Luminous Dark: The Full Moon Scorpio May 10th, 2017

We can no longer afford to cower in fear from the shadow.

We can no longer hide from the darkness.

We can no longer avoid traveling down into the depths of the Underworld.

We can no longer be complacent with what has been presented to us.

We can no longer turn away from something so intrinsically a part of who we are:

the pitch dark blackness.

We can no longer afford to not evolve.

If we don't evolve, we die.


What is there to do then?

We face what is hidden by inviting it into our lives. We say hello to the skeletons. We dance with the ghosts. We connect to the Netherworlds. We study our own personal occult system. We merge with our taboo.


So often we are in a state of confusion. We don't know why we are behaving the way we are. We don't know what is driving us. We don't know what is bugging us. We don't know what that nagging feeling is.


It feels elusive.

It feels like a never ending fucking mystery.

It feels...exasperating.


This is what happens when we deny the shadow. When we pretend it doesn't exist. This is what happens when we disown a whole part of ourselves or don't regard it as highly as the other archetypes inherent within.


We can no longer afford to deny what is below the surface.

We can not longer afford not to investigate ourselves.


The Underworld is not just the typical image of the home of the creepy dead things.

The Underworld is the psyche, it's the home of the subconscious.


Here is a official definition of the subconscious: "of or concerning the part of the mind of which one is not fully aware but which influences one's actions and feelings."


Many synonyms for this include the psyche as well which is "defined as the human soul, mind or spirit."


Further, the synonym for psyche is often "anima" which is "Jung's term for the feminine part of a human's psyche, the part that is directed inward."


Do you see how I'm digger deeper and deeper with this. Going layer by layer to uncover, reveal and bring new levels awareness?


This is how Scorpio works. Scorpio makes us aware of the subconscious and asks that we become unapologetically intimate with that.


Because Scorpio energy knows there is Power, unshakable power, that is born from knowing every corner of your own soul, both the lightness and the darkness. Every corner of your mind, both the conscious and the subconscious.


Scorpio gives us contrast by being so damn mysterious that we ache to know more. We are intrigued. There is a part of us that cocks our head to the side and wants to know more, even if we are a little afraid.


You know the part of us that has to look at a car wreck, or a violent video online, or a perverted sexual act. We are disturbed yet nonetheless, intrigued. And then we are disturbed yet again by our own curiosity. And then we attach shame, guilt or judgement on ourselves for the curiosity.


This is Scorpio at work within us.


Scorpio says there is nothing to fear by known the dark shadow that resides within us. In fact more self knowledge is more power to Scorpio. More knowledge about how other people work on these often unknown levels is Power as well. Which can be used for "good" or "evil" depending upon how you interpret the motivation ... Marketing or Advertising Sorcery comes to mind as an example. Manipulation is nether inherently bad nor good, it just matter how it's used and what the agenda is.


This Full Moon in Scorpio that is happening on May 10th at 5:42pm EST at 20 degrees, is our yearly spotlight turned in the direction of this underworld within and among the world we live in.


It's the time we face the music. It's the time we don't disregard the power of going where we've never gone before. It's the time we will see the beauty in embracing the shadow, and it's the time we will be sorely reminded of what happens when we don't.


It's the time we relinquish control over all the things and stop pretending like we can control the outcome of all things.


It's the time we cease the refusal to surrender.

The refusal to change.

The refusal to transform.

The refusal to the Phoenix Rising from the ashes, which is Scorpios highest octave of expression.


This is a Full Moon for the shadow workers, the root workers, the psychic witch bitches, the occult enthusiasts, the mystics, the mysterious, the penetrators, the goths at heart, the taboo lovers, the probers.


You'll feel in your element under this very intense, emotional, and unveiling Full Moon.


Those of you that have felt the call to go deeper but have treaded around the surface may feel a little bit, or a whole lot, unnerved or uncomfortable around this time.


All of us will face our relationship to change, evolution, and transformation. Do we allow it? Do we kick and scream like little children (patriarchy I'm looking at you)? Do we resist? Do we LOVE it, a little too much? Do we fear it to the point of paralyzation?


What's it look like babes, because you've GOT to look in that mirror if you want this world to actually fucking change.


You see what is going on in this world, and so many of us don't like it.


We know ALCHEMY is how energy survives endlessly and so we must do our part in this collective unveiling by staring deep into the black scrying mirror and having a cup of tea or a shot of whiskey with the image that it reflects back to us.


We all KNOW shit about how shit RUNS. We want to factualize it away, or rationalize it away but somethings are only understood through esoteric meanings.


Why not allow that permeate your bones? There is a power within us that is NOT determined by anything outside of ourselves, and while Material security is part of the story that contributes to our sense of safety, we must first feel that unwavering safety within ourselves for any material thing to truly stick around in the long term.


