A Slow Burning Fire: The New Moon in Aries March 27th, 2017

Happy Moon-day Witches!!!!

The New Moon in 7 degrees of Aries happening later today 10:57 pm EST is kicking off a brand new cycle for all of us.

The energy of this New Moon has likely been felt since last week and will continue throughout this week. It's a great time for tapping into personal power and setting New intentions from this authoritative space. 


 How have you felt this Aries energy come into your life so far? 


Most of the people I've spoken with have felt weird. Almost like this is a New and Full Moon all together. 


There's a sense of eagerness in the air that I believe is the cause of this. And we have Fiery as Fuck Aries to blame for that. 


So is Mars, the planet of War and Aries planetary ruler. Which is currently hanging out in Taurus, the sign of patience, of Earth and energy reserve and pleasure. 


With an extra dose of Venus Retrograde, which is hanging out very closely with this New Moon, peppering this energy with a healthy sense of caution. 


This is what creates the theme of a Slow Burning Fire at the New Moon. This is what teaches us how to harness our fire so we don't get unnecessarily burned.  


Mars/Aries: Courage, Drive, Impulse, Masculine, FIRE

Taurus/ New Moon: Slow, Flow, Patience, Pleasure, Feminine, Earth


As I mentioned on March 20th, we ushered in the season of Aries. 


And with that, the Astrological New Year began since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac wheel. 


It's like the baby that was just born and breathed oxygen for the first time. 


Now if you're anything like me, I'd want to go back in. But nonetheless Aries energy can be used as a metaphor in this case.


Babies once born are HUNGRY. Probably more like Hangry (hungry plus angry!).
Aries is that hunger. That drive. That core intention. That core identity before it's been influenced. 


It's the eagerness to endeavor into something entirely new, yet entirely true to ourselves.


Really how I see it, it's like endlessly coming home to ourselves. Which sounds like uber comfortable and anything less than exciting. BUT, truly coming home to yourself is grounds for living life fully expressed in alignment with your soul.


Which when really looked at with self awareness is a mixture of excitement and relief. 


It's that chase of sorts of finally finding that THING you've been searching for. And as cheesy as it sounds, that thing was already right fucking there in you and that's why it feels so fucking good. 


 This is the gift of the New Moon in Aries upon us. 


It reminds us of that. It reminds us that it's already been there since the moment we were born, it was just waiting for you to cultivate it. 


An Aries New Moon means coming back home. Fully. 


It means calling that "original sin" of personal power back to you. Fully.


It's remembering that you are both cosmic and earth. 

Both alien and human.

Both masculine and feminine. Fully. 


It means calling back your Whole-ness. Fully.  


It's the launching pad. 

And the haven. 


It's the gift of coming back into yourself. Fully. 


It's the reminder that when we all know who the fuck we are, the better off the world will be.


Because living within societies that foster a distrust in self is simply not working out for any of us.


Because feeding into fear, means feeding into a system that encourages sleep walking. 


Because cultivating self doubt is a disease.


And we are all sick. 


Yet now, more than ever before, we are waking up from our slumber to see how ill we have become.


And we are seeing all of the opportunities that exist (aka the ugly realities) for healing. 


We have awoken to the mantra "Be the change you wish to see in the world." On a whole differently wavelength than ever before. Fuck that light and love version. 


Get fucking real. 


More of us are truly getting it. And those that have gotten it for a while now and recognizing how much more there is for them to get. 


And it's an elegant mess of transformation and human evolution.


And so this New Moon in Aries asks that we save ourselves and then by default, save our fellow alien human hybrids.

And it asks that be our own Warriors and campions for ourselves. 


That we accept that WE, as an individual, ARE worth fighting for. 


We begin to understand that sometimes wanting to make an impact on the world, as well meaning as it is, can become a battle of distraction from ourselves and also one of victimhood...one of codependency: "I will be okay once the world is okay."


Babes, its going to take a little while for the World collectivity to get it's shit together.


And it will only happen on a quicker timeline if we truly face ourselves and fight for our Identity to simply operate on a daily fucking basis.


And so what does that look like?


It means not betraying yourself in your relationships, your work, your art your creative impulse. Daily.


It means coming into acceptance of what your core values and desires are. And embodying those beauties as your inner compass. Daily. 


In the biggest of ways. In the smallest of ways.


What this really comes down to is checking yourself consistently. But not driving yourself crazy, this not an excuse to beat yourself up. 


But asking that intimate and scary question as often as we can stand: 

Am I being true to myself in this? 


And being honest with the answer. 


Spoiler alert: it's okay if you're not...this is not an overnight process...but the more you know, the more you look in the mirror...the better off it's going to turn out for you. For us.


This is about asking the tough questions that strip us naked to the bones. And you know how strong bones are right? 


A New Moon in Aries requires that we get out of our own way, that we shake off the conditioning we've learned that no longer serves a purpose, and that we stand up for ourselves


Not in the defensive way, but in that sovereign way. 


It asks that we get closer to embodying the operating state of being unfuckable with in the midst of uncertainty, doubt, elation, expansion, growth, creation and destruction. 


"Be unfuckable with" says the New Moon in Aries. 


Embody your identity. 


Identity: The fact of being who or what a person or thing is. A close affinity. Establishing who the holder, owner or wearer is by bearing signature details. 


Allow it to fully merge with your body. 


Allow your soul to intertwine with your humanness. 


An Aries New Moon is the time to establish your personal brand.


Brand: A unique design employed in creating an image that identifies a person or product to differentiate it from others.


Establish your identity. Establish your personal brand. 


Establish: Set up a system on a firm or permanent basis. Achieve acceptance or recognition for. 


Establish your sense of self. 

Establish your flame. 

Establish your fire. 


Become the pyro magician of your life. 


Have patience to learn the nature of your fire. 


Tapping into your Aries New Moon Desires:


1. Fire: Light a ton of candles. Stare into a flame as you meditate. Hang out in an infrared sauna. Burn your intentions. Light a fucking bonfire. Just honor the magic that is fire in some way.


2. Wear some Red: The color of Aries and Mars. The color of passion, drive, courage, lust, and desire. The color of power. Wear it somewhere today. And maybe for the rest of the week. 


3. Don't rush. Slow down: Aries can be hasty and impatient as fuck. But the energy of the astrology right now really wants to you slow down. So if you normally make your rituals quick...I suggest carving out a few hours (yes, I said a few hours) to sit with this shit. To sit with this power. To cultivate your intentions with care because that is what will breathe force into them. 


4. Call your power back: On that note, if nothing else, consistently focus on bringing your energy back into the Solar Plexus are of your body. The area right above your navel. This is the area that houses our personal power, our creative self expression, and our sense of control. Call all that power back to you from where it's been leaking out and into this place in your body. As I said, if nothing else...make a ritual of this at least once a day this week.


5. Write out or gather some imagery that is representative of your Personal Brand. If you were a creative project or business entity...what would the expression of that be? 



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Happy New Moon in Aries!!


With magic, 


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