The Year the Dark Moon Goddess Rises Within Us

Happy Witch Wednesday!!!

Preface: This is NOT your average "Oh I worship and serve the Goddess" hoity, toitey overly woo-woo yammering. I'm not about that holier than thou shit. This is a very human sharing...I come from the perspective that any labeled goddess/god is inherently an archetype that is already within us. We call it out because when we identify it , t's easier to see how it resonates. So we can focus on it. So we can work on it. So we can conjure and enhance the natural magic we possess.  

I don't know about you but 2017 has already been a year of me being massively called out by the Universe.

I'm tackling many issues head on especially in the realms of health (Maybe it's Wounded Healer Chiron in Pisces going into the 6th House of Wellbeing?).

But I've also been massively receiving many intuitive and psychic and witchy downloads about what's in store for 2017.

See I have this uncanny feeling the feminine energy has been training massively for this moment. And we have upgraded in the next phase of prep and implementation. There is so much out there that we can't ignore. It's right there. And the feminine is PISSED OFF. We are burning. We are flaming with passion right now. We are torching the distorted patriarchy. We are realizing where we got it all wrong and where it's going right.

We don't have time to waste anymore.

Mark my intuitive spidey senses, you are going to see more and more women like me BLASTING their message like never before.

You thought it was intense before? Get ready, cause the Dark Goddess is coming to do her work. And I don't mean this in some hoity toity way....or as something "outside" of us coming to save us...NOPE...this is ALL us right now. 

Our "awakening" moments are bubbling up.

Our Dark Goddess within, our Liliths our Hekate's or Medusa's....they are all becoming fully formed within and being asked very profoundly and loudly to be embodied as fuck.

This will be a year of becoming the Dark Goddess for many of us. The "light and love" message won't resonate with many of you anymore (especially if you are my kind of bitches). It has it's purpose but the light feeling of it won't land fully for you at this time. There is a lot of love in the darkness if we only change our perception.

In the Dark phase of the moon we are conjuring magic, our psychic abilities, our intuition, our ability to create and destroy, our healing sexual energy, our ability to regenerate, our ability to wade through the dark fog of the Underworld and be restored...ready for the next part of our path.

We need this. So damn much.

It's not that the masculine or patriarch is not absolutely beautiful. Holy fuck it IS. But it has been massively distorted over time. Especially considering many spiritual practices were originally far more respectful and more centered in the Feminine and matriarch. Our feminine has been distorted massively too. 

We are gorgeous complex creatures that have often been reduced to just appearance.

We are taught to fear the menstrual cycle. We are taught to not be a prude but not be a whore either, yet we see the absolute extremes of it every day in the media. We are taught that linear is better than cyclical. We are taught that hardness (the cock) is better than softness (the vagina).

Taught to prove and quantify over feeling and sense. Science used to appreciate the realm of the Dark Goddess but over time has excluded it's other worldly energy because it can't seem to be measured.

It's time we ALL became true Feminists.

This world needs the healing only a Mother energy can provide. We have to come out brutally soft this year for this.
For all of us: men and women and every spectrum inbetween and all other creatures under the moon and sun.

Women and feminine energy has been so often seen as evil and tempting and far too sexual by many of the worlds major religions. And it's down right disgusting if you ask me. We are seen as not to be trusted but are also seen as reliable doormats. How odd. 

Yes we are mysterious.
Yes we are sexual.
Yes we are witches.
Yes we have the ability to birth.
Yes we have the ability to destruct.
We have the ability to bring death.
The ability to influence.
The ability to seduce.
The ability to heal.
The ability to be soft, caring, loving, delicate.
The ability to be fierce and brutal.
The ability to take no shit.
The ability to understand.

Every every single energy is not one sided. There are many spectrums to it.

But this world is suffering from a MAJOR distortion of the Feminine qualities. And it is has to stop.

If you deny the shadow of ANY energy, the energy perverses and distorts. And becomes infected. It hurts. It brings pain.

It does this because it's being smothered and suffocated and it's trying to get it's respect. It's trying to say "Hello, but look at what awakening and blessings I also bring. Stop fearing me. You are HURTING me. Hurting yourself"

Nothing it's inherently evil. It's fear and ignorance that breeds and draws out the ickyness. 

It's time for us to Reclaim the Witch™
(stay tuned this year for more on that)

Our world depends on it. And you're kidding yourself if 2016 wasn't a direct reflection of that.

Now more than ever, I am driven to do whatever it takes to spread this message. Not because it "saved me and brought all the prosperity in the world" blah blah...but because I believe in it with every fiber in my bones. And because if we don't heal the distorted feminine and masculine...we will continue to be in some DEEP SHIT.

This is not a joke. This is not something we can "wait and see" with. We have got to remain steadfast in the face of this utter bullshit.

Are you ready to continue doing this Dark Goddess work with me in 2017? Give me a shout! I'd love to hear from you and to see if there is any way I can support you!

Happy 2017, lets do this Witches!!!