New Moon Solar Eclipse Leo - Head/Heart - August 11th, 2018



  • Leo New Moon 18º conjunct Sun, Mercury Retrograde, Pallas Athene - all loosely squaring Jupiter in Scorpio
  • Juno in Taurus opposing Jupiter in Scorpio
  • Mars Retrograde moves in Capricorn until Aug 27th 

“You’re in my heart, in my heart, in my head.” - Heart Heart Head, Meg Myers

The heart and the head take a seat together at the round table to negotiate during this potent Solar Eclipse in Leo. This is the last of the series of 3 eclipses we will have experienced over this past month. We will have one more Leo Eclipse to grace our hearts in the form of a Lunar Eclipse in early 2019. The next series of Leo/Aquarius Eclipses won’t happen for quite some years. 

So, yes indeed …this is certainly an energy to be working with right now. Especially so considering the collective Leo lesson we’ve all been called to learn as provoked by the Lunar North Node traveling this fire sign since May 2017 to be here until November 2018. 

So pause for a moment are begin to feel into what Leo means to you right now? 

For me it’s about creative flow, it’s about forming hobbies where you get lost in the moment, it’s the joy of forgetting time, it’s the embodiment of childlike energy, it’s emotive drama from the heart, it’s leading FROM the heart, it’s not being afraid to get loud and messy, it’s about being willing to be seen and to see another. 

I recently read Benebell Wen’s description of Leo and she called it “Cosmic Semen”. Like yes…how utterly extra is that? The stars are the universes jizz sprayed across the sky. LOL. 

Leo is about enjoying the gift of drama - we truly would live in a dull boring world with emotive moments. My eyes have opened to no longer see drama only as a burden one bestows onto another without permission. No that’s a different breed of drama. 

I’ve learned pretty harshly that if you don’t allow yourself a healthy relationship to drama - it will turn unhealthy real quick and make the most boring shit dramatic ordeals and exacerbate anxiety. I threw a dramatic fit about going to jury duty. I threw a dramatic fit about trying birth control to regulate my cycle. Etc.

I’m throwing dramatic fits about not fun stuff when I could be throwing dramatic fits about fun stuff. 

Everything that I LOVE is dramatic. Everyone I love is dramatic. Whether it’s Florence and the Machine and her poetry or the costuming on Outlander. 

THAT is drama. That is the drama that makes life enjoyable and full of texture. And I’ve not been giving myself the permission to be “dramatic” in my own way. 

This is a major part of the Leo Lesson I’ve learned, maybe you have experienced similar? 

It’s been yet another doozy of an Eclipse season, marked with even more intensity from Mars Retrograde (in Aquarius/Capricorn) - an event that only happens every 2 years.  

We’ve basically got most of the planets in retrograde tearing shit up - but Mars seems to be the one sticking out to me as nudging (or forcing) us to take a good look at the awakening changes we are allowing or resisting in our lives. While Mars is not directly involved in this Solar Eclipse - I think it’s worth reminding ourselves that Mars retrogrades are not as frequent as other planets retrogrades so this is a significant restructuring of the area where Aquarius is in our charts and not to be taken lightly (Ironically this is in my 5th house - the realm of Leo-like themes). 

Do you ever feel about every 2 or so years you’re itching for some kind of change? A shift? A new fire or passion to be stoked? An ..urge? I know I do. 

So keep this in mind as Mars retrogrades out of Aquarius (the sign that is actually opposite to Leo - where this Solar Eclipse is!) and into diligent and stern minded Capricorn for the next few weeks; the progressive rebellion that we reawakened through Mars in Aquarius is slowing down even further to become more crystalline and “real”. 

But as we reach the last few months of the Leo North Node experience this Solar Eclipse acts as a major pit stop in the journey of understanding what Leo means in our lives. 

In addition to this long term Leo lesson we’ve took on, we have also been undergoing a Scorpio theme as Jupiter has transited this sign or almost a year now. Jupiter will make it’s square to the Solar Eclipse energy on this day. 

We are being fueled to find the proper equilibrium in ourselves between dramatic self expression (Leo) and dramatic preservation (Scorpio).  

As a Scorpio myself, I have a hard time actually allowing myself to feel the Joy that Leo represents. The inner child. The playfulness. Getting lost in the moment. The having fun for the sake of having fun. Allowing even my work to be fun. Having attention on me and being recognized at all. To be unapologetic about the desires of my heart. Actually emoting as excessively as I really want to and actually need to sometimes? YIKES. 

It’s no mystery to us right now that the world is full of horror and uncertainty. Awful reports flood our screens, our brains and our hearts minute by minute. Death. Destruction. Annihilation (Scorpio). It IS heartbreaking. It raises thousands of questions. It raises guilt for even daring to laugh or enjoy a grand moment (Leo) when we clearly really need to get our fucking shit together. Know what I mean? How dare we let go? 

Recently I saw a Meme that read: “Creatives that haven’t created anything new for a while because you’ve been focusing on your mental health: I still see you, I’m so proud of you, and I can’t wait to see your next project whenever you’re good and ready to take it on! Your pace is the perfect pace for you, no rush!”. 

That just seems so relevant to the past year or so. 

Jupiter in Scorpio unearthed some very mighty demons, it has been crippling at times. I

The Scorpion stung and it paralyzed us so we could face the grim reapers of existence. And it kept on stinging. 

So. Much. Fun. Even my emo goth bitch ass self has been like “can you tone it down?”

Meanwhile it seems as if the Leo North Node dangles above us, just out of reach. Totally unignorable thanks to the constant invocation of the longing to create, to express, to release, to make art with our hearts. 

