Deprogramming the Starving Artist: The Full Blue Moon Libra March 31st, 2018

Deprogramming the Starving Artist: 

The Full Moon in Libra March 31st, 2018



  • Full Moon Opposite the Sun and Mercury Rx in Aries 
  • Full Moon Squares Mars & Saturn in Capricorn 
  • Full Moon Sextile the North Node Leo & Trine the South Node Aquarius 

On the morning of March 31st we will experience a Full Blue Moon in Libra. Blue Moon’s occur when there are 2 Full Moons within one month. We have actually already experienced this phenomenon this year in January. But the next Blue Moon month won’t happen for another 2 years. So yes, 2018 seems to be full of intense, luminous lunar vibes and fittingly so far it would appear we are in need of all the magic and intention these events symbolically represent. 

Several hours before this Full Moon occurs Venus will gracefully flutter into the very grounded earthy sign of Taurus. This ingress is relevant to talk about before I dive into the exact goings on for there Full Moon because Venus is the planetary ruler of not only Taurus but also of Libra, the very sign we are profiling at this lunation. 

Anytime a planet moves from one sign to the next, we feel the themes, the archetypes the sign at hand represents a little more intensely as things end and begin. 

One cycle of awareness is being completed with Venus in Aries, which started on March 7th. This was a cycle where we were reflecting upon how embodied we felt in our lives, whether or not we were pretending to be someone else especially in the areas of love/relationships, we may have confronted our sense of impatience and hastiness in these areas as well, our sense of desire may have been prodding us with messages or reminders in regards to how well we are living those out. Were we putting ourselves first or others first? What were the benefits or detriments of each? Could we find common ground? A Venusian Aries transit wants some excitement and for life and love to feel courageously expressive. So ask yourself, what have you learned over these last few week? Reflect on that as well as we enter into this Full Moon period.

As Venus traverses the earthy grovel of Taurus, the pace changes; we slow down. Where Aries was a firecracker, Taurus asks that we center in and create security for ourselves.

Even more so we feel this slow down with communicative Mercury still retrograde in the sign of Aries (mind you Jupiter is also Rx in Scorpio!). Mercury has been Rx here since March 22nd and has been asking for us to integrate the archetype of Aries even more though this fire season. The often [unnecessarily] dreaded Mercury Rx in this sign is slowing down our decision making process, and preparing us to speak more concisely and say what we mean by tempering our impulsivity. If however you’ve experienced those foot in mouth backlashes or have been given hell for just being who you are…there’s a deeper lesson here for you to learn about how you move through the world and the manner in which you express and take action. It may indeed be self love, self compassion, self patience even. Learning about you so you don’t have to see it all mirrored back to you through conflict every time is a very valuable asset to possess. 

I feel that Venus in Taurus may help us access some of that self possessed quality in a very deliberate, grounded, REAL way if we channel it as such. Venus loves to be here in Taurus, things get gorgeous here. Taurus is sensual and fixated upon all things tangible to the senses; sight, sound, touch, taste, smell. Venus in Taurus is the foreplay of life when executed with intent. It’s the pleasure one cultivates from the longing and then the ecstasy of the having. It’s the shopping spree on something damn luxurious. It’s the tender and endless kisses upon the neck, flavored with a fine perfume. It’s the fertility of a nourished soil to plant within. It can be the growth of something within, the expansion of what we own. Hopefully that enhancement is found within our self worth, which is the ultimate esoteric association with Taurus in a way. 

Yes, Taurus is concerned with all things money, and owned items, having a sense of practical security and an awareness of reliable safety to have needs met…but doesn’t that all boil down to self-worth in a way too? We do need solid matter made resources, but we also need to possess the essence of self-worth to FULLY enjoy these things AND also be okay if were were to lose them. This Venus in Taurus transit can teach us how to tap into our self-worth in spite of not having all the things, and to appreciate like a treasure what is before us. We live in world that really likes to taunt some of the lower expressions of Venus in Taurus; the FOMO of not having something, or the promise of fulfillment through only material gains. And yet there is a stronger, lasting sense of satisfaction to be had here as well.  

Venus in Taurus can teach us how to: use what we have to build more upon, pinpoint what exactly we need to feel safety and security, what we are trying to possess and control that is not ours to do so (I.e this can be relationship centered!), what feels WORTH IT, how to manage our energy reserves (Taurus doesn’t like to waste time or expend energy it doesn’t have to), how to love us slow sensual movement, how to attract things to us through a solid self worth mockup, and how to appreciate the hidden moments of pleasure in our life. 

