo has been doing on number on me with many mishaps  with my words and also with emails and missing receipts . It's done it's work on the post office too with gifts sent making their way around the country for whatever reason. Even party plans got mixed up!

The Moon in Pisces has made me even more sensitive to my surroundings and I swear I'm noticing  noise even more profoundly than before and I'm also a little short on sleep.

I've seen changes in corporate America too though. My father has seen a little uptick in the layoffs being done in the corporation he works for no doubt as the business likely looks at what has happened over the past year and where they would like to be next year and what they feel they need to change and let go of in order to keep the pace with their know for the "Big guys".  Oh don't get me started!

This is the first week however that I have felt replenished myself again, it's like the space is finally coming in for those new ideas to start percolating. And I will soon be reading out to all of you to see what you need and want from me and Magical Soul Bitches (feel free to email me back now if you have any thoughts!)

How I have personally prepared for this Full Moon is by indulging in my creative side and letting the Halloween/Samhain freak in me out to play a little more than usual. I've given myself permission to invest in those quirky decorations that spoke most to me and decorated my office with them.

I also was in such a tired space yesterday that I laid out in the backyard and let my body feel the Earth again. Let my bare feet touch the ground for longer than a couple of seconds  (I live in the middle of Long Island, it's a little tough to REALLY feel as connected to nature as you'd like during these times).

I also then proceeded to clean and organize my office and bedroom as a way to  move the energy  about and get centered even farther, in that very Virgo way.

I also then decided to take a neutralizing bath with Epsom salt, baking soda and theives oil. Following with an eye mask.

And I was reminded as to why I do this work so that my soul bitches can be reminded constantly and consistently that connection to self and the Earth is really everything. And it can make all the fucking different when dealing with life's transitions, hiccups and trauma. We all need some sort of practice of self-awareness through the chaos, even if it's for a mere 5 mins of the day that you remember to chill the fuck out. 

And it's really part of the reason why I created this recording for the Full Moon. It's so easy to get distracted when reading horoscopes through emails, websites etc if you're anything like me "Oh what I was reading that thing, where is it?" ...I just get so lost in Internet land sometimes. And I love writing and reading!Sometimes though to get me to REALLY stop and listen for an extended period I need to well listen...and set aside the half hour to fully listen to a recording or meditation or the like. It's what helps me pause and tone out the noise from the little squares of technology I look at constantly. Better yet you get to use that little square to slow down this way!

So I'm doing one last reminder that the Intuitve recorded reading that I created for this Full Moon is available for you to slow down with. It's a little over a half hour of astrology and Intuitve bliss to get you into the vibe of this Full Moon. I offer up lots of imagery and suggestions for rituals and questions to ponder on.

I also share why you may want to go about your rituals this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse a little differently due to the Void of Course Moon following it.

You can get your reading right here:

Stay tuned into my Instagram @magicalsoulbitches to see more intuitive insights daily and check out my most resent post sharing how I'm connecting to the Pisces energy!

Happy Full Moon in Pisces everyone!!

With magic,