Your Guide to the Full Moon in Cancer January 12th, 2017


The first major moon event of 2017 is going down on Thursday Jan 12th, just a couple of days from now.

And I'm kind of having a love affair with this Full Moon in Cancer.

This is a Full Moon for the feminine. Cancer is the sign ruled by the's a sign that's all about the home space...the family...our roots...our foundations...our ability to nurture ourselves and others. It's where our nourishment comes from. It's the Mother energy within and around us.

And the world needs a Mother very badly right now.

This Full Moon provokes some sharp challenges, but it also gives us the opportunity to release our fears around feminine energy very profoundly.

It may sound odd for me to say that...who here could be afraid of the Feminine? Well many of us here in the community have been majorly focusing on our Moon Goddess energy...particularly that Dark Goddess archetype...the Crone BUT....there is still so much lingering in ourselves and in society that fears the full spectrum of the feminine.

Simply put, we are the masters of Destruction and Creation. That's no little thing. And if you look at society right's kind of like we are piling one thing on top of the other and the energy is getting crowded as fuck. This is a distortion of a masculine energy. Masculine energy is great. It's beautiful. We need the linear energy and the tradition just as much as we need the cyclical and regenerative.

This Moon is asking for us to utilize the systems and structures we currently have in place and infusing it all with the Feminine. This is going to be a long, committed where we do have to keep our eye on the prize. The goal. The mission. We are going to work with that we have to create that which we don't.

We have to work to infiltrate all the little corners that hold up our societies so we can start to shift the containers of it all ...and more or less rebalance the fuck out of the modern societies that have latched onto and perpetuated a distortion of masculine and feminine energy.(Women are crazy. Men only think with their dicks.)

We know better. We know so much fucking better. And we can do so much fucking better.
Time to start acting like it.

It can appear to us like what's happening right now means that all the effort of the Feminine is dissolving. Sure...that can be the story if we let it.

Or we can stop sitting around, bitching and moaning, and instead we share our feminine work like it's mother fucking wild fire. This is what I'm doing. Cause I just can't sit by idly, not anymore. Not when it's staring us right in the fucking face.

This Full Moon is for us to engage with our Feminine. To release, to surrender, to let the fuck go of the negative judgments we have around feminine energy...that's is weak..too malleable...too erratic...too soft...too sensitive...too needy. Fuck. That. Noise.

What's bringing this forward astrologically?

Well right now we are experiencing a challenging Cardinal (initiating energy) T-Square between some heavy hitting planets: Expansive Jupiter in Libra, Rebellious Uranus in Aries and we have the Sun and Transformative Pluto in Capricorn. The way we learn and grow from relationships, the way we embrace our individuality, the way in which we follow tradition....there are all highlighted like a beacon through this year. And it's a bit of an unstable energy...because it's all dismantling the distortion of patriarchy.

And the Full Moon in Cancer joining this energy creates a temporary stability by forming the Grand Cardinal Cross in the zodiac....the Full Moon in the missing piece..the emotional mothering sensitivity and brings in OUR personal story into the mix and makes us stare straight at our role in all this.

How do we choose to show up in it?

Thankfully we have this absolutely amazing energy from a trine this Full Moon makes to warrior Mars and wounded healer Chiron in dreamy Pisces. There are SO many planets in Pisces right now which creates something called a stellium in astrology.

Basically Pisces energy is begging for our attention to guide us through these very wordly challenges. Pisces energy is deeply imaginative, deeply artistic, so mystical and intuitive, and so cleansing. It's guides us through the fog with our spiritual connection.

And this trine is conjuring up a strong pull for us to be very guided spiritually through these challenges. There is a SOUL undercurrent moving us. Carrying us. It's hard to make it through some disastrous moments on reason and logic alone...FAITH compels us to keep swimming...does it not?

All of this Pisces energy is delivering to us...psychic insights, synchronicities, a deep connection to the artists of the world and our own artistry. It urges us to remember WHY it's worth it to stick around on FEEL all it's wild sensations and be moved by that to create something astounding...or to witness something astounding...
The Artistry, the mysteries of life and death, the other world...the funny feelings. It's showering us with this right now so we can cleanse and be healed through this soul therapy.

Pisces energy is making Feminine infusions way more accessible to us right now. It's reminding us what we are made of...we ALL start off filled with the Feminine. It's time to remember that.

One of my favorite lines from one Outlander is something that gives me chills and reminds me of this. A character is about to give birth and another character asks her to describe what it's like and she responds:
"And towards the end, when the child moves a lot, it's a feeling like when your man's inside you? When he comes to you deep and pours himself inside you and that throbbing begins? It feels like that, only much bigger, like it's him yearning to get inside. That's what they want sometimes, you know. They want to come back."

This is the energy accessible to us right now. Pay the fuck attention to it. Cancer energy is of the home. It's protective AND tender. Pisces energy is like that of beautiful lake...nourishing and powerful. All of this is so healing to us right now.

Bathe in that luminous light of this Full Moon. And as you do...take a good look and celebrate the rising of Feminine energy over the past 6 months specifically. You'll see it. The searing heat of it. And the warmth of it.

This brings me to...

The Magical Soul Bitches Guide to the Full Moon in Cancer!!!


This is the Magical Soul Bitches Guide for the Full Moon in Cancer happening on January 12th, 2017.

This in depth Guide includes a 50 min recording of the astrology of this Full Moon plus an easy to print PDF booklet (aprox 6 pages long) for reference to this energy.

Within the recording and the guide you will find:

+ a thorough breakdown of the astrology surrounding the Full Moon including the squares made to Jupiter and Uranus, the trine to Mars & Chiron, the opposition to the Sun & Pluto and the Grand Cardinal Cross.

+ a quick reference guide in the PDF for where the Full Moon happens in your chart based on your Sun and/or Rising sign PLUS an intuitive message shared within the recording for your sign.

+ Questions, reflections, and journaling prompts to use for during your rituals included both in the PDF and the recording. There are 10 questions. And I also share the stones and elements to use during your rituals and other important factors to focus on at this time.

This is a beautiful and potent Moon for: Cancer, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces, Aries and Libra, and Capricorn.

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Okay loves, that is all!!! I hope that you enjoyed this and I hope that this Full Moon whets your appetite for all things Feminine.

Please let me know how it goes for you, I'd love to hear about it. Hang out with me on Instagram @MagicalSoulBitches to see me celebrating the Full Moon on Thursday!!

with magic,