Venus moving into Taurus on this day brings an even more Venusian flare to this Full Moon and can help hone in Libra’s Airy and intellectual qualities in the coming days. 

This Full Moon is a pretty active one and definitely makes some interesting aspects to other planets. But the basic tone of a Full Moon in Libra brings a hyper awareness to Relationships, Harmony, Codependency-Interdependence-Intradependence, Social engagement, Paradoxes of Life, Giving and Receiving, Justice and Equality. And let’s not forget how Venus influences Libra. Here Venus is incredibly refined and has an eye for what is not only attractive for oneself, but what others may find attractive too. Here she has an eye for Aesthetics, Ambiance, Decor, Taste, Style, Grace, Appeal. So you can see how we take Venus’s archetype and bring it out into the world to connect, attract, and woo. As a Libra Rising, I can wholeheartedly say that I am highly motivated by beautiful environments that are expressive of certain archetypes, periods, themes, or topics. A Full Moon in Libra is like opening up a Wedding or Event magazine, or heck any sort of Artistic or Creative magazine where images are styled to emote a certain essence. It’s like opening that up and wanting to walk right inside of it and have a lovely good time drinking a nice cocktail and just enjoying the atmosphere and the connections. 

But as I mentioned before, beauty is not an ends to a means and so we are reminded of it’s importance but also reminded that it’s nothing without substance, without symbology, without purpose, or without meaning. We must be careful we are not creating such things out of a need for approval or to appease, or EVEN to make someone fit into an assigned role for an ideal vision we are holding. 

And yes…a Full Moon in Libra can illuminate the gorgeous visions we are holding in our mind’s eye and in our hearts, the ideals we would love to be surrounded with and so this can be an amazing time to reflect upon the type of lifestyle you are living and would potentially find most enjoyable. This is the often mocked “lifestyle blogger” forte. Knock them for all you want, but they provide such a visual stimulation that for some people it is a resource for finding what the most resonate with on a soul level reflected straight back to them. A Full Moon in Libra can remind us of WHY we have mysterious attractions and likes and dislikes about certain things; often times if we find something that arouses us it is because we too hold the essence of that thing within us. 

Look back to September when we had the New Moon in Libra for what intentions you set for this area of your life; What beauty has bloomed? Or what may have become ugly? What new things have you resonated with? What is tried and true? What Aesthetics have you embodied since then? What style has developed? What style have you set aside? What people are you drawn to, which ones turn you off? What archetypes pull you in or repel you away? 

ONE incredibly strong message that I received from this lunation was this Full Moon provides the opportunity to break free from the programming we’ve all been spoon fed about the “Starving Artist”, the “Poor Writer”, the “Lazy Heiress” and other similar quips that have been repeated through the ages. The “Starving Artist” archetype has been incredibly damaging and insulting to the souls of this world. Why do you think as time goes on so many people are trying to make it through their creative endeavors? They are trying to heal a core wound whether they are conscious of it or not. Many of us carry this deep wound with us: that we are not worthy enough to sustain “a living” off of the artistry we conjure, the witchcraft we make, the songs we sing, the visions we build, the pleasures we bestow.

Etsy is popular because of this. Patreon grows because of this. Online Marketing swells because of this. And this Full Moon in Libra offers the change to have compassion for this wound and to not disown it anymore, but call it back for integration and healing. To know that when you do that for yourself in whichever manner you can, you break the spell for yourself and for others as well. Just today I was having a conversation with a friend, and these sentiments came to me of how angry I am about this absolutely pervasive archetype makes a home in our bones and can traumatize us even as we go about creating our art in the world. No doubt I accessed a bit more of the healing I need to possess for myself, no doubt I accessed a bit more insight into how much a deprogramming it could be for the world if we let artists BE artists and highly respected them for the contributions they make and the value they hold. For if you really think about it, we reap the benefits of Art ALL DAY LONG. It’s what invigorates us and makes the day a bit more interesting. 

Why do I say that we may struggle with this starving artist self at the time of this Full Moon? Because she makes her normal opposition to the Sun in Aries whom is also joined by Mercury Rx. This builds up a restless mind and body, and can have us bringing up memories from the past where perhaps we were hurt for expressing ourselves and therefore we thought there was something wrong with us. OR it can bring up memories around “better” times..who we “used to be” and that creates a huge contrast in our minds in the visions we are holding with this “ideal” life. That longing for something else, something shinier and prettier even. The paradox of images could be strong and it leads to some internal conflict, but also some external conflict. Maybe we have someone reflect back to us some of these worst fears we hold, or someone tells us we are wrong for holding this divine image inside of us. OR on the flip side, since anything is possible with that contrasting of an opposition…someone reflects back to us what IS possible…what could be created, what success could be had.  