It’s been a major case of collective Stage Fright it seems. 

Universe has got jokes.

I just wanted to highlight a bit about the long term shit going down between this Scorpio energy that’s getting triggered around the time of this very very strong Leo Solar Eclipse accompanied by Mercury, Pallas Athene and that lingering North Node. 

So if you’ve been confused by these universal mixed messages - you’re not alone - it’s very much a thing. 


And I don’t have the answers for you - I’m in the middle of it too and I’ve been just as frustrated. Wanting to access more moments of joy and make awesome shit but feeling so overwhelmed by the smell of thick grease and disorientated -sometimes helpless. 

This whole being a live thing with the task of being a fully actualized, fully expressed creative human being thing during THIS time of history has got me flabbergasted as heck most days. I’m just doing my best. 

I’ve only been alive for 30 years as this human self, some things can only be understood with time and observation. Astrology literally teaches this process. 

Back to several paragraphs ago: We are experiencing a collective lesson around expression and preservation with the Leo and Scorpio. 

The origin of the word “express” means to “press out”. 

The origin of the world “preserve” means “to keep”.

At this Solar Eclipse - what are we pressing out and what are we keeping? Can we see that we are doing both? 

Pressing out is often a mechanism which can help create useful elixirs. Thus if you want an elixir - get ready to express.

Keeping is a mechanism that honors that which is a sacred. Thus if you want that which is sacred, you must learn to preserve. 

And elixir could very well be considered sacred. 

So what golden elixir is Leo commanding you to make? 

What is Scorpio teaching you to preserve? 

The Solar Eclipses square to Jupiter is one that can tempt us to scatter energy in many places, it’s exuberant. Jupiter is also pretty extra in nature. It seems like perhaps we’ve been so starved of joy we are clamoring to take hold of all of it at once. But learn the lesson: don’t allow yourself to be lost in the fray once more and diminish your fire by trying to grasp onto all the flames. If you’re feel excited, enhanced, inspired to create - channel that force directly to the links that are like pangs to your heart space - that enliven that center in your body. Even if they are not “huge” things - it’s important right now to build up trust with yourself that you are listening to the heart beats for guidance. 

You want to make sure that you have the wherewithal to tend to those few pockets of flames easily and not with worry of them all going out, frantically trying to fan them. 

The Sun, Moon and Mercury hanging out with Goddess Asteroid Pallas Athene screamed out to me “It will feel and be logical to follow the heart. Nothing else can be more logical.”

Yet we don’t always associate logic with heart felt sensations do we? And what a travesty. Especially for the feminine. 

Pallas Athene is the Goddess energy that represents creative wisdom, feminine intelligence, strategy, skill, courage, and pattern recognition. She is smart in that she is able to carry out war tactics with the desire to not to immediately resort to violence. 

All this to say there’s a great deal of mental activation going on right now between Mercury (whom is still Retrograde meaning it’s in reevaluation mode) and Pallas so closely hovering together. Since our modern patriarch centered society has really warped how we use logic and exactly what it means - it could feel a bit anxious around this time for many of us. We could get pulled up into our heads and start overthinking our steps. Or trying to solely rely upon pros and cons lists. Or “facts” that don’t tell the whole story and we know it.  It’s great to review our steps and information, where we are going but it can also become so unproductive if we get stuck there and avoid what our heart is trying to say because we want a specific iteration of what could be considered “evidence” or “proof”. We fuck with ourselves hardcore when we do this. 

So be aware, catch yourself if you fall into this. Pallas Athene is great at recognizing patterns and therefore is great at helping us break patterns. Is this pattern helping your creativity bloom or is it epically smothering it?

We do indeed have the opportunity to rethink, restrategize and create new pathways from a very practical yet heart full place right now. 

Sigils I am finding to be incredibly powerful for me right now. I had a hard time with them in the past but this week it was like all I could think about doing. A Sigil is a symbol you make from a written statement you have declared to the universe about something you desire. You can Youtube “Sigil Making” for instructions and specifics. It requires some pattern recognition and pattern making  - which Pallas really likes right now. It’s a bit mysterious and it’s definitely magical. 

Side note: The other way this can manifest too comes in the form of feminine and masculine having words with each other. I’ve recently noticed yet another uptick in memes and information coming about in how the masculine can work on their emotional intelligence with resources provided (Just check out anything by Justin Baldoni) but likewise how they fail to do so - there are many feminine centered beings growing impatient because they know they need their consorts to show up for this work too in order for the whole hecking thing to work and make change in our cultures and society and beyond.  And for the full healing to land for all. This is also being exacerbated by the Juno and Jupiter opposition that’s triggered - there’s much about power dynamics, jealousy, equality, and appreciation for your consorts being hashed out. 

One last thing that came to me was how the Solar Eclipse makes a weird aspect called a Quincunx to Pluto in Capricorn. It’s a bit of more difficult aspect but Pluto factored into the last months Cancer Solar Eclipse with an opposition to it which continues a theme here.

The message here coming from me this month is about control and power. I recently realized that my attempts to embody “my power” were actually manifesting through control. I didn’t realize that I was coming from a place of control and not empowerment until I started to realize that I had little faith of things “working out for the best”. Not okay. Full stop. Empowerment embodies both authority of oneself and liberation from ones demons. 

Okay babes that is what I’ve got for you for this Leo Solar Eclipse. I’m ready for Eclipse season to settle down and so we can start integrating these lessons and..yep: EXPRESS. 

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