Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Capricorn: July 16th, 2019


Lunar Eclipse 24º of Capricorn : July 16th 2019

  • conjunct Pluto, Saturn & South Node

  • opposing the Sun, Venus & North Node in Cancer

  • sextile Neptune in Pisces

Connected to the Capricorn Solar Eclipse back in January, 6 months ago, this Lunar Eclipse in the last degrees of the sea-goat cardinal earth sign brings a cycle we’ve been held within to another layer of completion. Lunar Eclipses are ultra potent Full Moons, times for culminations, celebrations & the natural release & surrender than initiates going forward. 6 months ago we called forth another Capricorn initiation in a personal area of our lives and also within the collective programming.

Late 2018 saw the Lunar Nodes move into the Cancer - Capricorn axis, beginning a new phase of Eclipses; where the Lunar Nodes go - our twice yearly Eclipse seasons follow.

The Lunar Nodes consist of the North & South Node; the North Node points us towards what we are being challenged to develop, adopt & reprogram and the South Node points us towards what we are being called to release, heal, & deprogram.

Currently & for the time being into next year the North Node is in Cancer & the South in Capricorn. We have been collectively tasked with committing to doing the very hard, very demanding work of deprogramming toxic lineages within our Masculine & Feminine energies. It’s true that we have been frequently exploring this - with the rising of feminine essences within our collective culture - but this was a new level of initiation that took us straight to the heart of how much pain & control we have placed upon both over our human history.

The Cancer North Node has us reaching out to partake in Reparenting Ourselves & especially healing our Mother Womb Wound by learning how to nourish ourselves exactly how we particularly need. We also have also learned how to take emotional responsibility. We have learned foundations, matter. The Capricorn South Node has us dropping the glorification of hustle culture, of emotional non-vulnerability, of climbing away & from, of following paths not of our own heart. We have dropped the plans to build when we discover they stand on uneven limbs, out of integrity.

And this Cancer Capricorn axis of Eclipses this year has show us that it’s sometimes wiser to establish a list of boundaries that serve to crowd out a repeated history, instead of hold a list of standards that are more interested in climbing to a peak above the fray.

Of course, it’s always more complicated than this as your personal experience is your own as we move through this - it hits you all in different areas of your chart. But the collective is still in the distinct process above.

Now this Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn provides a Portal, an opening, to release & surrender anything that is dense, heavy and too much to burden ourselves with about Capricorn. Collectively we may drop down the over emphasis on Authority coming from the Elders, or we may let go of some Career Ambition, or some Public Persona we have tried to keep up with.

I’ve said it before - but one of the most important karmic releases with Capricorn we are going through is believing that Material Success means that we have Transcended an Emotion or an Ancestral Quality.

This will be further given nuance when you take a look at your Natal Chart to see what House, and any Planets or Points you have in Capricorn and Cancer.

One of the most powerful arrangements we have at this Eclipse is that it will be closely conjunct Pluto, whom is at 21º. Saturn & the South Node are a few more degrees away.

Pluto so close to this Eclipse is significant as this planet is a small but a mighty force. Pluto revels in Revealing, Excavating, Unearthing. It’s sole purpose for existing is to turn the underbelly up & then Empower us with a Truth that is only accessed when you get that low to ground.

Pluto in Capricorn has been churning away for several years (since 2008) and was joined by Saturn first and then the South Node over the past couple years. Essentially Pluto enlisted more support to stroke the terrain of evolution. The result has been more Oaths taken at Altars in Commitment to Destructive Creation.

What I have have personally experienced over the past couple of years (and I bet MANY of you have as well) was the choice to Consciously Invite & then Midwife myself through a Dark Night of the Soul.

Pluto is very much aligned with the phrase “It’s always Darkest before the Dawn” as the master of alchemy. Pluto is not just the Dark, it is also the regeneration of Light. It has brought me face to face with my own terror & with things I knew existed but had not admitted, not fully owned.

And so I discovered that we do have some choice to initiate a Dark Night of the Soul unto ourselves, instead of waiting for some horrific event to swoop in & take us down below.

Either way the journey is Empowering - but I’m seriously Aroused & Stirred knowing that I devoted myself to my Underworld and stop dipping a toe into the Shadow but instead plunged my body forward. I was not at the Mercy of Life. I was at the Mercy of my own Surrender (which is still an ONGOING process for this Scorpio I’m not going to lie).

Did I make some people very uncomfortable with my process? Yes. Did I do irrevocable damage though? No. I did not. Did I “lose” some things? Yes. Did I finally know how deep & wide the support I had went? Yes. 

Consciously choosing & committing myself to the Dark Night process AND (this is very important) having the Tools, Support & some Experience under my belt in place allowed me to HAVE the process more fully and get some rich rich Soil from it that I never got before. Soil I have never tasted before as it was buried beneath the Shame, Guilt & Addiction Distractions - and trying to claw my way out of the pits. 

It may not be what everyone needs. But consciously devoting myself to my Darkness was one of the most Empowering decisions I’ve ever made for myself & I do not regret it because I HAD & HAVE myself in a new way - that I know is slowly inching its way from my fingers so I can HAVE my life in a new way too.  

You still have time to choose that Journey if your heart knows it needs that - have at think & a feel on it during this Eclipse Portal & Mercury Retrograde. Mine knew that I needed to be there in the intestines & life had aligned for it to happen so I said yes. 

But please - if you’re going to take that Oath, make sure you have provisions in place the least of which should be Therapy, a Coven of Psychic Witches, more Therapy, Pisces like Outlets to Calm your Nervous System, more space in your Schedule, and a flashlight or two & water. Yes, I know - I speak from some privilege here but none of this need be expensive or fancy.  

What Pluto, Saturn & the South Node have sought out to do was rid us of Pretense. Showing us the guts, the innards of what we desire - not the “enlightened” version of it. 

So how’s that feeling right about now? Do you notice less or more Pretense in your life? What you going to do about it. 

What all this Capricorn energy is doing as well is taking us into a cycle of Maturation. Maturity looks different to ALL of us, but we know it when we feel it. This is Maturation on your damn terms & not a list of what Others think it has to be.

But I can tell you this: with the Cancerian Sun, Venus & the North Node opposing this Cap Eclipse Emotional Maturity is very high on the list of most important priorities. 

But you may want to ask of yourself - what have you discovered buried beneath your foundations? What ancient artifacts & bones? What stories have they relayed to you?

Isn’t it curious that the US is in such turmoil and it’s literally built apon ancient Indian burial grounds. I’m sure that that has something to do with the chaos we are holding. And as I said before, if we can all get more Consciously attuned to this Dark Night - we might have a fighting change to correct historic wrongs & facilitate a new period of true transformation & power.

Both Cancer & Capricorn energies around this Eclipse are making nice undulating waves to Neptune in Pisces, combining the qualities of realism and imagination to foster yes, Fatih. Bridging the Gap between what we see as possible to what potential also exists somewhere. It’ll also make for even more wicked symbolic and healing nighttime dreams.

We are truly held within a Portal during the month of July that allows us to collapse certain timelines & jump into other ones if we’ve been working those Time Traveler muscles. Yes it can be that magical,  yes you’re doing work on the astral when you’re waking up tired & spent, yes just trust that dear ones. 

We’ve a bit ways to go with Mercury Retrograde pulsing through Leo and then Cancer just a few days after this Eclipse & finishing out the rest of July - have patience - the month of August may bring more concrete & materialized incarnations of what has felt like warped wobbles this month.

Thinking of you all & sending you the most lush shades of black & love. 

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