A Slow Burning Fire: The New Moon in Aries March 27th, 2017

The New Moon in 7 degrees of Aries happening later today 10:57 pm EST is kicking off a brand new cycle for all of us.

The energy of this New Moon has likely been felt since last week and will continue throughout this week. It's a great time for tapping into personal power and setting New intentions from this authoritative space. 


 How have you felt this Aries energy come into your life so far? 


Most of the people I've spoken with have felt weird. Almost like this is a New and Full Moon all together. 


There's a sense of eagerness in the air that I believe is the cause of this. And we have Fiery as Fuck Aries to blame for that. 


So is Mars, the planet of War and Aries planetary ruler. Which is currently hanging out in Taurus, the sign of patience, of Earth and energy reserve and pleasure. 


With an extra dose of Venus Retrograde, which is hanging out very closely with this New Moon, peppering this energy with a healthy sense of caution. 


This is what creates the theme of a Slow Burning Fire at the New Moon. This is what teaches us how to harness our fire so we don't get unnecessarily burned.  


Mars/Aries: Courage, Drive, Impulse, Masculine, FIRE

Taurus/ New Moon: Slow, Flow, Patience, Pleasure, Feminine, Earth

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