New Moon Libra - Venus Retrograde Scorpio/Libra - More October Astro

The New Moon in Libra on evening of October 8th sits with her Sun and with Ceres, the Great Mother Asteroid - the largest one of the the prominent Goddess asteroids we work with. This is not a coincidence that I sit here writing this after that asshole was confirmed today. As I sat down to look at the Astrology of this New Moon and Venus ( the ruler of Libra - therefore also ruling this lunation)..I was struck by the complexity of it. 


It’s honestly, been a while since I’ve had astrology stick out to me like this - that’s what I get for being a jaded astrologer and all the hype that follows things like retrogrades etc. I had wondered all day why I was feeling full of friction - unable to produce anything - it’s usually because something is about to go down - and I have to wait - for it to click. These times feel eerily more significant than even the 2016 presidential election. 

And so here the “click” is, but some of this won’t be coming from my mouth - but from one of my fav. Demetra George Astro books: Asteroid Goddesses published around 30 years ago. But first let me set this up with a bit of the Astrology of this New Moon: We have the dark Moon, Sun, & Ceres conjunct and squaring a newly direct Pluto in Capricorn. 

Now here is what George & co-author Bloch recalled about the most prominent mythos known of Ceres, her daughter Persephone/Proserpina and Pluto and the symbolic meaning written between the lines: “Historically, Persephone’s rape (by Pluto) symbolizes the power struggle that was occurring between the Patriarchal cultures (Pluto) and the indigenous matriarchal goddess cults (represented by Ceres)…The Great Mother not only had to stand by and watch her daughter be raped and abducted, Ceres was also forced to share her beloved Persephone with the enemy.”

Sound a little bit parallel to what we are experiencing on the world stage right now? Now, there are many more layers to the symbols that Ceres represents to us in astrology - I just found that particular passage worthy to pass on and validate what many are grappling with on a personal and primal level. 

Ceres gathers much symbology around the general process of transformation - many Goddess Asteroids are “agents of change” and help us to bridge personal experiences with that of others - and the collective. 

Ceres displays the many cycles of descending and returning we do in order to make the next revolution of a phase of life. The seasons of loss and abundance corresponding with our earthy weather changes each quarter. As Great Mother she symbolizes the polarity of unconditional love with nourishment and withholding love out of vengeance. 

Since Ceres can tell stories around loss, the square between the New Moon, Sun, Ceres and Pluto is reflecting that very strongly back to us -it feels like a glimpse of the future (and equality) has been torn away and we’ve been pulled back into habits of familiarity, stuck in the past - and for many of us… not in the good ways. 

Why do I say a glimpse of the future? Because Mars and Lilith are in Aquarius and make a brief yet lovely trine to this lunation event. Trines are flowing aspects of energy making it so easy for us to see what we want to see for the future - Aquarius while known to be the rebel ruled by eccentric also co-ruled by Saturn - a planet that likes to uphold tradition - so it truly is like staring down two different future visions. Lilith in Aquarius can be a punk rock chick - or when she’s in that lower shadow of fear she can go along with the crowd and follow the powers that be.

And wouldn’t you know it - Uranus and Saturn have been in a trine themselves for a bit - really reiterating this vision of the way things are - and what could be - both actually having their own appealing qualities. 

So…Ceres in Libra can feel like we are battling to find the right equilibrium, if that’s even possible - or a real thing. Ceres in Libra may bring the lesson that there isn’t really anything such as “balance” for there’s always an experiment to be had around tipping points and atmospheric conditions - Ceres in Libra may be the lesson that most of the time - we are trying our best to find our center. Ceres in Libra can show us that life often swings one way and then swings the other way and at some point in history finds some place to settle for bit. It does feel like we are swinging a whole bunch though. 

This is supposed to be nourishing - this is supposed to be the bitter mother medicine we need - to see both sides - to feel unsure - to be undecided. Perhaps the sourness of this profound moment in time is that we WILL know exactly what it feels like, looks like, sounds like, tastes like to feel decided on our stance of something. That will be be self assured - and self assuredness often leads to greater sensations of self worth and self esteem (another one of Ceres meanings for us). 

I feel we are being taught Conviction. Even though it’s infuriating right now. Conviction, as we have seen, is powerful. And if we are to dismantle the Patriarch - we need more collective conviction. 

Libra - the Scales - the balancer - the equalizer - the weigher - the judgement bringer. The Justice Bringer. 

How ironic there is debate and horror over a Supreme Court Judge being accused of sexual assault during this season. How ironic that in 1991 Anita Hill came forward with evidence of sexual harassment by Clarence Thomas - ALL DURING LIBRA SEASON OF THAT YEAR (according to Wikipedia it was October 18th that Clarence took his seat). 

History has indeed repeated because there keeps on being sketchy people confirmed to make judgement in our government. 

Conviction to vet more throughly anyone even attempting to be in powerful political positions is certainly in the mix here too during this season. No one has to be perfect or will be - but too much as made it through the cracks because money is the mouth that feeds. 

Justice is a woman, after all. 

As we set our intentions for this New Moon that sits with Ceres we are being called to set new guidelines for our relationships. We may ..indeed have to let go of some of them - the ones that dishonors our Truth. We are being called to recalibrate our relationship to the Patriarch and how we contribute to it. We are being called to not only invite our feminine, but our masculine into this picture. 

I keep on getting the message of “only half of me is healing - I feel halved”. 

And I don’t mean only the women are healing because this is such a feminist centric time  - I mean there is a great schism inside of us as individuals where it feels like we are reaching a wall in our healing because there’s a lack of it on the masculine polarity - and since we are ALL made of masculine feminine polarity - it feels very …lopsided..incomplete. 

