Horribly Vulnerable, Completely Safe: The New Moon in Cancer June 2017

On Friday night we will invite in some potent Lunar energy with the New Moon in Cancer, which happens to be a Supermoon too meaning that the Moon is the closest to Earth in it's orbit. This enhances the natural energy of the Moon for us and gives us palpable access to the gifts that it bestows upon us. 

This is Moon to remember as Cancer is the sign ruled by the Moon itself. Moon magic will be conjured all around whether you're ready for it or not. Becoming more familiar with Moon energy will make all the difference for us over the next month. 

Just days before this New Moon, the Sun & Mercury will have entered Cancer as well joining the already Cancer transiting Mars creating a plethora of feeling in our lives as one of the zodiac's most emotional and sensitive signs becomes activated. 

"I want to be like water. I want to slip through fingers and hold up ships." - Michelle Williams

Cancer is indeed one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac, it's the traditional ruler of the 4th house's qualities which is considered to be one of the most private areas of our zodiac charts. 

Cancer and the 4th house are not only representative of our emotions, our feelings, our vulnerability but also of our home (literal or figurative), our family, our foundations in life, our ancestry, our roots, our childhood, our Mother/parent energy, and our nourishment and nurturance. 

At the New Moon in Cancer we set intentions for our emotional needs, creating boundaries without shutting life or others out, creating a true sense of safety and security, feeling comfortable or at home in our lives, improving our family relationships or learning more about them, creating foundations, establishing roots, and embracing our feminine nature. There is a dose of sentiment and nostalgia as we explore as well. 

There is a strong anchor in feeling so this New Moon and Cancer season will certainly be an experience in making peace with our emotional cycles. It's a lesson in waxing and waning and ebbing and flowing in our life and finding stability within our cycles. 

This is truly a New Moon of welcoming in big open motherly arms to embody the power of the Feminine. 

"For the next month we explore the gift of the Moon more closely than we have before, for she is in the cosmic spotlight. Her cold yet nourishing touch, her nocturnal yet glowing sight, her feminine yet inspiring qualities. The emotional needs we have are drawn out. The internal landscape whose gardens we privately tend to. The womb. The unexplainable gut feeling we experience. A "Mother's" nurturing touch that is unlike any other soothing gesture. The one that brings us back to that safe space. Where we feel like everything is going to be okay. It's the sanctuary where we feel most safe. It's the fortress we build to protest our most vulnerable bits."  - an excerpt from the New Moon in Cancer Moon Guide. 

 Many times we carry so much judgement and weight around what we feel, and what we sense others are feeling. There's a lot of heaviness and assumptions that get made were emotions are involved. We aren't taught to process our emotions. In fact, we are often taught they are something that is not appropriate to express openly and so therefore we keep them locked away. We keep them squirreled away and under lock and key. Or we totally explode like bats out of hell due to the pressure of keeping them in. I am in NO way talking about the emotional breakdown I had in Salem last week after bottling some very private feelings up. Thankfully no bats where harmed in the making of my emotional expression. 

I like to think of it like steam or smoke that is in a house. These are our emotions. And the steam or smoke needs an opening so that it doesn't build up and suffocate us or leave us totally blind and confused. Whether we open the windows, the doors, or it goes through a chimney...it needs a channel so that it can move through each room freely and then out and in as needed. 

This New Moon brings awareness to this healthy emotional expression of our most tender spots. No one likes a full blown hoarder. It just get's unhealthy.

You want to think expertise collector if anything. You know those people's whose homes are so well curated with artifacts, books, or other heirlooms. That's is Cancers higher expression. 

And we will indeed have quite a few items in the home of Cancer for a bit here. 

The Sun traveling through Cancer will bring an energy forward of wanting to be around those that are most near and dear to us. Think bonfires and dinner parities as Cancer loves some good food and is nourished by really great homely energy. 

The New Moon will bring the focus on setting intentions of all the areas of life I shared above, and it's potent...this is no time to waste in doing some deep emotional healing..these are FOUNDATIONS after all. And it's worthy of your care and time. 

Mercury in Cancer brings emotional intelligence to the forefront. Our emotions and thoughts will go hand in hand and we don't want to let either get carried away. What foundations are you building with your thinking? Going further intuitive voice will be strong. Mercury is the messenger, the communicator. Memories may send us new messages and your ability to communicate what you feel will be enhanced. Heart to Hearts can happen. 

Mars in Cancer draws out Cancer's Cardinal quality meaning that there is something to start, do, and there is focus and drive to be utilized. Gut instinct, gut impulse will be there if we are paying the fuck attention. We may get those invisible tummy tugs stronger than usual and they are something to pay attention to, instead of rationalize away. This is definitely bring the feminine fire into the picture for us. If you've had something on your mind that needs to be said or expressed, you may do so in an unapologetic way. It may not go the most eloquently because it will be intense but let this be a lesson in being human. 

All relationships are two humans trying to be human together, which is easier said than done. 

A lot of this Cancer energy will make a square to Chiron in Pisces, which means a lot of spiritual healing can happen when we don't resist it and rise up to the challenges are emotions are bringing up for us. We want to welcome this all in for a respectable cup of tea. 

A lot of this Cancer energy will also make a sextile to Uranus in Aries. Uranus brings the electric downloads. You'll want to be open to awakening. So if their is a lightening storm happening outside. Maybe instead of hiding in the closet. Look from the window at how beautiful and glorious a lightening strike can be and the static and vibration and movement it can stir in you. Yes, this is metaphorical. Like maybe stay safe during a storm and use good judgement. We want you to get electrified with intuition and ideas, not actual lightening. 

One of the other aspects I'd love to address is Venus in Taurus trining Pluto in Capricorn. Which brings DEPTH. In all that we do we want there to be something revealed to us. From the work we do, the relationships we have, the things we buy and the beauty we witness and create. There must be something transformative in it for us. There must be some meaning or soul purpose behind it. This trine can make it easy for us to see that or experience scenarios that bring that. 

Overall this New Moon supports us to conjure a more transparent way of living, more emotional understanding, a more truthful sense of safety, and strong foundations to stand upon where ever we are which is such a powerful ability to possess. We learn how to love and nourish ourselves through all of life's cycle. 

We learn how to be human with ourselves and with others. What a deep healing. 

Happy New Moon! 

With magic,