Radical Self Space Giving (plus an update on Moon Readings!)

A strange thing happens when you turn to the stars for guidance. YOU are entirely reflected back to YOU. What you notice in the archetypes of the stars, you begin to notice within yourself. You breathe into a greater intimacy of self that is not often reachable through modern societal teachings.

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Magical Soul Bitches Product Line & New Astrology Offerings

Happy Witchy Wednesday!!!

There has been LOTS going on over at Magical Soul Bitch "headquarters"...aka my gothfied at home office located in suburban Long Island. 

And the feedback has been GREAT. Magical Soul Bitches is shaping up to be the intuitive lifestyle brand I've dreamed about creating for so long.

I am having the best time connecting with so many of you online and in person. The Instagram is where it's AT right now for it aligns with my off the cuffness and my love of visuals. Go on and take a looksie if you haven't already joined us . 

I also have an Instagram Giveaway that ENDS tonight midnight (PST) Wednesday, May 25th. The winner will be announced this Friday. You will receive the Radical Self Love book by Gala Darling and the Magical Soul Bitches Tote Bag!

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Don't just witness the Magic. Be the Magic.

Princes death was devastating for so many people around the world. We more the deaths of artists because they show us who we really are through their art. They make us feel shit. Deep deep deep inside, in a place that we can't really name. We can't really describe or put a finger on. It's just a spot that turns on that energy, the vibe, the emotions, the feelings. Art ....It's the conduit, the vessel, the tool for activated that internal space and flow. 

And when we feel it...we just "know". Time stops. Visions flash before our eyes. Our bodies react. And our soul collides with the world. 

That is why we cry. That is why we hurt. Because we know that while art can live forever, life will never be quite the same without the vessel that brought it to us to experience. 

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