Quick Astro-Energy Reading for the week of March 26th...


A Quick Astro-Energy Reading for you ...


Below I talk about the...
- Moon transiting Virgo - today only (moves into Libra tomorrow afternoonish)
- Venus conjunct Uranus in Aries & Aries Sun square Saturn in Capricorn
(aspects that happened yesterday and today which have set the tone for this week)
- Pallas Athene moving into Gemini - happening Friday (stays there until May 20th)

A waxing Virgo Moon makes for an analytical mind as we prepare for the Full Moon in Libra on Saturday. Virgo Moon transits are good times for taking it one step at a time. I often find myself craving the order of a production line when the lunar energy hangs out in this earthy practical sign. Today would be a good day to look at what you need to do, and prepare for it accordingly. You don’t HAVE to follow the list exactly, but sometimes getting it all on paper for a hot minute can cultivate less overwhelm inside. Virgo likes to keep it simple and the energy cleansed. 

Last night Venus merged with Uranus in Aries. I often feel this connection like electricity that awakens a sleeping heart. Like sudden moments of courage where you recognize how worthy you are to ask for what you desire. The jolt that shakes you out of self doubt and says “hold up, why the fuck am I harping on myself like this?!”. Venus in Aries is the flaunt of Lady Gaga; emotional and sensitive but she keeps on showing up to slay her limits and express her personality, always finding a new avenue to do so. Uranus in Aries has done one heck of a job over it’s 7 year transit to awaken and rouse us into our individuality. I’ve said it before, but this is why you are seeing so many of us differentiate ourselves from the norm with up until now, unheard of labels and images. It’s also part of the reason why we may feel so divided right now; we are awakened to our individual power, drive, and integrity. Bold personalities clash at this time as we fight to express. It’s okay if that becomes more apparent to you for the next few days, especially within relationships. 


Uranus will soon be leaving Aries for it’s first ingress into Taurus (a sign ruled by Venus), which will bring even more revolutions around self worth and pleasure, so think of this as a taste for what could come next. Let this Venus-Uranus Aries conjunction move stagnant energy for you, let it help you execute your self worth unapologetically, let it support you to access your brilliant ideas even if they end up being put on pause, just access them and know you are worthy to hold them. Let it inspire you to change something about your self image  and style to just see how it fucking feels. Let it bring a windfall of abundance to you, in whichever form it takes. Let self expression be an act of self care and self respect. Yes, this conjunction can certainly have it’s challenges: online bickering because everyone is fighting to be seen and heard and respected for their opinion, “whoopsie” moments of a hair color change that didn’t quite come out how you planned (it IS Mercury Rx in Aries too after all!), blurting out some truth that doesn’t exact land with grace, a spur of the moment decision to invest in something that is lackluster. YES, these are possibilities but a REFRESH of energy like this can be just the inspiration to get some of us out of rut we are stuck in. Like a computer that freezes and restarts. Like a body that short circuits and humbles you to start some new regimen. Sometimes the slip ups and the hiccups work out because they have brought a new perspective. 


In the middle of this energy today we’ve got the Aries Sun squaring Saturn in Capricorn. FOR SOME people you may be looking at me like I’m crazy because you aint feeling none of that Venus Uranus electricity but instead are feeling this wonky square that can feel a bit stifling. Or perhaps you are feeling both. Part of you is like “Let’s do the damn thing! All new everything!” but then you have this other part from Saturn and the Sun like “Yeah but how could you possibly do that when you are dealing with x,y,z and a,b,c.” There could be this awareness of the limitations AND the unlimited quip of “You only live once”. Again it’s all good, you are no beholden to the stars, you have free will to WORK WITH THIS. This Sun Saturn square can be the medicine that swoops in at the last minute with the voice of reason. As in, maybe don’t get that tattoo on your forehead. Maybe don’t fly to Japan if it’s going to wipe out your entire bank account and leave you feeling ungrounded and panicked. You can use this more “condensed” energy represented and amplified by Saturn in Capricorn to realize what needs to change and get inspired from the fun of Venus Uranus to brainstorm wild ideas. Not everything has to happen RIGHT NOW AT THIS MOMENT. It would likely overload your life in someway and could bring chaos if TOO MUCH newness comes in. It actually takes a lot of skill to build that type of bandwidth to hold all that. Build the muscle by prioritizing what really needs to change, or what is easiest to change right now. 

The last thing I want to chat about is Pallas Athene’s ingress in Gemini (until May 20th). This goddess asteroid is representative of our feminine creative intelligence. It’s a strategizing energy, it’s a skill builder. Demetra George titles her “The Warrior Queen” for her affinity with protection and wise counsel. In Gemini we are likely to find solutions when we are talking things out. You ever have those types of group brainstorm sessions where you just bounce ideas off of each other seeing what sticks the best? It’s that type of mechanism with this. The answer comes as you ask the question. Writing and Speaking can become a channel of healing a problem that has plagued us. We are more focused upon the healing and harmful effects of words spoken or written, the energy they carry with them. Something I’ve also said before is that the reason why there is a lot of Political Correctness being brought up is because more and more people are realizing that the rhyme that ends with “Words will never hurt me”  is actually very much not true. 


More people may finally connect the dots and realize the way we express actually does matter. My personal hope is people start swallowing their pride and learning how to communicate in more productive ways. We can see the backlash of the words Tony Robbins used when describing his stance on the #MeToo movement and how the way he was speaking and expressing proved exactly why such a movement is needed in this world. Furthermore, Demetra George explains “The wisdom of Pallas in Gemini is knowledge - KNOWING, which comes from ones inner personal mind. Paradox can play a role in understanding.” May this transit remind us of our inner knowing of right and wrong, WHILE also reminding us of the paradoxes we mingle within at any given moment. May be integrate that awareness even more so. The other way I see this transit playing out is within the realm of protecting ideas and intellectual property. I’ve see many very recently speak up about the nuance of derivative works of art and how larger companies can cop that from the smaller ones. Raising awareness that there’s an abuse of power dynamics at times EVEN if it seems like nothing is every really an original concept anymore. I think there will likely be some talks around finding integrity and strategy around how to handle this going forward. 

I'll be back soon with some insights into the Full Blue Moon on Saturday in the sign of Libra. 

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