There will definitely be some influence around divinity because this Full Moon makes a square to an invisible point in the chart called White Moon Selene. She represents our inner light, a sense of divine purity and intent. It’s like our own human Light Bright archetype. With her being in Cancer there is a great emotional sensitivity, a nurturing mothering quality, and also a protective one, home and family holds a light for us right now. The square could make us aware that perhaps for right now…we want to protect these very private spaces of emotional sensitivity and any sort of nourishing caring qualities we have because others may not yet fully “get it”. Maybe it’s only meant to be shared with those most trusted and closest to your heart, the ones that unconditionally love you. That is okay, we don’t have to share our gifts with everyone, some people just like to be assholes and naysayers because of their own shit they are working through. Trying to convince others of something can be an energy drain and time suck and so it may be the wise choice to HAVE this Venusian Libra Full Moon lesson for YOU for a while at first. 

The other square that I listed out is the one this Full Moon also makes to Mars and Saturn in Capricorn (Black Moon Lilith - our inner darkness- is also closely hanging around here but not quite as big of an influence). I’ve chatted about this before but Mars and Saturn can be quite the pair of one guy wanting to forge ahead with all it’s might (Mars) and the other guy wanting to be more responsible and diligent and climb up one deliberate step at a time (Saturn). This square could be a reminder of some high ass standards we’ve either set for ourselves or that others (including the systems at large) have set for us too. The mountain seems perfect and it looks high. How will we ever take care of it all? Try your best to not let it lead you to make an impulsive act, but if it does, own up to it fully and great lesson can also be learned. 

This square could indicate some resistance in terms of authority and those “elders in charge” too. So don’t be surprised if certain social justice movements and equality movements and safety movements create some friction once again in the world. Libra is the sign of balance the scales and demanding fairness, justice. We’ve already seen it compound even more so over the past month. We’ve already seen it compound even more so over the past month with the Parkland kids organizing marches to demand better gun regulation around the country and communities of color that are demanding justice for Stephon Clark who was shot 20 times by police in his own backyard, with nothing more than a cell phone in hand not having done harm to anyone. (Go to and to learn about the changes these organizations are working to make and to support them through donations and petitions.) 

So yes while there is much pleasure to be cultivated at this Full Moon, there is also a great deal to reflect upon in our cultural, social, and political spheres and it will likely be staring at us in the face until we look and engage in the conversation in our own way, even if it’s just an internal dialogue that leaves us with the awareness of how our individual  story relates to the larger one at play even if it looks different.  A lack of flexibility in this can piss of Libra for sure. 

Furthermore this Full Moon is making some nice and helpful aspects to the Lunar Nodes, the “Destiny Line” in Astrology.  The North Node is indicative of the qualities we are destined to develop to help us fully integrate and release the karma of our South Node. From Cafe Astrology: “The South Node position is very often a point of great insecurity. We very much want what is represented by the South Node position. However, the only way we can feel successful in these areas is through working on the qualities of the North Node sign.” So right now we have the North Node in Leo, which this Full Moon sextiles, and the South Node in Aquarius which this moon trines. Both are nicer aspects to help us out. There is a great desire to lead some type of rebellion from the norm  and progress humanity forward (Aquarius) but we must self-actualize and find it within ourselves to access our full creative self expression and joy and the creative flow of sexual energy in our lives, the recreational somethings that make us feel like emotive beings on the stage of our own lives (as indicated by Leo). 

So the major take aways from this Full Moon in Libra are: make pretty, value yourself as much as you value those pretty things or the other person in a relationship, deprogram the lie of the starving artist, get involved in your own personal liberation and rebellion, be kind but not a doormat, have patience with your process, appreciate hard work but define what that means for you, use the ideal visions you are having right now to create some mockups about what you most value in life and lifestyle. 

If this is far too much for you to absorb right now, put on something that conjures that “feeling yourself” energy, take yourself out or take a bunch of selfies, and just let yourself enjoy it for you. I swear for my Libra Rising ass self, some of the most healing times for me is when I just say “fuck it” and make myself pretty for my damn self. 

The energy will move, it always does. 

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In love and witchcraft,