NEw Moon Solar Esclipse in Pisces: make it rain!

⭐️New Super Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces Alert!!!

Happening Tuesday March 8th...TOMORROW!

We have a beautiful dreamy New Moon Solar Eclipse and super moon happening on Tuesday in Pisces kicking off a new 6 month cycle and ending a previous 6 month cycle.

New moons are excellent times for setting new intentions and since eclipses are known for bringing sudden change, this could be the time to laser focus on what you want as the energy is amped up here with this also being a Super Moon, meaning the Moon will be extra close to Earth...La Luna's energy will be felt. The sky make be dark but she is still there, showing us the depths of our subconscious and our emotions. 

Emotions will run high but this is such a beautiful opportunity to really tap into what has been hidden from us.

Solar eclipse's happen when the Moon goes between the Earth and the Sun, and blocks the sun from view. An article on the NY Times website explains it as "Total solar eclipses occur when the darkest part of the moon’s shadow, the umbra, encases part of the Earth. Anyone standing where the umbra falls will see the moon engulf the sun for about four minutes."

This means our dark, unconscious, intangible, soul centered and feminine energy will temporarily engulf the action orientated and forceful energy of the Sun.

This gives us DEEP insight into what our souls have been calling out for us to see, feel and hear. 

What a beautiful thing to experience during a New Moon because now we can tap the fuck into what our psyches have been trying to express and set new or revised intentions around this with that new information!

The planet Neptune will be quite strong during this time (Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces), and Neptune has been known to cause some confusion and illusion, some foggyness. Which just means....TAKE YOUR TIME. Gather the information. Allow yourself to create intentions on the things you feel the most certain about and wait or revisit the things you don't. That's okay! Any new things that come to you, feel on them. With our unconscious being highlighted here, you have the perfect moment to really connect with your Intuition to support you in creating clarity. 

Practice rituals and routines that allow you to build your relationship to your intuition: meditation, talking it out with trusted friends, exercise, writing, magic spells, etc. 

This is also an excellent idea to look into where Pisces is in your birth chart, the house that it occupies in your chart can tell you how this energy may effect you! If you don't know this, go to and set up a a free account. You'll need your exact time of birth, date of birth and location. If you have trouble hit "reply" and I can help you!!

Pisces is super imaginative and fantasy like in nature which can sometimes cause an ungroundedness to our desires. But it doesn't have to!!!!

Especially because we have this eclipse opposite lucky Jupiter in organized and diligent Virgo which pulls our dreaming states back to the tangible. Jupiter also happens to be the original ruler of Pisces before Neptune was discovered. 

Look at this moment as an opportunity to bring balance and make manifest those dreams into a plan!! Virgo likes a plan and likes to manifest in the physical world. So while sometimes it may feel like Pisces and Virgo are doing battle within you, breathe for a moment and ask yourself...How can I compliment these energies?

Remember, they both have EXCELLENT intentions for you and as frustrating as it can be to be pulled back and forth between reality and dreams, we need BOTH. Self-inquire and be gentle through this! 

Here's what you can do to rock this energy with the stars:

1. Make a list of your dreamiest goals for the next 6 months. With so much energy supporting the connection to your Intuition, you'll be in prime territory to discover some badass dreams and goals that were waiting for you! 

2. For each goal write down 1 to 3 real life actions you can take that are aligned with that over the next month.

3. Connect with water: Pisces is a very watery sign. I always incision a mermaid in a beautiful endless lake. So....during this time make water a part of your life to connect into that cleansing space.

  • Go in a float tank where you submerse yourself in Epsom salt for an hour in a completely dark pod to create a meditative experience.

  • Go for a swim in the ocean or a pool.

  • Take extra long baths and showers.

  • Spend more time in the sauna sweating out any crap from your system.

  • Cry if you feel like it.

  • Dance in the rain. 

On a personal note...this energy has been DEEPLY powerful for me.

Yesterday, I attended a conference at the perfect cosmic time that for my personal energy that really has allowed me tap into and embrace some of my deepest desires and get clear on them and share them in the world!!

The "how" of it is becomes less scary When You get closer to the "why"!

This is some seriously powerful energy working towards our most fully expressed Souls, work with those vibes and tap into your Sensitivity. 

You got this. 

Happy New Super Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces Blessings to you!!!! 

xoxo Nikki