The Scales are being more aggressive in their invitation to fully heal our polarity and schism.

I feel Ceres in Libra in collaboration with this New Moon is emphasizing the power of partnership. How nourishing it can be to have someone on your team. How empowering is actually is to have someone by your side - and to have someone to support and give your love to. 

It’s reminding us of the healing power of accessing that unconditional love. So look at the relationships in your life where you have known unconditional love - or as close to it as possible - whether you’ve given it or received - cherish what makes that special. 

Personally I feel for some of us there will be a healing in recognizing that it’s not actually a bad thing to want our partners to enhance the happiness in our lives - to want to have fulfilling experiences with them - that that is not codependence at all actually - that that is part of a healthy dynamic. There may be some redefining of the spiritual bypassing bullshit of “Only you are responsible for your happiness!” Yes and also I’ve seen that ironically backfire and allow people to use that as a weapon of excuse to not do the damn work they need to do in a relationship to have it be a strong and valuable one. 

But yes for some others we know that - Ceres, especially in Libra, can grow dependent upon relationship too and over relying on their fulfillment through someone else - the classic codependence and setting ourselves up for failure by relying too heavily upon others for all the things. So indeed…investigate that if you need to. 

The Sun- Moon conjunct Ceres does point to a need right now to feel connecting on a one to one basis. We will really just be craving that comfort because the world is very chaotic and scary right now - and that’s okay. We want a sanctuary. We may need some place where we are safely justified for how we feel. We want to find a sense of home somewhere right now - so we may go about intending to create that in some way.

And indeed Ceres often deals with home centered activity - so healing relationships with Mother or Ancestry (talking to the dead hey!) may come up, wanting to get your hands on ancient herbs and learn about your lineage could come up. Wanting to know more about food and where it’s all coming from. Realizing that so much really does start - in the home. 

Ceres also rules over reproductive health. It’s also not all that ironic that here she is while we’ve appointed some one who is likely to challenge America’s abortion and birth control rights. Ceres may bring a renewed interest in birth control options - knowledge of natural herbs that support the menstrual cycle - we may go to the gynecologist. We may also start to organize even more sternly around a woman’s right to her own body. We may more adamantly bring up the conversation with men around them getting vasectomies to support the effort of bodily autonomy and less danger to women.. 

Venus Retrograde (remember Venus rules Libra) in Scorpio (Rx here until Oct 31st - then moves into Libra - direct on Nov 16th) really reinforces this notion of reviewing our relationships. Scorpio cuts down to the heart of the soul - it bears witness to the deepest darkest bits - it accepts nothing but sheer depth and intimacy - it demands that we interact with those who help us become our next evolution - and that we provide the same for them. 

Venus in Scorpio in general is not comfortable as we know Venus to be receptive, pleasing, loving …and yet she also used to be considered a goddess of war at one point - so there is a great fight in her. Venus Retrograde is often compared to her descending the Underworld - more so enhanced by the Scorponic nature she is currently traversing. This feminine in us all is being called further down - further down than we probably thought we could go - but the Underworld has something else waiting for us and so we must take this descent on fully once more. Perhaps the next shape of our conviction will be transmuted to us through this journey. 

Venus will even back track into Libra and meet up with Ceres on November 5th…so it could be that we retrieve Justice in another way. 

There is a great deal of “fixed” energy at the moment in the sky - in spite of Libra being very mutable - there’s a lot of resistance. And resistance can be good, it can be bad. It depends on how it’s being used and felt. So don’t be surprised it you’re feeling like you’re stuck in mud in some way. This can be a natural sensation to what’s happening in our cosmic collective. 

The day following the New Moon, Mercury moves into Scorpio and I think this will help us as Venus navigates her Retrograde through this intense, emotional, and passionate sign. Mercury can become quite the information digger in Scorpio - so the messages that have been buried may finally be heard. We just have to be careful about not reading into things TOO deeply. Scorpio is also very obsessive and self destructive and can go wild with Mercury here curious as fuck to know everything. There lies the potential to stay stuck in some horrific story OR to rewrite the parts of us that lie in the shadow in a different light. 


This is further emphasized by Mercury trining Neptune on the 19th. So either we let our overactive imaginations take flight in a non useful way (think about what anxious thinking does to you) OR we can weave new poetry - birth something highly lush, creative and even divinely inspired. A tall tale …but one that is deeply healing and universally connective. On the 19th …it can be quite healing to allow space to be transformed by art and cinema - it will feel inspiring and hopeful. 

I feel all of this will also have us focusing on our closest relationships - helping us establish a new sense of intimacy as there is no way most people have not been effected or impacted in some way by everything that has transpired over the past few weeks. Scorpio also deals with themes of shame, guilt, fear around sexuality - she deals with the abuse of power as well. The conversation is not over - in fact it’s likely just begun, again. More stories will likely be shared around the topics of oppression and power. 

Venus Retrograde will square Mars in Aquarius also on the 19th bringing up the women versus men conversation - meaning yeah - we DO want to be careful about the stories we are making up about our partners. We may have to do the hard thing..and just.. ASK. Ask so that you can get clarity on your feels. Venus and Mars squared each other last month around September 8th - so you may want to pick back up on something that came up them for ..more clarity or consideration. Venus does make a nice sextile to Saturn during the Full Moon in Taurus on the 24th - which can spell out that if we do the hard thing - we will be thankful for it in the long run in some way - even if the result is unexpected or shocking.

Okay babes that’s what came through for you with this Lunation and these transits! I hope that the New Moon conjures exactly what your soul needs. I’m thinking of all of you powerful Witches and holding you with the highest regard. 

in witchcraft, 


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