Decimating the Dissembler: The New Moon in Aries, April 15th 2018

Decimating the Dissembler:

The New Moon in Aries - April 15th


New Moon Aspects:

  • New Moon conjunct the Sun and Uranus in Aries
  • Mercury Direct in Aries
  • Mars conjunct Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn and sextile Neptune in Pisces


“There’s a fire inside of this heart and a riot about to explode into flames.” - Hurricane, 30 Seconds to Mars

There is no vulnerablity quite like the emotionally inspired brave moment of expression. And yet also, there is no armor quite like the living fire of a courageous emotional charge.


Aragorn: What do you fear, my lady?
Eowyn: A cage. To stay behind bars until use and old age accept them and all chance of valor has gone beyond recall or desire.  - Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers


What cages have we built around us?

What constraints have us tethered to an anchor we unknowingly drag around?

What sense of duty have we traded in for the manufactured one “they” presented to us?

What is it that you can no longer withstand anymore?

What is it that you just can no longer tolerate?

What is it that feels like a prison built around your soul?

What is the nature of the animal made of fire, that threatens to scorch you from the very inside of your flesh if you do not feed it’s flame?

What is it that BURNS?


The Aries New Moon will not let any of us suffer a fool to ourselves any longer. There will be no escaping the edgeless flame that surrounds us, for wherever we go, there it will be. Like a scrying mirror telling a fortune which we already know.

Aries is the original flame.

Aries is the unrelenting force inside of us which refuses to compromise, no matter how much we have tried to convince ourselves of our surrender. No matter how convincing the surrender has been.

The only thing we end up surrendering to is our Need.

We all have Needs, Desires, Wants, Inspirations, Pulses, Urges that remain a constant essence among all that we do. We may dance around them,  question them, try to starve them out, try to call them something other than what they are.

But nonetheless they remain, battle scared, full of heart. Full of heat. No matter how battered they’ve been by the programming which repeatedly flogs it, they still stand, bloodied, hungried, breathing, beating.

These beasts live on, no matter how many times they’ve died. For they are the beginning.

I write of Aries in this way to conjure up the imagery of Rawness, to conjure a visceral response.

To hopefully remind you of that which you’ve denied inside of you for so long, to the point that it generates a heat of anger so profound that it acts a catalyst of force that reverberates through your entire being. And reminds you of who the fuck you are.

It has often been said, by many people, in many ways: Change starts when we get so sick of our own bullshit and the shit that surrounds that, that there is no other viable choice but to fight for the Need that has been caged inside of you, pacing back and forth, waiting with impatience for you to embrace it.

The New Moon in Aries demands that we fucking NAME IT. That we say the thing. That we DO the thing. That we stop pretending we are something that we aren’t. That we stop squashing our flame. That we just stop tiptoeing around the big bright fucking flame that’s not going away.

You know that flame you pretend you don’t want anymore, but you secretly pine for in the darkest of shadows of the night.  

The New Moon in Aries calls for us make peace with this process we’ve all been in of examining these desires, these identities, these needs…and then we just call them what the fuck they are: a fucking uncompromising embodiment of Autonomy,

I am ALL for questioning the nature of your Desires. As a Libra Rising, Virgo Moon with a powerful Scorpio Sun…I fucking get it; I analyze, I placate, I investigate, I deprogram.

But then you hit this spot, where there are just some fucking things you KNOW you will not relent about. You KNOW are an inartistic part of your being and doing in this lifetime. That you KNOW you will not stand down from.

You bloody fucking know it.

And my hope for you at this New Moon, is that you empty yourself so much of all the bullshit that all that remains is this visceral knowing that compels you into a magical blaze of delight.

That with this KNOWING, there is also a Trust. And that that  Trust looks like a horrible vulnerability mixed with complete safety. That that Trust takes the form of nervous courage and grounded action.

Aries runs a level of risk with it. I propose you will see lots of warning around impulsively with this lunation, lots of foreboding tales about accidents, lots of bewarement about unpredictability.

Oh sure, we here absolutely run this possibility, that we could slam straight into a wall, or burn down the whole damn house, or explode like a boulder of dynamite.

