My Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces far..

How I have personally prepared for this Full Moon is by indulging in my creative side and letting the Halloween/Samhain freak in me out to play a little more than usual. I've given myself permission to invest in those quirky decorations that spoke most to me and decorated my office with them.
I also was in such a tired space yesterday that I laid out in the backyard and let my body feel the Earth again. Let my bare feet touch the ground for longer than a couple of seconds  (I live in the middle of Long Island, it's a little tough to REALLY feel as connected to nature as you'd like during these times).

I also then proceeded to clean and organize my office and bedroom as a way to  move the energy  about and get centered even farther, in that very Virgo way.

I also then decided to take a neutralizing bath with Epsom salt, baking soda and theives oil. Following with an eye mask.

And I was reminded as to why I do this work so that my soul bitches can be reminded constantly and consistently that connection to self and the Earth is really everything. And it can make all the fucking different when dealing with life's transitions, hiccups and trauma. We all need some sort of practice of self-awareness through the chaos, even if it's for a mere 5 mins of the day that you remember to chill the fuck out. 

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New Moon Readings Cart Open!

Holy fuck. Yesterday I was quite viscerally reminded WHY I've built a relationship with the cycles of the Moon. Cause like circled and ebbed flow of the Moon, life hands you a similar path. This week I went from excitement, to happy terror, to wayyyyy vulnerable, to really fucking happy and connected, to..complete panic and sadness. Literally, every single day handed me something different and new.

I have no doubt that the relationship I have built with the Moon over this past year, through following and doing rituals with each New & Full Moon was behind my not shutting down during this crazy ass period of transformation I'm going through. Normally I would so shut down in that typical introvert-highly sensitive-empath fashion. 

I was so deeply aware of why my fear and anxiety was popping up. I was deeply aware of my joy and happiness. I was deeply aware of my accomplishment. I was deeply vulnerable. I was deeply open. I was deeply scared to death at one point. 

And I hid from none of it. 

That is what I love about Astrology and particularly the energy of the Moon. No corner of your soul goes untouched. 

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