And we must also create that powerful sense of safety within us if we have any business with creating a collective sense of safety in our systems and our industries.


Even more so if we desire to dabble with destroying and obliterating anything that threatens safety due to stagnant ignorance or that which insidiously plays into our fears to the advantage of those who irresponsibly wield power even though they never learned what power actually meant.


Dear Witches, there is no time to pretend that our beautiful demons don't exist.

There is no time to ignore that excruciatingly gorgeous darkness.

We need you to self-investigate like your life depends on it.

We need you to allow the bright Sun to light up the corners of your dark places.

We need you to bask in this luminous Full Moon Scorpio and expose yourself.

Share what you find, even if it's a little messy.

Show yourself so others may see themselves and be emboldened to embark in their own journeys into the Underworld.


We are learning the true meaning of power, it will not be perfect.

We are learning that we have the power to alchemize.

We are learning what they hoped we would forget. And only you can know what that is, you already have an idea...if you'd only listen to the echos from down below.


We must have each other. We must follow each other into this darkness and bring the torches. We must keep our sacred flame lit and we must support others as they relit theirs when they go out.


We must swallow the elixirs that the Lilith's, the Kali's, the Hecate's, the Diana's, and the Nyx's provide for us and nourish these dark goddess's within so that the Feminine that is undoubtably rising can rise as powerfully as possible.


There is SO much that is calling to be burning and so let this Scorpio Full Moon light up for you what is ready to be demolished and dance around the bonfire, with the trust that so much is about to be reborn.


Before I head off...the Astro aspects of this Full Moon are fucking fantastic.


::Scorpio Full Moon sextile Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn::


Pluto is the planetary ruler of Scorpio so this sextile is delightful news. Pluto when Retrograde a few weeks ago and when this happens, so much can revealed to us as that's what Pluto holds secrets and gives a home to that which is hidden from plain site. This Retro movement exposes that which has been hiding, whether we want it to be revealed or not (i.e look at all the governmental bullshit that is saying hello to you everyday).

On the collective level, we could be reeling from secrets we've become privy too about our systems, structures, our work culture, our government, our mentors and teachers. And more could come.

On a personal level, it means more can be brought up so that we can deal with it and alchemize it. I've already seen so many people have dental issues come to a head as Cap rules the teeth, bones, and joints, the skeleton. So don't put that shit off if something has been bothering you, get it checked out. Also, what's working on not working with your career can be dealt with too. Cap really desires to have us work with what we deem our calling to be as our career and Pluto/Scorpio does not like to settle for anything that bears no meaning, or has no purpose or passion behind it. So yeah, that babes...THAT. Keep in mind also that Scorpio/Pluto is very sexual so your sexual energy may be calling out to you and asking that you release the shame, guilt and judgment around that as well.


::Scorpio Full Moon trines Neptune in Pisces::


Neptune and Pisces are so artistic, intuitive, imagination, soulful, watery, emotional, softly spiritual and cosmic, it's divine. It's also the place we go into victim mode, self sabotage, and try to escape. The trine to this Full Moon does a few things...first it will expose where we feel a little too sorry for ourselves to the point we go stay paralyzed in self destructive and obsessive behavior (scorpio is known to get super obsessed and extreme). And hopefully this trine will make that sting a little less, and will instead ask that we flow into our healing of such things. Second, it will make us very psychic, very intuitive, very clairvoyant and claircognizant. Look out for powerful dreams, synchronicities and evidence of another world. Third, we have access to create so much artistry and be enveloped in the gifts that are cinema, music, and visual art.


::Mercury is conjunct Uranus in Aries::

Electrifying messages are coming and going out. We can no longer afford to stay silent and the urge to shoot arrows with our words will be strong. Its always a good idea to mind your mouth, but if something has to be said..this could reach that crescendo and the chips may fall where they may. Another thing this could cause is a lot of rapid thinking and a rapid flow of ideas, keep a journal handy.


::The North Node moves into Leo and the South Node in Aquarius::

The next few years we will move out of people pleasing territory and into full self expression that is totally unique to ourselves so that we may become the actual leader of our lives and extend that energy to others. We unify each other when we allow space for everyone to be.


Okay babes that's the message that wanted to be expressed to you for this Full Moon! Read through it a few times if you'd like, there are many layers so I recommend it!



If you're feeling daring, I recommend exploring the Moon Guide I created for this Full Moon which consists of a PDF & a Meditation Ritual.

It includes a deeper look into this Full Moon and the aspects being made, an exploration of all of Scorpio's qualities, messages & mantras for each sign, ritual tool suggestions and Focus areas with aligned journaling questions. There is also the which meditation designed to get you in touch with Underworld energy and do some deep shadow work too.

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I hope that you have a sexy and transformative Full Moon in Scorpio!


With magic,