Ceres in Virgo & Juno in Taurus

🌙 Ceres in Virgo + Juno in Taurus 🌙


Over the past few days two Goddess Asteroids moved from Fire signs to Earth signs. This coupled with many planetary retrogrades and the upcoming eclipses this month there seems to be a message urging us to slow the processing down. Yes Eclipses can bring forward sudden change, Yes retrogrades can create missteps,  Yes Jupiter is about to go direct next week. BUT there’s a collective effort wrapping our environments to mesh. This mesh serves as a mean to help us discern and filter. Which often requires our presence and patience. Think of a water filter - that shit takes time to drip through. And you can’t pour too much unfiltered water otherwise it will overflow - you’ve got to pay attention, you’ve got to wait, you’ve got to let the process do it’s thing and clear out the toxins, the distractors. Like wise, think of what it’s like when archeologists search for artifacts - they often have to sift through many layers of dirt to find the precious tiny treasures they seek, for the clues and knowledge to come together. Think of the next while here as a necessary step in the process of filtering and sifting. Letting go what needs to go through, letting what needs to rise or fall go through. Even if life starts to get busy - remind yourself of this. You may not be able to help the fact that you’ve got a ton of shit to do - but you get to have a say in the pace. 

I was watching an interview with Florence Welch on the Seth Myers show and I found it very intriguing that when she arrives to a studio or a place to perform - she takes the time to set up her space and her dressing room exactly how she would like it to be. Whether that’s rearranging the furniture or decorating with her own personal items. She’ll spend time to do that for herself. I would imagine Florence’s life is very very hectically paced at the moment and what a thing for her to do, without apology, to get into her space. Even if she’s not going to be there for more than a few hours - she gets IN there. Florence is a Virgo, the exact sign Ceres will be traveling until early September. Ceres in Virgo brings exactly this period forward of feminine discernment - what needs to be eliminated and what needs to be cherished and harvested. 

Ceres is the Earth Mother Goddess Asteroid and is associated with agriculture, the changing seasons, themes of loss and separation, themes around food (including it’s nourishment/disorders). Essentially she dares to ask us what it is that we need during the various changing seasons of life? Ceres in Virgo brings a season of refinement, of culling, of analyzing, of assessing, and of making improvements. At it’s worst we can experience over vigilance around food, eating and our bodies - and a perfectionist attitude leading to compulsion and obsession. At it’s best we can finally start using our feminine instincts to be our own Mother deciphering what our needs are around nutrients - what foods are supporting our health - is there something we need to eliminate or add in that can make a difference in how well we are functioning? At it’s best we can find the courage to make improvements to our daily routines, we can find the chutzpah to ask for what we need and desire, we can heal our food issues, we can find healing for our bodies, we can become more environmentally friendly, we can reduce waste, we can become more efficient, we can simplify and purge, we can be honest about our standards. Ceres is known to bring about highs and lows in our moods - Virgo can be nervous - be aware of what that might mean for you and do what you need to do to find your equilibrium this summer (or winter - depending got where you are) and do not feel guilty for doing what you need to do to get there.  

Juno is in Taurus for almost the rest of the year as she moves into Gemini late September for a short stint before going Retrograde and back into Taurus in late October until the end of December. So get cozy with her. Juno is the Goddess Asteroid centered around marriage, commitment, about every trigger intimate partnership can bring up, the agreements you make, the “norms” that may not be working out, the ways in which you make partnership work and the sense of equality in them. She makes us aware of our jealousy and envy. As Juno travels Taurus, the sign of money, possessions and self worth we may become aware of our insecurities around having. In general we may look at others and see what they appear to “have” as opposed to what we don’t, we may become concerned that someone or something will take away what we have. Taurus loves to hold onto what it has, to treasure it, to sink it’s hooves into the ground about it. This can be good. This can be a case of detrimental stubbornness that creates a false sense of security. I do feel that this will be an exploration around what we allow ourselves to have in partnership: Do we allow pleasure? Do we allow sensation? Do we allow ourselves to slow down and enjoy them? To be enjoyed? Do we allow ourselves quality time? Do we pool our resources together? Do we allow our partnerships to enhance our self worth or demean it? Do we allow ourselves to embrace a healthy possession of love for one another? Or do we try to control and dictate? Do we allow our partners to pay when they offer? Do we allow each person to enjoy the wealth each possess? Do we hoard love out of fear of losing it? Do we allow ourselves to embrace commitment? Juno in Taurus wants us to focus upon love that is real, the stability of love, the unwavering support, the show of affection, the safety of reliable love, the romance of just knowing someone has your back, to show that we value each other? This transit can also make it horribly apparent when we are holding onto relationships for the sake of it, or if partnerships have come to a complete stand still where neither person is growing or learning, where is has become the “bad” kind of comfortable. 

These two Earthen Witches dance upon the grounded soil of our lives to help us cultivate that which will flourish, it ask us to pay attention to the ground we stand upon, what rocks are we stubbing our toes upon that we could just easily pluck and place somewhere more useful? What do we need to value and hold onto and what needs to be gently surrendered? Let these Goddesses help us clean house, literally and figuratively. The realizations of what you need to do make feel sudden but be implemented more cautiously and with respect (Ceres trines Uranus and Juno) …so know that it’s okay to be clear on what you need to do, declare that to yourself, and let it the energy work on you and your life to gather the resources as needed.