Grounding with the New Moon in Taurus April 26th, 2017

On April 26th we welcome the first Super Moon of 2017, which is the New Moon in Taurus. 

In the middle of so many retrogrades (Jupiter, Mercury, Pluto and Saturn) the grounding and soothing vibes of Taurus will be a welcome sight for us. What makes this New Moon even better is that it's not harshly aspected by any other planets. We have a chance to really become present with what is happening for us, in a way that we really haven't been able to in a while. 

There is a message of embodiment with this as Taurus is a very physical and sensual sign that loves all things pleasurable. Venus is it's ruler after all. Speaking of Venus, she is now direct after her 6 week retrograde period. She is still in the last few degrees of Pisces and conjunct wounded healer Chiron, so this union is supporting us to move forward with the healing we've become more conscious of during the very reflective and shadowy dive that was experienced in the retrograde. 

And then when she moves into Aries a couple of days after this New Moon, there is going to be some ultra sass and passion blazing. Many of us will finally feel ready to make changes to our physical form, to the beauty that surrounds us and even to assert ourselves in relationships, likely in the fierce but gentle way that Taurus Season wants for us. 

The Moon loves to be in Taurus, the sign of its exaltation which means the sign where the Moon’s highest expression can be found. The qualities of the Moon become enhanced; the femininity, the nurturance, the healing, the subconscious, the emotional needs. This New Moon allows us to slow. Down. Like, for real this time guys. This kicks off the season of Taurus for us reminding us that slow and steady wins the race. That persistence pays off. That plodding along has power. It gets us in touch with the direction we are moving in, it’s like we sink into it. Taurus is a Fixed sign, so it takes it's time with stabilizes them, it perfects them. 

We melt into our intentions. We ground to the Earth. 

I like to think of this New Moon in Taurus energy as the feeling of lying in the grass, feeling the somewhat cold and damp earth on your feet and the texture of the blades of grass on your hands, how they are a little rough and also a little smooth. It’s like closing your eyes and letting the breeze and the sun permeate your skin, your body, your bones. The feeling of just ….chilling there. This is how a New Moon in Taurus can feel. 

With no harsh aspects made to this New Moon, we get to have an intimate moment with our Taureian energy. 

As I said earlier, the planetary ruler of Taurus is Venus, the planet of love, beauty, pleasure, abundance and we get to work with this Goddess again as we did will the Full Moon in Libra, the other sign that is ruled by Venus. Venus will make a nice sextile to Mars in Gemini which means there's a pleasant interaction between feminine and masculine energy. And there will also be a pleasant union of emotions and intellect guiding us as well. Venus will make a square to Saturn which is Retrograde in Sagittarius but I see this as challenge us to slow down even more to embody Earth and Feminine energy, and it will challenge us to see how these connections actually do support us in creating material stability in our lives. 

Overall the energy of this New Moon feels like one of the weeks we will get to sink into our bodies more fully, connect to Earth on a more profound level and really just FEEL with our bodily senses what being alive actually means. To come back to center. To catch a nice deep breathe. To catch our bearings. Finally. 

There is a lot of healing to be facilitated through nature with this Moon. It's a time to receive Earth. Taurus likes to keep things simple and straightforward, it likes for us to know where to use our energy and attention. And it likes for us to FEEL really great and relaxed. And the conditions of this Moon, mostly, will support us in doing just that. This is a much needed restful energy after Aries season and some of the upheavals we’ve been experiencing. 

With this all centered in the 1st “Decan” (or section) of Taurus there is even more Venus energy abound for the New Moon as she also rules this area of Taurus. There is a focus on acquiring for this placement and so the one thing we have to really explore for ourselves is any penchants we have for going a bit overboard with something, espeically in the material realm or with our bodily behaviors (too much money focus or possessions, or laziness or overexercise, too much pinching pennies or too much spending etc.) If we are struggling with this Taurus season, we want to look at our attachments to the material or the tangible and the meaning we are deriving from it. This will really be a best practice for all of us either way. 

This New Moon is going to be an incredibly soothing and restorative experience that we will really want to take advantage of so that we can become more aware of our sensual bodies and relax into our spiritual self more. 

Taurus New Moon Themes

Stable. Practical. Sensible. Strong Willed. Perseverant. Industry. Security. Patient. Values. Earth. Venus. Abundance. Resourcefulness. Having. Plodding. Fierce. Gentle. The Bull and the Cow. Stubborn. Material. Tangibility. Grounding. Strong. Sexual. Sensual. Resistant. Determined. Quiet. Affectionate. Dependable. Down to Earth. Possessive. Physical. Creative. Pleasure. Luxury. Relaxation. Play hard, work hard. Self Worth. Self Esteem. 

It's a good time to:

1. Relax and become intimate with your intentions: Don't just declare them, sit with them and have a conversation. See what your intentions want for you. What they want to say. What they need. Treat them as though they are an entity that is an extension of you to interact with. Treat them as though they were embodied. 

2. Get a massage, facial, or other treatment for your aesthetics: With Venus becoming direct we have the go ahead to make some changes to our self care rituals and this season wants us to make it a regular thing to schedule. Taurus loves for the body to feel really good. And so we want to take action aligned with that. 

2. Spend more time in nature: Taurus as I've said several times is very Earthy, so something to soothe our weary bones will be to visit parks, maybe even go to a natural history museum, take a retreat or vacation that has easy access to forests or beaches. You can even go out into your backyard and lie on the grass and look up to the sky. And keep the overstimulating technology to a minimum. 

Okay babes, that is the New Moon in Taurus for you! I hopes it's wonderful, let me know how it goes! 

Before I go, remember: 

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It was such a pleasure to write this guide for you, and I'm psyched to share this zen Taurus energy with you. This is definitely a New Moon you're going to want to work with! 


With magic,


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