Chiron Aries Retrograde 2018


Chiron stations Retrograde in Aries until September when it backtracks through Pisces before going direct later in the year.  Chiron entered Aries in April and will be here until 2027. This is a long process of Becoming. Aries is about claiming the “I AM”. Aries is the Self, our Image, our Identity. Chiron is the Wounded Healer; he shows us the deepest triggers we embody so that we may seek out the knowledge which will bring forward the healing that expands through us and outward into the world. If you haven’t noticed yet, the astrology has been pretty brutal. This is yet another “this isn’t going to be pretty” mechanism bestowed upon our healing process.

Plainly put; it hurts. It hurts to take a scalpel to the identity you’ve developed and assess it, even with our numbing salves - there will be blood. To look at the “ego” - which is just another word for identity - and how it plays into our interactions - the ways in which we show up in relationship to the world can be almost traumatizing itself.


An Identity Crisis would not be an abnormal reaction to Chiron in Aries, but during it’s Retrograde we may access the Clarity of our Pretending, feeling fed up and ready to do something about it. Chiron here teaches us to identify however the fuck we want to because otherwise it is often too painful and self destructive to pretend something within about who we are does not exist, does not hold some type of truth.

Chiron Retrograde in Aries is very very new for us, but we did have Uranus in Aries for several years up until recently - which collectively woke us up to our differences. So now Chiron asks us to go deeper with that - to get realer with it- to get intimate - to go to the root cause of the pain - to look at the heartbreaking questions we personally have about our right to exist as we are on the planet. We may look to how we show up as something else in order to fit into the container of worthiness our particular environment has set up for us to measure to. We may look at how we invalidate our own selves repeatedly.

We may look at our wounds, finding a way to thank them for the texture they gave our lives. Perhaps celebrating how we’ve stripped the chokehold they’ve had on us. Likewise, we may decide it’s time to do what it takes to be released from the chokehold. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see a surge in therapy seeking, the courage to get our answers, to heal ourselves by just fucking showing up time and time again when we’ve been laid open by our own triggers. You may see people take to transmuting their Images and their “Brands” as a tool to healing themselves on a much more subconscious or even unconscious level. Looking into the mirror long and hard will be par for the course.

With Chiron Retrograding in Aries we have a desire to go back to the start, to where our wounds all began. Not to stay stuck in lamentation but to ask ourselves “What can I still do differently NOW?” “Is there something I wish I did then, that I can still DO now?” We can’t control the past, or what may have happened to us. But we do get to decide the direction we will take to heal - and how individual that path will ALWAYS be.

Our identity wounds want to be spoken to and seen - not denied or ignored. Denial of them is what creates their unconscious power to direct us. Our recognition of their Truth and Validity is the recognition of our Truth and Validity, and that is what Liberation looks like.