I’m not saying to not check yourself before you wreck yourself. I’m not saying, go forth and be a risk taking mindless fool. I’m not saying to be mean. I’m not saying to be overly aggressive. I’m not saying to be heartlessly selfish. I’m saying to overpower. I’m not saying to squander the flames of your enemies. I’m not saying to be alienating. I’m not saying to be belligerent. I’m not saying to be so impatient that you take your anger out on the soul at the counter at your local drug store. I’m not saying be uncompromising with the entire world and provoke a level of conflict that decimates any efforts for peace.

The message with this New Moon in Aries is to be uncompromising with this core essence of desire, of need, of want, of identity WITH YOURSELF. FOR YOURSELF. To stop fucking with yourself like that.

Again, to name it and claim it.

It’s okay to want what you want, even more so after you’ve gotten to know the curves of it’s spine, and the nature of it’s breath, the temperature of it’s flame, and how it changes as you speak to it and feed it with your passionate craving.

A few weeks ago I was in meditation and I was filled with a crisp clear rage over our collective obsession with not saying what “the thing” is. I don’t even think I need to get into details or platitudes about what I mean here for you to get what I’m saying. This rage I felt was so all encompassing and I can still feel it not. How frustrating it is that for so many of us, there’s been a flame that has been met with such an effort to be beaten down. By society, by the media, by religion, by capitalism, by family, by our own flavor of programming.

I was furious. And it truly truly inspired me to sit with this concept of naming, of calling something exactly what it is and not dancing around it with a bunch of peacocked energy.

To sit with, what would it be like to just express the desire, the want, the need, the pain, the heart, the fire? To release it. To uncage it. What a healing that would be if we held space for such a pure innocent action of human energy movement.

Truthfully, as I write this. I am still sitting with it. I am sitting holding this flame like a baby dragon in my hands. And I bet you are too.

And even with all I’ve shared thus far about JUST JUSTING already, this is okay. To be here with the flame in your palms, creating a comforting sweat that pools. Knowing that it’s a detox in process.

Because this is not about proving it. The is not about showing it. This is not about being a boisterous whatever.

This is about HAVING IT, for you. For you.


The Astrological Mechanics of this New Moon in Aries


This New Moon in Aries sits with not only the Sun but also with revolutionary and rebellious Uranus. Uranus has been in an approximately 7 year transit of Aries. Uranus leaves Aries next month, making this New Moon, particularly profound. For the past 7 ish years Uranus, the awakener, has woke us up to how very individual we are.

This is why we’ve seen the rapid and sometimes volatile rise of various “new” ways to identify each other. Non-binary everything has made it’s way into our conscious awareness. Especially thanks to the internet, it has spread like a lightening bolt across the sky, like an electric neon vein. The Internet is also the realm of Uranus, along with these concepts of revolution and liberation. We have undergone this long process of liberating our self imposed limits of who we are, and have realized there is so much more than just what we’ve been provided as the accepted norm.

It’s also why you’ve seen so much conflict among people as well, as we’ve awakened to all these aspects of our sense of’s been a bit destabilizing to say the least. And that sense of fear mixed with relentless curiosity has created many clashes of opinions and back and forth as we each clamor for any way to have our voices heard, to be SEEN. To be felt. To be respected. Oh yes, it’s been a beautiful mess. Aggravating at time. Eye rolling at times. And yet also, exactly what the Universe ordered.

And don’t worry, we will have plenty more to heal going forward once wounded healer Chiron moves into Aries next week too. (I’ll have to get into that later, this blog has already become hecking lengthy!)

So at this New Moon, ask yourself…what identity are you leaving behind. What image of yourself are you letting go? And which one is now stepping into the spotlight? What avatar feels the most “right” at this junction?

This New Moon will ask you to honestly look yourself in the mirror in the most honest way you ever had so that you can liberate yourself from the masks you no longer want to wear.

And yes, it could absolutely shake up your life. So you don’t have to go changing it all, all at once. No that would be the unexperienced Aries thing to do. But we know a little better now, don’t we?

But it does beckon for you to liberate yourself now that you’ve awakened to yourself so much more than you ever really have over these past several years. It asks that you take the step to truly embody this liberation in the style that suits you best.

And don’t be too frightened if this feels tumultuous and …ironically cagey; Uranus will move into Taurus for a few months, and then in November will retrograde back into Aries for a little while once more. Uranus in Taurus can help us seek to ground into our new found desire, wants, and incentives and figure out what to manifest and create with this in our material magical realms. So we do have period of getting used to this competition and new beginning process. The new found identities we have all awoken to will have a rippling effect upon how we see the role of money in our lives, and shake up what it is we truly value as a collective.

