The Fires of Advocation: The New Moon in Leo July 23rd, 2017

Advocate for yourself. For your self expression. Your self trust. Your self love. Your self confidence. Your self esteem. Your self worth. Advocate for your joy. For your pleasure. For your arousal. For your happiness. 

Stand by the progress of your process. Stand up for your heart. Stand up with pride. Lock hands with your talents and gifts and don't forget the only kind of letting go that is worthwhile is the kind that sets your heart free and allows excitement to course through your veins like match lighting gasoline. 

Open your chest wide enough to get the validation seeking gremlins off your back. Shake them off the way a Lion shakes its luscious and bold mane. 

Imagine your aura as fierce and unignorable as that majestic mane. Shake off the "what will they thinks" "I should show up like this to appeal to the___". 

For this moment, suspend these worries and call your power back to that heart, the space where your will united and the earth meets the cosmos in your body. 

What wound you do if there was no one to answer to? 

What will you do knowing the only one you have to answer to is yourself? 

At the end of the day, you are what you have to live with the most. Really let that sink in: you are the person you have to answer to the most, so their opinion doesn't get highest rank. Yours does. 

Your body, your mind, your psyche, your soul, your lifestyle your territory. 

It's YOUR TERRITORY. Walk fiercely upon it. 


This New Moon is found at 0° of Leo and is conjunct Mars and the Sun. 

This Moon is the precursor to the Solar Eclipse in Leo next month, a rare back to back Leo exploration. 

This archetype is a huge one to work with for we have the North Lunar Node in Leo for the next year or so: we are learning how to be the authority of our own lives & advocate for our passion & joy. 

This New Moon is also squaring Uranus in Aries: shockwaves, awakening events & psychic visions are possible. 

 This New Moon trines Chiron in Pisces bringing the potentional for deep healing in relation to being seen, expressing yourself loudly, and speaking to the wisdom of your inner child. 

At this moment the Leo Moon tells us...anything could happen. 

with Magic, 


New Moon Readings Cart Open!

Holy fuck. Yesterday I was quite viscerally reminded WHY I've built a relationship with the cycles of the Moon. Cause like circled and ebbed flow of the Moon, life hands you a similar path. This week I went from excitement, to happy terror, to wayyyyy vulnerable, to really fucking happy and connected, to..complete panic and sadness. Literally, every single day handed me something different and new.

I have no doubt that the relationship I have built with the Moon over this past year, through following and doing rituals with each New & Full Moon was behind my not shutting down during this crazy ass period of transformation I'm going through. Normally I would so shut down in that typical introvert-highly sensitive-empath fashion. 

I was so deeply aware of why my fear and anxiety was popping up. I was deeply aware of my joy and happiness. I was deeply aware of my accomplishment. I was deeply vulnerable. I was deeply open. I was deeply scared to death at one point. 

And I hid from none of it. 

That is what I love about Astrology and particularly the energy of the Moon. No corner of your soul goes untouched. 

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