Don't just witness the Magic. Be the Magic.

Princes death was devastating for so many people around the world. We more the deaths of artists because they show us who we really are through their art. They make us feel shit. Deep deep deep inside, in a place that we can't really name. We can't really describe or put a finger on. It's just a spot that turns on that energy, the vibe, the emotions, the feelings. Art ....It's the conduit, the vessel, the tool for activated that internal space and flow. 

And when we feel it...we just "know". Time stops. Visions flash before our eyes. Our bodies react. And our soul collides with the world. 

That is why we cry. That is why we hurt. Because we know that while art can live forever, life will never be quite the same without the vessel that brought it to us to experience. 

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