“You want a revelation. Some kind of revolution. You want a revelation.” - Florence and the Machine

Mars, Aries ruler, made a lot of moves last week in the sky while transiting Capricorn. It was conjunct the restricting planet of Saturn and made square to Mercury who is Retrograde in Aries. It causes a ton of explosive body stuff to happen and lots of tempers to flare, and a sense of just feeling very testy. It was a rough week for a lot of people, like a collective bad round of PMS that we do not particularly want to relive.

Thankfully Mars in Capricorn makes a nice sextile to Neptune in Pisces at this lunation. Mars in Capricorn tempers Mars impulsivity and generates a very grounded sense of taking action, it’s a lesson for Mars in endurance and it’s a lesson of Capricorn in challenging the status quo. Neptune has been in the sign of it’s rulership Pisces, for quite sometime creating a collective awareness of our relationship to spirituality and intuition. As these two sextile each other, we are supported with a psychic inspiration to take action. It’s like we could just “know” what move to make because something is directing us and this knowing creating a sense of persistence within us. And even if certain things feel unclear in terms of direction, we could access more of our ability to surrender and have faith in ourselves to make aligned decisions.

One caveat to this is that…Mars will be conjunct Black Moon Lilith at this time too. BML is an archetype of the original feminist, she is dominant and takes names, and she will tell you to fuck off if she has to take orders from anyone.

In Capricorn she is the boss ass witch bitch that will do what she has to do to get hers. She is awakening us to that shadow feminine part of ourselves that will show up and do what it takes to meet her ambitions and goals. BML is a vital force in owning our inner wild but she also is well off and her essence is more powerful when she learns how to REALLY work it by refining it.

So when she is in Capricorn what she’s learning is how to channel her rage in a very mature way, which can be done. It requires that our feminine rage have an avenue, a channel, and a bigger purpose than just getting revenge towards her wrong doers. It’s about having authority in the expression of empowerment.  “The best revenge is living a life well lived.”

BML conjunct Mars WILL have a strong flavor or embodiment and wildness, a strong primality to it and a great connection to Earth, which tends to have more of a feminine aspect to it because of it’s many cycles. So this conjunct, while intense, can be utilized in a way that facilities the manifestation of deep feminine power, connectivity, wisdom and authority.

On the body level, this is also very very passionate and sexual. We will will also be coming down from a Venus and Mars trine from earlier this week, which is very attractive and is significant of relationships. So don’t be surprised if sexual energy surges in a very assertive way. BDSM could be in the mix here and you may want to experiment in a way to express that desire in a very grounded, respected, healthy dynamic with yourself and with a partner. I am getting a strong hit that sexual empowerment and autonomy will be part of the sense of Identity we are reclaiming at this New Moon and the intention setting we do.

The other huge movement happening on this day, several house before this New Moon is the Mercury finally goes direct after it’s near month long Retrograde in Aries. So the Aries archetype is getting a little bit of boost with that too! We will be in the shadow period for a while, but the day a planet stations direct like this is usually felt on some level. Communications could start to gain momentum and we may finally start to make headway on something we were looking at in the beginning of March to create or express. Things could start to click back into place and what we want to say becomes more concise and bold in nature.

So beware that, you know, people could get overly excited at this time of the New Moon, so have patience with that impatience because we are all coming into our own in a sense at this time and you’re likely to get on a few nerves yourself as you get excited for this long overdue energy of newness.

By the end of next week we will also have a few more collective planets (Saturn and Pluto both in Capricorn) joining the Retrograde train with Jupiter which will create a shift which turns us within even more so to find our personal responsibility and our ability to transform on a mass scale. Generally speaking.

Okay babes so that’s what I’m going to leave you with. If you’ve made it this far, when then I fricken thank you and I love you cause I know that was a doozy. But you know once I start going, I start going and commit to the writings and messages coming in.

If you gotta read this a few times, please do so. Your pace is sacred as fuck, so take your time with this and let it integrate.

I hope this New Moon awakens you and allows you the gift of experiencing more embodiment in your life, as you and nobody else but you.

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in love and witchcraft,









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